*Part 3 Of Juice being crazy jealous that he gets physical with you.*

You were in the car riding to Juice’s & your apartment. Gemma had talked you into going to talk to him or kick him out. After Juice got violent with you, you knew that you were done with him. The love you had for him was there, God was it there but you refused to be a victim of yet another domestic violence relationship. Juju did his damage to you in the past but you stayed because the two of you had so much history, love, and pain all in one relationship but you knew you didn’t want him either. Maybe it was time for you to get to know who (Y/N) was again. “Thinking about what you’re gonna say to him?” Gemma said. “Yup.” You said still looking out the window. “Look darling, I know I’m not the mother you always wanted, I know what you’ve been through but I can tell you that Juice is not that guy. I know what that guy back there used to do to you, and Juice would never do that to you.”

“Thanks for the input, but just because, “He’s not that guy” doesn’t mean he won’t turn into that guy.” You said. After saying that, for the first time you’ve known her, Gemma was speechless. You didn’t mess with Clay and her relationship so you didn’t know why she always wanted to mess with the next person relationship. “How long were you with the Cholo?” She said pulling her sunglasses down. You sighed, “I’ve known him since I was a kid, we went to the same schools and he was my older brothers best friend.” “Didn’t know you had an older brother.” She said in shock.. “Yup, have two older brothers and a older sister.” You said trying to dead the issue. “Why don’t they come around?” She asked. “My sister and brother are dead and the other one is doing a 35 year bid upstate. Anything else you want to know Gemma?” You said agitated. “Look, I’m just having some damn small talk. I’ve known you for a while and I don’t even know much about you.” She said. “Promise I won’t be here long enough for you to find out my life story.” You said and with that you were already at the apartment so you just got out the car without a word being said.


You opened the door and walked in. The place smelled like smoke and alcohol. No one was there so you started to pack your things, your car keys was on the kitchen bar so you were good to go. You knew that if Juice wasn’t here, he was on his way because Gemma and her big mouth so that meant you had 15 to 20 minutes max to get your shit and go. You were moving so fast that your clothes were just scattered. “Need some help?” Juice asked. “I’m fine, thanks for the offer.” You said brushing past him. “Can we talk Y/N?” He asked and you ignored him. “Look, I know I fucked up and I’m sorry. I know what you been through in your past and OI shouldn’t have did that to you. I let my stupid ass jealousy cloud my judgement for the past couple days. Just please forgive me. I will do anything you want me to do.” He pleaded. You stopped and looked at him. For a minute you felt bad for him, but you saw Juju’s face on Juice’s body. You had a flashback to how Juju would beg and plead every time he beat your ass and you knew you couldn’t give Juice another chance.

“No. You and I are done. I do love you and all but we can’t be together after you put your hands on me. I’m sorry.” You said. You could see Juice about to cry a little because you could tell that he was actually genuine about it but you couldn’t allow yourself to go through what you had been through before. You walked up to him and looked up at him into his eyes and hugged him. “I love you but I can’t do myself like that again.” You said crying on his chest. “I understand.” He said kissing you. When Juice kissed you, you felt the passion between the two of you. You instantly felt weak in the knees and gave into him. Juice picked you up and walked over to the bed, never allowing his lips to leave yours. He placed you on the bed and pulled off your pants. He kissed your stomach all the way down to your pussy. He started eating you like he hadn’t ate in days, which caused your head to go back. 


You and Juice had made love all night and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Juice was a heavy sleeper so you got up and got dressed. Once you placed all your stuff in your car, you wrote him a letter and placed it on the night stand by the bed. You felt bad about fucking Juice and then leaving in the middle of the night but in reality it hurt you more then it would ever hurt him. You thought Juice was gonna be it for you but his jealousy and the need to control you fucked everything up. You started to break down in your car while driving to Juju’s place. You were just gonna stay there till you got a new place which wouldn’t take longer then two weeks. You knew that Juju would want a relationship and a family but that was a no no for you. You still wanted Juice but you needed to be by yourself for a while. Once you pulled up to Juju’s place you wiped your face and started unpacking your stuff. “How did pretty boy take the news?” Juju said smiling and greeting me at the door. “Shut up and go help me.” You said back to him.

