Fic: Ain't Nobody's Hands Clean in What's Left of This World (4/4)

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3

Fandom: The 100/The Walking Dead (crossover/fusion) 

Pairing: Kabby 

Word Count: 3691 

Warnings: Smut, ahoy! 

(A/N: And so we finally reach the end of the fic that went on way longer than planned. And naturally the smutty part is the longest part ;) I enjoyed doing this and maybe I’ll return to this crossover ‘verse in the future. But until then, hope this is a worthy ending to whatever the hell this was. Also, I’d like to say that I’m the kind of person who would probably do a risk assessment before attempting shower sex, it seems like an accident waiting to happen. But this is the zombie apocalypse and nobody wants to be doing the do covered in nasty walker goop! So, this is the way it had to go. Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy, my lovelies!)

“And!” Raven calls out from the group hug she’s currently in the centre of, being smothered, by the sounds of it, “Because I got the generator up and running, and because I’m so awesome, I say Abby gets first dibs on the shower.”

“No, Raven, it should be you,” Abby is already protesting; her need to take care of everyone else overpowering the part of her brain that yearns to be warm and clean, and is screaming at her to shut up, “Besides, I need to take care of Marcus’-”

Raven interrupts her, “Abs, I love you, but you smell the worst.”

“Can’t argue with that.” Marcus chuckles, and Abby immediately springs away from where she is leaning against him. She can hear the others trying to reign in their amusement, too.

“You could have said I disgusted you.” She mutters, embarrassed and a little hurt. It’s irrational; she knows it’s only the truth.

“Oh, for -” Marcus steps in close again, ignoring the kids, “You don’t disgust me, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m just in favour of you going first. Taking care of yourself first.”

“You need -”

“Tell you what,” Marcus interrupts her, earning himself an indignant glare, she really wishes people would stop doing that. “Why don’t we head in that general direction,” he gestures towards the bathroom, “And you can fight me on the way?”

And so Abby finds herself being guided with a gentle hand at the small of her back, away from the group of younger people who have decided to ignore them, and are instead in heavy discussion about lighting the fireplace and scrounging up a meal. It only occurs to her once she’s standing in the middle of the bathroom, and Marcus has clicked on the light, that she hasn’t been alone with him since their kiss. She feels a flutter of nervousness in her stomach, even as she mentally berates herself for being stupid; it’s still only Marcus. Except they aren’t only anything anymore.

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This is for @tinkbooklover and @iamgettingalife - I combined your prompts, because they worked brilliantly well together. I’m also not going to say what they are, here, because… well. You’ll see. Hope you guys enjoy!


Sgt. Miller’s voice was hollow; perfunctory. 

He could feel the words trying to shrink in his throat, desperate not to be voiced. The wrath of the woman before him was not among the least of his fears - but these days, it was getting more and more likely that she’d hear it from the jagged, accusatory voice of a restless citizen and not from someone who’d served her dutifully, who’d demonstrated his respect for her daily. She deserved better. 

“Ma’am, I think it’s time we –“ he started, swallowing the end of the sentence. He tried again: “Its been over a month.”

“Spit it out, Miller,” Abby sighed wearily as she examined the inventory charts she’d laid out on the council table. The noon sun cut sharply into the room from the high windows, casting deep shadows under the eyes of the Chancellor Pro Tempore, pupils dimmed by exhaustion. 

Miller gathered his courage. 

“If you want to run an election, that’s your choice, but I believe the people will be happy to serve you-“

“He’s coming back,” she snapped, eyes still locked on the paperwork below. 

He shook his head. 

“We haven’t heard from him in weeks.”

At this, he saw Abby raise her vision towards the radio at the centre of the table. It stood simply, receiver pointed at the sky; just as it had since the day Marcus left to negotiate a crucial trade deal with the Ice Nation that would supply them with wools and insulation for the coming winter. He and his company of guards had dutifully reported back to camp at the start and end of every day on their journey north; but once they crossed the border, they fell silent. At first, it was excused as a security measure, to keep a low profile. Their rendezvous with Roan had been scheduled for the fifth day of the journey; as the seventh day crept in with nothing but white noise to account for it, efforts began to be made to initiate contact. Raven had toyed with the radio in an effort to expand its reach, but ultimately it was decided that it would be better for them to stay on the same wavelength, with the same argument Abby clung to as a mantra: just in case.

Just in case was no longer enough. 

She swallowed, closing her eyes. Miller stood frozen, terribly unsure of anything he should do. 

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” he offered. He was thankful, now, that Nate had been charged with guarding the perimeter of the camp while the Chancellor was away. He softened his voice, trying to remember how he used to speak to his son after one of his nightmares: “We all know how much he meant to you. We will support you in whatever way you need.”

He wasn’t sure it was true, but as he watched her briskly wipe away what she didn’t want him to know was a tear, he accepted the conviction that it would at least be true of him. 

She finally turned to face him, the corners of her mouth tight and fighting not to crumple into a pained grimace. Her eyes were soft, glistening in the light; but her jaw remained set. He wasn’t sure if she’d even noticed the single tear that crested and fell down her cheek. 

