marcy the realtor


Aries//The Power drill strap on

Taurus//Detective Lowe’s (only) facial expression

Gemini//The kidnapped vampire children’s secret game room in the wall

Cancer//Wherever Evan Peters is 

Leo//Lady Gaga slicing a foreign girls throat with her nail

Virgo//Marcy The Realtor 

Libra//Liz Taylor’s eye makeup

Scorpio//Dying in the middle of an orgy with Gaga & Matt Bomer to a She Wants Revenge song

Sagittarius//”Your boy has a jawline for days”

Capricorn//Kathy Bates continuously renting out Room 64

Aquarius//Hypodermic Sally being pushed out of a window then dying but not really 

Pisces//Telling Sally you love her then dying

What we know about American Horror Story: Hotel

When will it air and for how many episodes?

FX renewed AHS for a 13-episode instalment set to begin on October 7th.

What’s it about?

A detective, John Lowe (Wes Bentley), is investigating a series of brutal murders in Los Angeles, when he receives an enigmatic tip pointing to the mysterious Hotel Cortez.

Inspirations for the season came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels in downtown Los Angeles. This included the Cecil Hotel, where many mysterious murders, disappearances and suicides have taken place. The season explores some of Murphy’s personal fears and phobias which haven’t been explored since Murder House. The season also is interconnected with Murder House.

“The upcoming season that we’re doing is much more horror-based; it’s much more dark. It’s about a theme and an idea that’s very close to my heart that I’ve always wanted to do that’s a little bloodier and grislier I think than anything that we’ve done before; it’s straight horror this year. Murder House, I thought, was a very primal season because everybody’s great fear is about the bogeyman under the bed in their house, and this feels similar to me in that when you check into a hotel, there are certain things beyond your control… Other people have the keys to your room; they can come in there. You’re not exactly safe, it’s a very unsettling idea.”

Cast & Characters

They wrapped up all the loose ends with Lachlan & Scarlett, they were sent away to a boarding school. John was caught & shot down before he reached the hotel & couldn’t spend the rest of his days with Alex & Holden (which made everything they did pointless) Ramona is alive & fierce (no measles). Mr Woo is fucking the Swedish fishes (and still not paying for pussy). Marcy the realtor is masturbating to erotica in her hotel room. The Countess is gonna kill a boy toy to keep her company. Sally has the interwebs to keep her happy. Will Drake is happy that he revived his empire (with the help of Liz). Liz & Tristan are happy chilling somewhere in the hotel. March has stopped killing because somehow the hotel became more important than killing. Miss Evers is still cute & weird. The Hotel looks gorgeous & is making money.

The end.

Well…Bartholomew is somewhere in the hotel being cared for by the Countess or maybe she killed it with fire who knows.

The end.

Hotgomery FanFiction - Spinning Discs

Anon asked: Billie likes to take her dates to the Murder House to tell them about the ghosts and usually her dates end in sex, which annoys Nora very much because who does this person think she is? Screwing people in her house.. Disgusting. In the morning after her date’s gone, Billie likes to stick around for a while, which annoys Nora even more. Lots of bickering and sassy Nora and sassy Billie until one night Nora decides she’s had enough and they end up having sex and whoops they fall in love

And Cat from asked for Hotgomery Sex.

Rated M

Nora watched from underneath the stairs as the neighbor’s friend paraded around the house, her house, a man following close behind, tongue practically on the wooden floors. She grimaced, her hand to her mouth, her brows close together.

It wasn’t the first time the blonde had done this. It wasn’t the first time the medium had brought in a guest, showed him the estate and convinced him she could see its inhabitants. It wasn’t the first time she’d stayed the night over with said guest. He was never the same, and that was the only thing that changed in Billie Dean Howard’s plans. The man.

The blonde sauntered past her as she walked up the stairs, boy in tow. She glanced down furtively, winked at Nora Montgomery, and tugged harder on her man’s hand, leading him faster up the stairs. Shocked, Nora’s mouth fell open. Usually, the shorter woman ignored her. She knew she was there and she knew she didn’t like it, but she didn’t pay attention.

Annoyed, Nora stared after the blonde’s retreating figure. But she knew that if she went up there, she wouldn’t be able to change the woman’s mind. The maid, Moira, had assured her the medium didn’t care if a ghost sat in on her ‘sessions’. Apparently, Tate and Hayden liked to watch. She shuddered slightly at the thought of watching a man pump away at the blonde. 

