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  • Wells was murdered by Charlotte. Did Clarke beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • Finn was mercy killed by Clarke. Did Raven beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • Maya was killed by Bellamy and Clarke and indirectly by Monty. Did Jasper beat Them bloody? NOPE.
  • Gina was killed by a grounder assassin and indirectly by Echo. Did Bellamy beat her bloody? NOPE.
  • L/exa was shot and killed by Titus. Did Clarke beat him bloody? NOPE.
  • Jake was floated by Jaha and indirectly by Kane. Did Abby or Clarke beat them bloody? NOPE.
  • Lincoln was executed by Pike. Did Octavia beat him bloody? Nopppeee. She just killed him, blamed Bellamy and beat him while he was chained to a wall because why not? It's not like Monty and Bryan were following him too.
  • I know thay everyone deals with grief differently, but DON'T try and tell me Octavia is doing what anyone would else would do. DON'T try and tell me that it's okay.
The Aesthetics of Borderlands Characters

Roland - Hot Pockets
Lilith - A bloodstained leather jacket
Mordecai - The pet supplies aisle
Brick - Old Spice guy
Zed - TF2 Engineer
Marcus - A Boston Creme Donut
Hammerlock - Chef Gordon Ramsy
Moxxi - Red wine in a, “I 💜 mom” mug
Scooter - A Tech Deck
Ellie - Romances with strong female protagonists
Angel - “Wake Me Up Inside” by Evanescence
Torgue - The sun
Tiny Tina - A haunted jack-in-the box
Tannis - Bitter, cold, three day old coffee
Captain Scarlett - Johnny Depp
Shade - CapriSun
Claptrap - The genie from Aladdin
Axton - An airhorn noise
Maya - Grungy hipster blogs
Salvador - A Lil’ Monkey Fella
Zer0 - A jazz club
Gaige - Hot Topic
Krieg - A mosh pit brawl at a Linkin Park concert
Handsome Jack - The Geico money stack with winged eyeliner
Nakayama - Waifu body pillows
Athena - Medieval chivalry
Wilhelm - Bionicle
Nisha - Oddly colored blue jeans
Aurelia - The cool refreshing taste of Pepsi
Janey Springs - Dr. Seuss books
Gladstone - Pencils that have been snapped in half with no eraser
Tassiter - The old lady with the poodle in the Sticky Buddy commercial
Pickles - Kraft Mac and Cheese
Timothy Lawrence - Half-assed high school acting
Rhys - Capitalism
Vaughn - The concept of being a badass
Vasquez - The slutty secretary that wants to bang their boss
August - Gary Oak

Bellarke stan, clexa stan, multishipper, the 100 supporter, the 100 hater, it doesn’t matter.

If you are nice, bless you. If you are mean, why do you even post about it?? Even if you’re in my own section of the fandom, I won’t have your back. Please remember to be kind to everyone. This is a fandom, not a war zone. If you don’t agree with what someone says, don’t follow them or interact with them.

Thank you to all the tolerant and nice people in this fandom, you deserve all the love in the world.

Bellamy x Reader

I’m sorry it’s so long, I got a little carried away. Anyways, here’s my first The 100 Imagine…

Bellamy races against time to rescue you from Mount Weather

933 Words

Bellamy POV

Bellamy raced around the corner of the all too white walls, skidding to a halt as the clattering of boots echoed from the end of the hall.

He put his arm out, stopping Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Octavia, and Maya.

“What are you— “

Bellamy raised his index finger to his lips, quickly stopping Octavia’s questioning.

As the guards entered Bellamy’s reach, he grabbed the gun from the first one, pulling it down and jamming it into the mans jaw.

Clarke and the others followed his actions quickly, disabling the other three men.

After he made sure the guards were down, Bellamy turned quickly back to Maya, “Are we close?” His anxiousness to get to you dripped from his voice, his eyes wide.

“We’re close.” She swallowed hard, nodding her head down the hallway.

The group continued their journey to find their friends as memories of you replayed in his head over and over again, as if taunting him.

Reader POV

Your waterlines had crusted, with dried tears lining your cheeks. You eyes scanned the cave-like room you and your friends were chained up in.