A month and a half later…

You got to your new house from work and immediately ran into the restroom with the CVS bag. You had been avoiding Juice for the lasts couple of weeks but you had a feeling that you would be talking to him very soon. You went to the restroom and peed on the pregnancy test. You waited 5 minutes and saw the words “PREGNANT” pop up on the tiny screen. “Shit!!” You said to yourself.

Marcus Wentworth, currently works for Mr. Lothario as Head of Security. Keeps to himself, speaks when spoken to, everything by the book, adheres to a strict code of ethics. 

Tony Ellison has been a Private Investigator for a year. Awaiting response from the FBI any day, he is encouraged, as always by his mentor. His lovely wife does not know he has submitted an application. He hopes to surprise her with the announcement of such an honor. 

Mrs. Chanel Thomas-Ellison, daughter of real estate tycoon, Gerald Thomas, mother deceased. Currently a housewife with no outside activities. A whirlwind courtship spun her into the illusion of love. Married 5 months, 4 mos pregnant.

Five Facets of Abby Griffin (1/5)

Sooo this is an experiment haha. It will be a 5 chapters collection of 5 times stories, all in Marcus’ pov and retracing his history with Abby. Needless to say, this is a kabby story. I hope you like it. Leave me a word to tell me!

See you tomorrow for next part and thanks to Akachankami for the beta!

[ff] or [AO3]

5 times Abby Griffin was terrifying


Marcus hopped in Medical, pushed by the hand his superior officer had fisted around the collar of his jacket.

“I’m fine.” he grumbled for the third time. He would never hear the end of this. Three weeks in guard training and he had managed to injure himself twice. He had been working through the pain in his ankle but his left hand… Their superior officer had seen it before he could try to hide it away.

“You’ll be seen to, cadet.” the man grumbled, nudging him none too gently toward the first bed they found.

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On this day in 2011

Let’s Kill Hitler

The Doctor and the Ponds are left in shock as their longest childhood friend, Mels, regenerates into River Song.

“Putting Hitler in the cupboard.” - Rory

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You’re the only light I need (English Version)

French version here

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Kabby AU (Criminal Minds)

Six years have gone by the day the leader of the sect “City of Light” was arrested by the Behavioral Analysis Unit, directed by Marcus Kane with the help of the criminologist Abigail Griffin. Six years during which everyone thought that this dreadful case was finally over. Six years during which everyone was trying to forget, to piece themselves back together, to move forward …

But, the discovery of a body will force them to return into a past whose all the wounds have not yet healed.

I didn’t found a Beta for this chapter so sorry for the mistakes. If someone is interested by checking my next chapter, feel free to let me know !! Sorry for the wait too !

Chapter 3 :

Sitting on the passenger seat, Abby was watching the Blakes fighting about the wheel. Bellamy had the keys in his hand, but his sister clearly didn’t intend to give up so easily. Although shorter than him, the young woman still managed, with a good footwork, to grab his wrist. Without wasting a second, she turned on herself and locked his arm behind his back.

“I think we can go now,” she cried out triumphantly when his brother finally admitted his defeat.  

The criminologist let out a chuckle and rolled her eyes as Maya Vie’s words were coming back to her mind. “You won’t be disappointed”. It was, indeed, an understatement. The agent Octavia Blake was obviously hot-blooded.

With a sullen face, Bellamy sat in the backseat while his sister switched on the GPS. The travel was around one hour. However, after just a several seconds, Abby realized that Octavia didn’t intend to take that long.

Cage Wallace currently resided at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza in Washington DC. According to his secretary, he didn’t plan to stay more than a few days. In fact, just the time needed to organize his father’s funeral and finalize the last details of the estate.

"To make sure she didn’t miss anything, but also to prevent herself from swooning because of Octavia’s driving, Abby decided to read one more time Dante Wallace’s folder. He was 73 years old. He was the founder of the Mount Weather Company, a real empire with many areas of activity but mostly specialized on manufacturing drugs and vaccines. Relatively discreet, the businessman was nonetheless very influential in Washington. According to the first elements of the investigation, he was a great pharmaceutical lobbyist. Given his business and fortune, Mr. Wallace had with no doubt a impressive list of  enemies.

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