To all haters.

I’m sorry to say this but the real issue here is not whether they’re gay or not but why.WHY did CN reacted so negatively to how the audience perceived the characters. They are not dumb to not know of crack pairings, I’m sure.

The reason why people are in uproar is because of how CN reacted and sexualized the perception of the fans. Why are they so afraid that their characters would get related to homosexuals? Ratings? The world is changing. In fact there are a lot of straight people who are also for this pairing. Why? Because it’s cute and they deem it normal. And it is. Shame on you CN for reacting like that.

Just because they’re lesbians doesn't mean that they’re immoral nor are they ruining  your fave show. In fact they don’t really need to put much into these two again. After this episode they could go on random adventures again for all they wanted (with very small sightings of pbxmarcy). Just letting the ship be would have been so great. It would empower poor, bullied gay kids in schools. The idea itself that they’re not alone and that it’s okay to be gay would have done so much.

But no.

CN had to be a wuss.