You tried your best to keep your eyes off of the one screaming from the middle of the room. His feet were strapped tightly to the bed, shaking horrendously as if having a seizure. You didn’t dare look towards the top half of his body, too frightened as the the state he was in at the moment.

“Y/N!” Someone gave a harsh whisper in your direction, causing your eyes to move from the poor kid to her large dark eyes.

“Raven?!” You exclaimed, a small amount of excitement entering your body, but quickly leaving as your best friend was put into the same hold as the rest of the poor souls inside of the room.

“I thought I’d never see you again…” She claimed, a small tear escaping her eye.

“I thought you were…I thought you were dead, Rae..” You whimpered, more tears escaping your eyes.

A guard passing by grabbed your jaw, pulling your face to his, “No talking.” He barked, digging his nails into your skin causing you to wince slightly in pain.

“Leave her alone!” Raven spat, moving roughly around. The guard’s attention was brought to hers, causing you to move your knee forward, catching him in the leg.

“Alright-” The guard was caught off as more and more of the ‘Sky People’ began making noises, calling the guard and the others out.

More guards entered the room, lifting their guns to you and the others, causing the noise to end quickly,

Your eyes stared down the barrel of the guards’ automatic as Bellamy’s face ran across your mind, causing you to close your lids tightly, and turn away from the guard as if in physical pain.

Bellamy POV

As Monty typed furiously on the keyboard, Bellamy and Clarkes eyes were glued to the ginormous screen in front of them, trying to find any hint as to where their people were being held.

Bellamy’s kept finding himself staring at the screen displaying the people of Mount Weather inside of a room, as if nothing was wrong, as if they weren’t keeping dozens of his friends- as if they weren’t keeping you locked inside of a room as they killed every one of them slowly.

“Got it!” Monty exclaimed as a new video came onto the screen, overlapping the Mount Weather people.

There were their people, chained against the wall like pieced of meat. With the quality of the camera Bellamy could see the sweat and blood that covered each of their bodies. His heart began to race as his eyes searched frantically for any sign of you.

There were guards walking along the walls, their eyes glued to each person they passed. A few of the guards were holding down an older woman as a darker skinned woman was drilling into her leg.

As Bellamy began to turn to discuss what they would do next, his eyes just happened to catch your hair. His legs almost gave beneath him as his eyes landed on your beaten body, barely able to stand with your hands shackled above your head. Bellamy was sure he would kill whoever touched you.

Reader POV

Your eyes widened in horror as the guards all around the room began to drop with loud shrieks of pain escaping their lips. The doctor had ran from the room, Jasper following her quickly as he handed Marcus Kane the keys to free the rest of you.

The relief that flooded your body caused your legs to finally give, your body hanging only by your hands that remained chained to the wall.

“Y/N, hold on!” You heard someone yell, as hands scrambled at unlocking your wrists.

As you felt your body begin to fall, large arms wrapped around your waist, catching and lifting you. The familiarity of the arms and smell of the person holding you allowed the rest of the tears that remained in your eyes to escape.

“Bellamy.” You gasped, opening your eyes to meet the warm brown ones of the one you loved.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry… I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner.” He choked out, his eyes filling with tears.

You lifted your hand to his cheek and let out a giggle that you never thought you’d hear again, “Just please don’t let me go…”

Bellamy gave a light chuckle and shook his head, “I never will.”

His lips reached yours in a way you never had felt before. You returned the kiss, allowing the passion to flow between the both of you.


Love is not a choice…


My idea of what the characters on The 100 would be as Greek deities

Edit: I tried to include everyone I could think of. If you think of someone else who isn’t on here send me a message and I’ll add them on! :)

