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The 100 3x04 recap
  • Jasper is still...jasper
  • Bellamy what the fuck man
  • Lexa fighting turns me on more than it should tbh
  • Roan u chill my knitta
  • Pike becomes chancellor aka why the fuck did u guys vote for trump
  • Monty is still a precious cinnamon roll pls protect him
  • No Raven reyes aka why
  • #LeaveLincolnAlone2k16
  • Clarke and lexa fighting about the fact that they care for each other is the air I breathe
  • Kane and Abby are done with everyone's shit and so am I
  • Ice queen is dead lets party fam
  • Lexa w kids !!?!
  • Lexa in thaT DRESS !!
  • L E X A AND CLARKE !1!!
The 100 3x06 Recap
  • Raven on that kush 👀👌
  • Jaha dealing that kush
  • Miller is back and better than ever
  • Octavia fucking slaying the game and people still trying to hurt her ...smh
  • Bellamy Blake more like Bellamy gtfo off my screen im done w ur shit bye bitch
  • Pike...need I say more gtg
  • Kane and Abby reblog if u agree
  • Lexa's sass level was thru the roofs tonight I was living for it
  • Monty is still a precious cinnamon roll
  • Rip Monroe bc half the skaicru r dirty hoes
  • Clarke drawing lexa ??!!
  • Lexa standing up for Clarke and listening to her opinion !!
  • Clarke and lexa didn't kiss but that's ok I'm p sure they're fucking next episode

this made me smile immensely. no matter how rough things are right now, everyone is supporting alycia tremendously and vice versa. she’s worked so hard to get where she is; from arriving in the states and practically living in random peoples houses/ riding the bus for a year, to being an inspiration to us all. I bet she’s smiling so hard at this worldwide trend guys, it probably means the world to her.