marcy fleach

everybody loves to talk about velma and daphne but y’all seem to forget that velma and hot dog water from mystery incorporated were obviously gay

anonymous: yo could you draw velma and hotdog water girl? I adore your art style!!!! :0000

ok so let me start by saying i don’t usually take requests and its best to commission me if you wanna guarantee a drawing, and in all honesty i hated the series this character was from BUT! i did want to take the opportunity to draw her all the same. something that i dont really love about later incarnations of scooby doo is that they like to introduce ‘velma-alikes’ to be her rivals or whatever, (im talking this girl, and another character called verona dempsey) so i wanted to create a marcie fleach that looks very different from velma dinkley, while still keeping aspects of her design. i mostly based her look on a cute geeky girl i knew in high school.

in my modern AU she would still be a rival-turned friend of velma’s, i think. they’d mostly see each other at the national academic decathlons, and always comment on each others instagram posts.

also: thank you!

I love the character development of MI!Velma. At first, she was a VERY immature and insecure person who treats others in ways she wouldn’t want to be treated herself in order to make herself secure. But then in the second half of Season 1 she realizes how horrible she was and starts to grow out of it. She reforms her relationships and starts a new relationship with Hot Dog Water and becomes more mature and secure as a result. It’s amazing comparing MI!Velma at the start and her at the end.


Marcie Fleach & Velma Dinkley - Mystery Incorperated

The Finale and the Paring of two shows.

A girl dates a guy for a good part of a show.

Guy has no experience in romance, which later causes a messy and ugly Love Triangle.

Their relationship ends and the guy and the girl stay friends.

The girl becomes closer to another girl. The series ends all-but-saying that they are the ones that hooked up together.

Which paring/show am I talking about? Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra or Velma Dinkley and Marcie/Hot Dog Water from Scooby Doo Mystery Inc?