marcy parks

speller problems
  • logainne schwartzandgrubinierre: loads of anxiety, pressured by her fathers into perfectionism, teased by peers for her family situation
  • william morris barfee: unkind stepmom, bullied at school, lots of health issues, cannot trust people and assumes a defensive stance when talking with anybody
  • olive ostrovsky: mother left for india probably not giving olive a chance to understand the situation, leaving her with an abusive neglectful father, and she is implied to be depressed
  • leaf coneybear: belittled by family and labeled as stupid, not given much of a chance to see the outside world
  • marcy park: forced into perfection by parents, has to repress her emotions and self consciousness, 'sleeps 3 hours a night, hides in the bathroom cabinet, not allowed to cry'
  • chip tolentino: puberty

“Sausage theatre kid edition” with the cast of spelling bee (in order of appearance) Rona, Logainne, Marcy, Barfee, Leaf, Olive

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Character Aesthetics; Marcy Park

And I like the theme from Rocky, but I play Mozart more.”

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