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3 - What's been really bugging me though is the SILVER MIRROR Helene gave Liv. That surely is a piece of the star. You see, Helene has bore her "unmaking" so far rather well. I think her battle against darkness will begin when The Nightbringer comes for Liv and succeeds... when she loses the last light in her life, this is when she's truly unmade, I think. Anyway, no need to reply to any of this. Sorry for spamming your inbox :)

I’m glad you share my silver mirror theory! I also think Livia will be important in the next book and likely the next target of the Nightbringer.

I really hope Livia don’t die tho, coz I can see her being Empress for real after Marcus is killed or sth. She has shown herself to be political savvy and is kind even to non-illustrian martials and is winning hearts, plus I ship her with Faris (even tho she is married to Marcus and I do also have that theory the Nightbringer will manipulate Livia to trust or even fall in love with Marcus).

But yeah, as Helene said as long as she loves, there’s always something more to take or cause her pain & as far as Helene knows, Livia is the only person left alive that she truly loves and in fact her understanding of Laia is the same love they have for their sibling.

Though I think it will also kill her to know that Elias has become the soul catcher, coz she didn’t sacrifice everything for his freedom to just be stuck in a forest as a bouncer at the Waiting Place and she’ll also beat herself up for Elias dying from poison when she could have used her healing power to save him.

I feel like Helene is going to suffer more and do lots of horrible things she doesn’t want to do, but I don’t think or at least I hope, she wouldn’t fully go to the dark side. I think she would come very close, coz her nightmares about Marcus need to make sense at some point, and I think her mission to kill the commandant next will be the start of that downward spiral, coz she will gladly go after Keris (I actually love how they are now archenemies, not only it’s good story but also debunks theories from ember that Helene is just like the commandant), even if it’s under Marcus’ bidding.

But I don’t think Helene will fully succumb to the darkness coz 1.) Cain told the Nightbringer directly that Helene doesn’t walk in darkness, 2.) before he died, Pater Aquilla told Helene she is all that stand against the darkness, 3.) her name means “light” and as I understand Cain’s words to her, after she’s unmade and broken that’s when she becomes “a torch against the night” and I think she’s already been unmade and broken by the end of Torch.

And no worries feel free to talk to me about ember and torch anytime, I LOVE to discuss these books coz there’s so much to talk about!! Thanks for sending me messages!!