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Puff Your Cares Away || Marcus McFly

Keeeeep listening.

I’ve been to Thebarton numerous times to see some of my favourite artists perform; Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso and even fucking Ice Cube. But I never thought I’d be performing under the same roof that they did, let alone doing it less than a year later.

Fuck what people say, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

And that’s coming from me, a wheelchair using, marijuana smoking, straight D student who spends 75% of his time watching Doctor Who. 

If I can make shit happen, then you can too.
So fucking do it. 


About The Title: I decided to title the video “Romancing Ghosts” because that’s essentially how I treat my memories; how one would a ghost or apparition. 

Memories are, both, unexpected and remarkable. Some are haunting as they leave you in a persistent state of torture. While, others, are abundantly pleasant and inspiring. 

I treat this video as I would a love letter; to my ghosts. To my memories. In some ways bringing closure to dissolved relationships. And in other ways, standing in arms with my ghosts and wearing each memory as a badge of courage… proudly. 

This truly has been an amazing year for me. Full of daily discovery, adversity, heartbreak, and triumph. I have gained friends, lost friends and loved ones the same. I have learned volumes about myself and the nature of people. Throughout, I have been appreciative and humbled by each individual who has been gracious enough to consider me a friend. 

Hope you find it inspiring. Please share it. THANK YOU.

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[!] @SkizzyMars ‘Phases" (Trailer II) shot by @CrookedEngine & myself. 2013.