Happy birthday, bb!!! Eeeeee, I love you and I’m so glad I met you!! It has been an honor and a privilege spazzing over Changkyu with you, hehe<3 The pairing really wouldn’t be the same without you~<33 You are so sweet and helpful and I really don’t know what I would do without you ;A; Do even remember how we became friends? O_O because I just feel like one day we were just friends hhaha and there was no build up it just happened?? But maybe my memory is just failing me ^^; Regardless of how it happened, I am so happy that it did<3 I hope you have a marvelous birthday and what better present than a KRY single <33 DRINK UP IN YOUR PRECIOUS BAMBIMIN GLASS AND EAT LOTS OF CAKE<3 Please be safe and happy this year and I hope only good things come your way. Love you, bb<33