“Thank you, Miller,” she answered gently, her voice cracking with the effort of speaking. “But I won’t give up. Not yet.” 

He frowned at her. The silence between them was loud as they pleaded with one another and with themselves to be strong; unwilling to accept the other’s definition of that strength. Finally, it was Miller who broke the stare-down with an exasperated huff. 

“Yes, ma’am,” he nodded in defeat, moving to exit the council chamber. 

He’d have to try again tomorrow. 

Now that he’d planted the seed, he hoped that a night’s rest would bring Abby to consider the virtue in it. He needed only to ride out this wave of courage, and he’d soon see stability blossom in the camp once more. 

He was three feet into the hallway when he heard it.

He stopped in his tracks. 

He raced back into the room, and the radio had been grabbed from its place at the centre of the table, now clutched desperately in Abby’s thin, shaking hands. Her eyes were wild, her gaze refusing to release its hold on the device as though it might evaporate otherwise. 

“Marcus?” she ventured, her voice trembling. She listened for a response. 

There it was again – a faint, crackling cough of static. And then another, this time longer. 

“Marcus, can you hear me?” she pleaded. She released the button to speak, finally acknowledging Miller’s presence in the room with a flicker of her eyes and a microscopic nod. Wide-eyed and breathless, the soldier watched as Abby continued to wait for response. 

The buzz of excitement in the room began to diminish as the silence lengthened, and Miller stepped forward.

“Abby, it could just be interference-“

“Shh,” she hissed, giving Miller a warning glare as she pressed the speaker button once more. “I’m here, Marcus. Please… please just say something. Come on - I’m right here. I’m right here.”

Miller’s shoulders slumped as once again she was met with silence. 

But then.

 There was another crackle of static, this time enriched with a short sound decidedly more organic – nothing longer than a breath, perhaps a fraction of a word. 

Miller blinked, drawing closer to the radio. 

“Abby. Did you…”

“I heard it,” she nodded, looking up at him now with a brightness he hadn’t seen in far too long. Her bitter tears of surrender from earlier were now overlain with the constant stream of joyful ones tumbling down her cheeks. “He’s alive.”

These last two words carried a kind of joy and disbelief that betrayed the truth of how well she understood - it should have been the opposite. She knew he should have been dead. Miller should have been right.

As the radio crackled yet again, he couldn’t have been more proud to be wrong. 

This time, a voice – undeniable. 


Two syllables. That short offering of speech somehow communicated a bone-deep relief that seemed to wash over the entire room. Abby choked out a laugh, holding the speaker to her lips. 

“I’m here.”

“Thank God.”

With a nod of acknowledgement, Abby sent Miller to fetch Raven to see if they could clarify the signal. By the time he returned, Abby still had the radio pressed to her mouth, her grip on the device unrelenting. Raven eventually coaxed it away from her, Abby hurriedly explaining the situation to Marcus, who was still only coming through in seconds at a time. With only a few moments’ tinkering, the signal cleared, and Marcus was able to explain their situation: a cloud of radiation had closed in over Azgeda territory, sending the troupe into an underground bunker for shelter. The cloud had completely scrambled their radio signals, and they had found themselves completely stranded; so they decided to start digging. They’d tunnelled a miraculous two miles before they finally broke through into an old Reaper transitway. Keeping below the earth, they made their way as best they could back towards Arkadia, and had gotten some ideas about the camp’s own preservation on the way. 

Through all of this, Miller listened intently, as did Abby – but there were three words that Marcus tagged at the end of his briefing that he knew she heard louder than any of the others:

“We’re coming home.”

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Marcus Kane *smirks*

No need to be quite so smug ^^

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  ABIGAIL WALTERS GRIFFIN <33 In case you haven’t noticed this yet, Kabby gives me life 

friendship them with: Indra, BrOTP Kindra, also in general dad!Kane & the rest of the delinquents 

general opinions: where do I even start? 

When I first started watching the show, I originally wasn’t a fan of Marcus. He seemed so cold and strict but my opinion quickly changed when I saw how torn he was about his decision to proceed with the culling. From then on, you could see other aspects of him, he showed his more kind side (giving orders for someone to be by the radio in case of Raven messaging), his vulnerable side (his face when his mother died –’ I mean, I nearly wept myself), how far he’ll go to save people, especially those he cares about (*cough* crawling through a burning shaft *cough*), prepared to stay behind and sacrifice himself so that the others could reach the Earth in the finale of season 1. 

Personally, I think that Marcus Kane has had one of the best character developments of the entire show. It started when they were still in space but from the moment they landed on the ground, he tried. Okay, in the beginning, he still relied too heavily on the rules + law, but those had been drilled into him for so long now. But when his obedience to the law made him give the order of shock lashing Abby, he realized that this wasn’t the way they had to continue. He felt guilty and sorry for putting her through that even though she had broken the law. His decision to grant her the Chancellor pin and to go on a rescue mission shows just how much he understood that he didn’t have to be the strict man he’d been forced to be in space. It was also a major development for him because the Marcus from season 1 would have never given Abby the pin. 

