marcus's best of 2012


Marcus’s Best of 2012: Part 7: Album of the Year / Top 8 Albums

Some of these albums (like Born to Die) have grown on me the more I listened to them.

Marcus's Best of 2012 Part 6: Favorite Moments

Britney Spears on the X Factor.

Girls Aloud first live performance since 2009.

Kelly Clarkson concert in NM / Kelly Clarkson year of success in general (#1 single, Greatest Hits album, her boyfriend, it’s been a decade since Idol, 4 Grammy nominations [flawless doesn’t even begin to describe Kelly right now] )

Cheryl Cole swan dive.

2NE1 English interviews.

But what was the greatest moment of time that rocked the world was the Spice Girls at the Olympics. (and Posh proving how much of a goddess she is, compared to the other four. HA!)