She ambled through the house, ears tuned to the silence. She could hear Vivien’s baby crying, she could hear the remnants of a fight between the two homosexuals. And…there it was. A moan. She glanced at the bright electrical clock. It was barely midnight, and Billie was already getting satisfied. She stifled an irritated groan.

And yet her mind went to the last time she’d had sex. A long time ago, it seemed, when her and Charles were still breathing. Just thinking of his skin sliding on hers made her feel sick. She sat down at the kitchen’s island and let out a deep sigh, playing with the silk handkerchief in her fingers. She figured this was going to be another long night.

A ping brought her out of her reverie, and she glanced at the opposing counter, watching a little rectangle light up repeatedly. She frowned. As lazy as the dog she’d had as a child, she walked over to it and picked it up gingerly. It didn’t give off light anymore.

It buzzed between her fingers, and she yelped, letting it slip from her hands. It fell to the floor with an audible, sickening crack. She bent down to pick it up, expecting the worse. She didn’t know much about what she was holding, but whatever it had been, it was obsolete now. The crack was deep and glass stuck to her thumb, pricking her. She watched blood pour out of the nick, marveled by the sight.

The ghost bit her lower lip. Billie would be angry, she was sure of it. She’d seen her on the thing before (but what did it do?). Often, actually. There in the dark, Nora Montgomery shrugged. That, as accidental as it’d been, was for using her house as a sex escapade. She delicately put the little rectangle down on the counter, and slinked away, her steps quiet.


“What the hell happened to my phone?”

From her spot by the kitchen’s door, Nora Montgomery winced.
The blonde had woken up with the rising sun, and Nora had shadowed her for most of the morning, close enough to see Billie’s eye color but far enough so that the medium couldn’t sense her hovering. But her sudden panic alerted the medium to her presence.

Billie Dean Howard turned, her dark eyes finding Nora’s ice blue ones. Her frown deepened. “What did you do?”

Nora’s eyebrows rose. “Me?”

“Yes, you. Do you see anyone else here?”

To the ghost’s surprise, Billie looked far from angry. Just confused. She cast a long look around the kitchen, as if checking that no other spirits hid by. Her eyes landed back on Nora, and she gave her a small smirk. “I’d have thought it’d fell by itself, if it hadn’t landed back on the counter.”

Damn it.

“It slipped.” Nora shrugged.

“Of course.” Billie nodded. She turned away and used her pink acrylic nails to turn the microwave on. “Doesn’t matter. I’m making enough money now that I can get myself a new one. I never thought I’d say that.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making myself a cup of tea.” The blonde answered. Obviously, she failed to add.

“You’re staying?”

“Long enough to drink my tea, yes.” Billie scowled, glancing back at Nora.

The socialite stepped closer, crossing her arms over her chest. “You can’t just stay.”

The blonde pushed past her to take a seat at the island. She reached for her purse and pulled out a newspaper. “Yes, I can. No one lives here.”

“This is my house-”

“That’s not what the lease says.” Billie cut her off. Her dark eyes didn’t leave her reading material. “The lease doesn’t say anything, actually.” She added in a mutter.

Nora pried the newspapers from between the blonde’s fingers and threw it behind her. “You can’t just waltz in here and act like this place is yours.” Billie stood. She didn’t reach Nora’s height, but the look in her eyes made up for it. The ghost ignored her. “What you do is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for the number of men you’ve brought back here.”

“I’m merely sexually liberated.” Billie cocked her head to the side. “Something tells me you weren’t.”

“I was married.” Nora snapped. “And the next time you come over, you’ll find that the door is locked. Permanently.”

Billie raised an eyebrow, stuck on the first part. “Are you saying I’m an old maid?”

“I’m saying you’re not welcome here.” The socialite growled.

“Look darling,” The blonde threaded her fingers together. “I’ve got a contract with Marcy, the realtor? As long as I’m employed by Lifetime and they give me scripts to run, I’m allowed free reign on the house.”

“I don’t see any cameras.”

“I’m reading between the lines here.” Billie shrugged, and settled back in her chair. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. And it’s not like the tenants here mind. Well, you do. But that’s one against, how many, twenty-five? Twenty-six? I’ve lost count.” She smiled, her eyes lighting up. “Hayden sure doesn’t mind.”

“That tramp wouldn’t.” Nora’s jaw hardened.