Every action he’d done on the ground was to ensure the safety of the people, both Skaikru as the grounders. He wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself if that meant that others would live (example season 2 when he slit his wrist + season 3 after getting arrested for trying to kidnap Pike). He’s a peacemaker, he wants all of them to live peacefully which is so different from how he started in space. During the first couple of episodes, he was portrayed as an aloof, power driven character but now…he doesn’t want power or the Chancellor’s pin. All he wants is to make sure that his people are safe *cough* especially Abby *cough*

Marcus Kane went from a “the only person I remotely care about is my mother & she dies” to “hello I’m dad!Kane and I will love and care for every single one of you” + also “hello Abby, let me have some intense eye sex pretty please” ->> HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO NOT LOVE HIM? 

Listen, I’m not saying that he’s without flaws or faults, I’m not, but that’s the thing about the show. Nobody is. Everyone has made mistakes but Marcus has taken the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and try to do better, to be better. 

To see him grow as a person over these three seasons has been amazing and I am so excited to see what the next season will bring *cough* sex with Abby *cough*

To conclude: Marcus Kane deserves a goddamn break. Let the man take a shower, get his beard trimmed (just a tad) and his hair cut. Let him have some quiet time with Abby *wink wink nudge nudge* Let him talk it out with Bellamy and Indra because we all know how guilty he feels about his actions under ALIE’s control. 


Let him read a book, let him rest for a change, have some quiet dinner, drink some moonshine, I dunno, he deserves everything and most of all 54836549546464 domestic cute moments with Abby

I’ll stop now…

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Meet the Great Britons of Photography (Vol. 1)

In his new book, Reportage contributor Peter Dench profiles a dozen Britons whom he considers to be among the most important and influential photographers working today, a list in which he humbly includes himself. The other 11 luminaries of the lens are:

Jocelyn Bain Hogg
Marcus Bleasdale
Harry Borden
John Bulmer
Chris Floyd
Brian Griffin
Laura Pannack
Martin Parr
Tom Stoddart
Homer Sykes
Anastasia Taylor-Lind

The book serves as a celebration of British photography, providing an intimate look into the lives and work of this group of colorful characters.

“All of the photographers featured have shaped me in some way; sometimes professionally, more often, personally,” says Dench. “I view each piece as a collaboration, a written account of our time together, a glimpse into the lives and practices of extraordinary photographers, all of course, with a healthy dose of Dench.”

It’s by turns hilarious and insightful, and always engaging, written with a characteristic wit that was on display in Dench’s longtime column, Diary of a Sometime Working Pro, in Hungry Eye Magazine.

Order the book via Hungry Eye’s website.

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What are some things on the Volturi/Guards' wishlists for Christmas/Saturnalia this year? (Or what they're actually going to get, whichever you like)

Aro doesn’t make wish-lists because he loves all his presents equally. And because he’s something of a hoarder, he’s not going to discard anything but the very worst gifts. The coven is getting him a Roomba, in hopes that a cute little robot that zips around and vacuums will encourage him to clean his study and give it floor-space to roam. They put a Santa hat on it and everything. 

Conversely, Sulpicia distributes laminated copies of her wish-list in mid-September. If you get her something that isn’t on there, she’ll put it in a box and mail it back for a refund right in front of you. So, um, Sulpicia’s getting exactly what she asked for, as it should be. (This year, it’s lipstick that matches her eyes.)

Marcus actually loves handmade presents. Give him your clumsily-knit scarves and your homemade soap experiments; he’ll treasure them. And that’s exactly what he’s getting: a homemade soap experiment. It has many of the physical properties of store-bought soap! Yay?

Alec hates clothes but loves presents. Every year, his gifts consist of ½ clothes, ½ stuff-he-actually-wants. The fact that the clothing was a gift and came in a box with a bow will persuade him to wear it. 

Whenever Felix flies anywhere, he ends up reading the in-flight shopping catalogue for hours. He’s completely delighted by the weird stuff humans invent, so Heidi and Demetri end up getting him, like, a coffee-maker that is also a hat or a bathmat that plays seasonal music. The stranger the better, really.

Last but not least, Renata really likes Christmas trinkets. She’s being given 12 poinsettia plants, all the tree ornaments, and roughly twenty peppermint-scented candles, because everyone wants to get her something, but it’s kind of hard to be creative with Christmas-themed stuff. 

Drabble Challenge - A Drabble A Day For 100 Days. Day Sixty-Nine.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - 3x03

Abby was overwhelmed by Polis and felt vulnerable under the gaze of so many eyes. Marcus, on the other hand, seemed to be in his element, tasting the food, speaking the language. His inquisitive delight was childlike and endearing and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Long gone was the uptight, repressed Kane of the Ark. The man before her was open-minded, passionate and bold. With his long, curling hair and his rough beard he seemed untamed, as though he’d let himself loose from his cage and was enjoying freedom for the first time. It was attractive and inspiring.

Put the sound on the video :D