marcus vitruvius pollio


Sketches dated between 1530 to 1545 by a member of the Sangallo family, a wealthy Florentine house which produced multiple generations of renowned artists and architects including Bastiano “Aristotile” da Sangallo, “Il Gobbo”, and Antonio da Sangallo. The drawings are based on Ten Books on Architecture, an ancient architectural treatise written by Roman military engineer and architect, Marcus Pollio Vitruvius in the 1st century B.C. During the Renaissance, Vitruvius’ treatsie was hailed as the first and only surviving ancient Roman text on architectural theory. Based on the number of surviving drawings and notes found on manuscript copies of the original Latin, these images were likely drafts for what was intended to be a complete translation of Vitruvius’ work, the first of it’s kind. Alas, for unknown reasons, the project was never completed.