“This sounds to me like a case of jealousy.” The medium sighed, resting her chin in her hand.

The taller blonde laughed bitterly. “For who, the men you sleep with?" She looked away. "Unbelievable.”

“No. Towards Hayden.”

“You think I want to watch you?” Nora hissed.

Billie only grinned. She stood up, fetched her tea after the microwave had done beeping, and went back to her seat, crossing her legs as provocatively as she could, her dark eyes riveted on Nora’s ice blue ones.

“You think I want to watch you?” The ghost repeated, her voice failing her.

“I think it’s crossed your mind.” Billie shrugged coyly. “It did last night.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“You already said that. Run another disc.” She paused. “Do you know what a disc is?”

The ghost’s lips tightened. “There’s no need to make snide remarks.”

Billie stood and rounded the island to stand before Nora. She pushed an acrylic nail against the socialite’s chest.

“Do you?”


“It’s this circular, well, disc.” The medium began to explain. Her finger mimed a circle on the woman’s skin. “And it plays music.” She added in a whisper, her already dark eyes turning black. She bit her lower lip, her gaze flirting over Nora’s collarbone. “Do you like music?”

“J-jazz was very popular. When I was young.”

“And alive?”

“That too.”

Billie backed the socialite up against the counter. “Jazz is…interesting. The rhythms, you can’t really count on them.” She said, punctuating the word with a tilt of her hips. Nora breathed in sharply. “But the notes are exquisite.”

“I’d have to agree.”

“You know, Nora…” The medium cocked her head to the side. “I wouldn't have to string all these men along if I had someone who waited for me at home.”

The ghost sniffed as disdainfully as she could in her current position. “Obviously.”

Billie’s lips ghosted over Nora’s. “Would you wait for me?”

The ghost let out a little sigh. “Forever if I had to.” Nora surged forward, capturing Billie Dean’s lips in a sweet kiss, air knocked out of her lungs. Somewhere in the back of her mind, before the medium had mentioned it, she’d known she was jealous. But this confirmed it, and she felt the shorter blonde smile against her.

She had thought that kissing a woman would feel wrong, would be bizarre, but she melted against the medium faster than she ever had with Charles, with any of her male callers. Her fingers found their way into Billie’s curls, tugging her up to her mouth. She let out a little yelp, one that the medium quickly swallowed, as she felt Billie’s leg find its way between her thighs.

Billie didn’t look it, but she was strong. She lifted the ghost up onto the counter, not breaking their embrace. Her hands roamed up to settled on the taller blonde’s ribs. Nora mewled against her, and wrapped her legs around Billie’s waist, loving the feel of the medium’s jeans against her.

“You wearing a dress-” Billie bit at her collarbone. Hard. “-Makes this so much easier.”

“You’ll have to thank the designers of my time.” Nora gasped back. Her nails would leave scratches on the medium’s back.

Her hips bucked forward at the feel of Billie’s fingers against her naked skin, right above her clit. She hadn’t done this in so long. And come to think of it, it’d never felt this good. A simple touch of the medium’s skin sent her reeling, melted her thoughts into nothingness. Charles let her think, he made her skin break out in goosebumps, ones of fear and terror and hate.

Nora’s eyes slammed shut at Billie’s sudden invasion of her lower body. A moan tumbled out from between her lips and she fell back onto her elbows. God the woman’s fingers were long. She barely registered the in and out motion, all she could feel was the intense, pleasurable feeling the blonde was giving her.

A warm mouth against her inner thigh raised her out of her thoughtless musings, and she glanced down into Billie’s dark eyes, chest heaving. The medium was asking permission. Her throat dry, the ghost nodded slightly.

Stars exploded behind in the darkness of her mind. Her elbows bottomed out and her back smacked down onto the marble. She ignored the dull pain and anchored her hands in Billie’s hair, moaning out combinations of her name with abandon. She could swear her soul was shimmering.
She would be ashamed of this later, but it didn’t take long for her to come. After ninety years, that was a given. She came hard, Billie’s name at the tip of her tongue and her lower back arching, her muscles locking into place, crying out for release.

The medium brought her back down softly, biting at the expense of skin before her, placing small kisses here and there. She helped Nora sit up and kissed her deeply, letting the ghost taste herself off of her tongue.

“Forever’s a long time.” She said quietly, resting her forehead against the socialite’s.

Nora wasn’t sure where her answer came from. “Not with you.”