marcus randall

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Words: 1442
Chapter: 1
Characters: Clive Dove, Luke Triton, Clark Triton, Brenda Triton, Randall Ascot, Angela Ascot (they got married in this), Henry Ledore, Alex Sycamore, Marcus (no surname as of yet)

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“Alex! We got mail!” Shouted Clive, sorting through the various letters  while casually making his way towards the kitchen. He was rather handsome, aged 26, and 2 years into an engineering degree at Gressenheller University. Of course, he was well known around the area, arrested 3 years ago for the attempted murder of Prime Minister Bill Hawks and the destruction of a large area of London. If it hadn’t been for a close friend, he wouldn’t have been bailed out.

Alex leisurely made her way to Clive’s voice, still half asleep and dramatically using her hands to feel her way through the large London house. She was 6 years younger than Clive, and the one responsible for bailing him out of prison, due to her rather large inheritance.

Both Clive and Alex were orphans, close friends since before they could remember, losing parents in similar ways before adoption, and then the adopted parents dying or going missing. Neither of them were particularly distraught nowadays, what with both of them being adults and having many other things to focus on. Not that they didn’t think about their parents, but Alex still had an uncle who was alive, who was actually one of her professors at University. She too attended Gressenheller, studying archaeology, inspired by her families over the years.

Alex grabbed the fancy-looking letter and opened it, taking a moment to appreciate the handwriting. It had been a while since she had recieved a handwritten letter. She carefully read it, beginning to understand the importance of it.

“Clive, we need to look into getting time off uni, this is urgent.” Alex said, suddenly wide awake and rushing around, grabbing her satchel and heading towards the door.

“Okay, but do you mind telling me what it is?” Replied Clive, surprised by the sudden movement.

“I’ll tell you later, just hurry up!” Alex responded. At this point, she was halfway out of the door with Clive trailing behind her.


The university was quiet, as it was fairly early and lectures hadn’t started. The sound of shoes on the hardwood flooring was quick and echoed due to large corridors throughout the building. Alex and Clive arrived outside of an office, and just as they were about to enter, a man of gentlemanly aura turned the corner, obviously heading to the same office.

“Professor! Just who we were looking for!” Said Alex, slightly out of breath.

“Hmm? Oh, Alex, you’re here early! And with Clive as well, how can I help you two?” Replied the gentleman, moving his right hand to the brim of his top hat.

“I recieved a letter,” explained Alex, “and it has some interesting information regarding a small village in South Devon… Whoever sent it invited Clive and myself to visit and assist in something that’s happening there, I was wondering if it would be possible to get some time off to see what’s going on?”

“Ah, yes, I recieved a similar letter, apparently this village has strong links to the Azran Civilisation. I’ll be heading there tomorrow, if that’s any help.” The professor said, smiling to give Alex a hint. Alex smiled back, knowing that something big was going to unfurl.


Alex and Clive left later that day, after packing everything they could possibly need into the car and trying to pinpoint exactly where this village was on a map. Clive was driving, being the better one of the two to do it. Alex was tinkering with what seemed to be a gauntlet, china blue in colour with a symbol on the palm. She was wearing another one on her left hand, apparently using it as a referance for the other.

After roughly 4 hours, the two had made it. They got out of the car, stretching themselves fully due to the fact that they hadn’t stopped at all on the way.

After observing the landscape from atop the hill they had arrived from, the two noticed how strange the placement of the buildings was. It was like there was a certain route to take while there. They also happened to notice the lack of cars on the roads, so they decided to find a safe place to park and walk to the town hall, where they were met by a middle-aged man wearing an eyepatch.

“Alex and Clive, yes? It’s good to meet you both, my name is Marcus, I’m the mayor here,” he said, nervously looking around, “Please, hurry inside, we don’t have much time.”

Clive looked at Alex, a worried expression on his face. All Alex did was shrug and follow Marcus inside.

“How did he know us on sight? Let alone know we were coming tonight?” Clive quietly asked Alex.

“He might be psychic? How should I know, I’ve never met the guy…” Alex replied. She was intrigued by this, rather than unsettled. Could it be that someone else was different?

Walking down a series of corridors inside the town hall, Marcus was explaining some historical importance of the pictures on the walls. Neither Alex or Clive were paying much attention to what he was saying, but they were looking at said pictures. Families, dozens of them, smiling into the camera. Every single one was a young couple and a newborn child.

Alex zoned in on what Marcus was saying.

“Every eleventh child is born with something unique, and we have no idea why. It might be due to the legend of our village, but we can’t be certain.”

Legend? Alex thought. She glanced over a few photos, settling on one in particular. Stopping where she was, she looked at the names underneath the image.

Desmond, Lucia and Alexandria Sycamore.

Sycamore. Alex’s eyes began to well up, and memories of her father filled her thoughts. She had never known her mother, but her father was a big part of her life.

“Alex?” Said Clive, snapping Alex back to the present. She wiped her eyes and turned to him.

“I’m fine… Just some old memories.” She replied. She hadn’t seen her father since she was 15, and after finally accepting that he was most likely dead, seeing a family photo had quite a big effect on her.


Marcus was standing in front of a door at the end of the corridor. He noticed Alex’s expression and smiled, showing signs of pity. He opened the door, allowing Clive and Alex to enter the room it led to. It was well furnished, a few sofas and comfy chairs around the perimeter. A few people were present, including a teenage boy and his parents, a family that Alex recognised in an instant.

“Luke! It’s so good to see you! How’ve you been? And you guys too! Clark, Brenda, it’s been years!” Alex exclaimed. Indeed, it had been 5 years since she’d seen Clark and Brenda Triton, and 3 since seeing Luke. It was almost like she wasn’t on the verge of tears less than 5 minutes ago.

Everyone was busy catching up with each other, and Alex noticed that Luke had a subtle American accent added to his cockney British one, not to mention his somewhat deeper voice, breaking occasionally.

‘Puberty caught up with him then’ Alex thought. Luke had recently turned 16, and he definitely had grown. He was still quite short, at least for his age, but he was almost the same height as Alex, which wasn’t all that difficult considering she was just over 5 feet.


Marcus dashed back outside, only to come back shortly after, followed by a tall ginger man, his wife, and blond man.

“Randall! Angela! Henry!” Luke and Alex said in unison, smiles spreading across their faces. Clive, Clark and Brenda looked over, having never met the three that walked in, but certainly knowing of them.

“Alright folks, that’s everyone turning up tonight!” Marcus said, his voice slightly raised in order to be heard over the chatter of the group. “There’s a few rooms if you head upstairs, I trust you can sort it out amongst yourselves?”

The group laughed, before heading off upstairs to rest for the night. Randall and Angela were in one room, Henry and Clive sharing one, the Triton family sharing another, leaving Alex with a room to herself. She didn’t mind that, she knew she wouldn’t be sleeping much that night anyway.

She sat up in her bed, wondering how on earth Marcus knew what he knew. Was he psychic? Did he have prior knowledge from someone else? She made a mental note to ask him in the morning. She glanced out the window, observing the quiet nightlife. 

‘This is going to be a long night…’ She thought.


Peter Capaldi & Glasses: 2009-2012

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