The 100 Hogwarts Houses According to Me
  • Gryffindor: The Brave: Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake
  • Hufflepuff: The Loyal: Maya Vie, Kyle Wick, Lincoln, Wells Jaha
  • Ravenclaw: The Intelligent: Monty Green, Raven Reyes, Lexa
  • Slytherin: The Ambitious: Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffen, Marcus Kane, John Murphy
Most Underrated Moments of 2x16
  1. Clarke’s ‘thank you’ to Maya as she hugs Jonty (they are one person at this point fight me)
  2. Indra subtly betraying a direct order from Lexa and letting Lincoln go, despite having criticized Octavia for doing the exact same thing in 2x15
  3.  Murphy’s “and what about Craig’s destiny” - the supposed S1 villain, murderer, bad guy, sociopath who cares only for himself is legitimately hurt because somebody was sacrificed to save him. Character development much?
  4. “She is not an outsider” “Yes she is” - Octavia has never really belonged anywhere, she’s not an arker, not a grounder, never really fit in with anybody but her brother and Lincoln. And maybe she’s beginning to understand that - that she doesn’t need to be part of a group; she’s an outsider… but that’s okay.
  5. Maya and Octavia: “So I could live in a cell” “At least you could live” - this is more than just Octavia trying to find a way to save Maya. Octavia lived in a cell her entire life; she knows what it’s like, but she doesn’t regret it. Octavia is saying life is better than death, regardless of the quality of life.
  6. Bellamy watching his baby sister obliterate two grown men
  7. “None of us is innocent” Coming from Maya, the most innocent person on the entire show (with the possible exception of the light of my life Monty Green)
  8. Abby: “Where’s Clarke?” Say what you want about Abby Griffin, but she loves her daughter to death. She’s just been drained of blood and had her bone marrow removed, she’s weak and in immense pain and all she cares about is her daughter, because she knows her daughter just make a huge sacrifice and is going to be completely broken and hurting.  
  9. Kane: “You did good” - Bellamy has been nothing but condemned by the council since Ep1, for hiding his sister, for shooting Jaha, for his actions on the ground, and has always been the anti-hero. To me, this was similar to 1x08 where Jaha pardons Bellamy for his crimes. I took it as almost kind of an apology from Kane for his treatment, for judging him.
  10. Lincoln fighting the reaper alarm and being the one to kill Cage - “Get knocked down, get back up”
  11. Raven giving Jasper back his goggles - Raven came down for Finn, she loved Finn, Finn was her family. But somewhere along the way she came to trust and love and care about the delinquents. She lost Finn, but she found an entire new family. 
  • Me: Istg this show
  • Me: woo that cute little Jasper/ Monty clap
  • Me: uh oh *sing-song-voice* Clarke, Lincoln knows your secret
  • Me: Jeez Jasper's squad (⊙_⊙) (but I like it)
  • Me: Jesus Abby hypocritical much
  • Me: Papa Kane setting her straight
  • Me: Octavia effing Blake is grounder qUEEN LET ME ERECT A STATUE IN YOUR HONOR
  • Me: istg this effing show
  • Me: Maya sweet Jesus you are constantly making me nervous
  • Me: oh mY GOD JASPER AND HIS SQUAD DOESN'T EVEN KNOW FINN IS DEAD *sobs into nearest furniture*
  • Me: Clarke Griffin you shoot him istg pull the fricking trigger
  • Me: "You are my people," - Clarke my queen
  • Me: LOOK at these mountain men revolutionaries
  • Me: "War is coming" - Bellamy my king
  • Me: "I thought you were dead. I'm glad you're not." (´・_・`)
  • Me: "May we meet again." (´・_・`)
  • Me: istg this effing show

Who are we and where do we come from? To what extent are we the sum of our parts? I wonder about stuff like that. And this week, my friend Marcus Samuelsson gets to ponder exactly those things as he and his wife Maya take me back to Ethiopia, to the towns they were born–and tell me their fascinating stories.

I’ve been meaning and hoping to visit Ethiopia and make a show there for years. But I would never consider doing it without Marcus coming along to put a personal spin on things. It’s always better, I think, when we can see a new or unfamiliar place through a specific set of eyes, to have a particular voice telling us about a place. Marcus, of course, is a very well known and respected chef with a number of businesses. I had to wait a few years for the schedules of two very busy people to align, but we got there in the end.

Ethiopia is a big, diverse place. Marcus and Maya come from two very different, distinct regions: different topography, different cuisine, different languages. They both left Ethiopia at different times in their lives and under very different circumstances. Maya has remained closed to her family and a more frequent visitor. Marcus has, only in the last few years, fully sought to investigate and engage family roots that were broken when he was an infant. So, watching the two of them experience Ethiopia in their own ways–and yet also, together, was fascinating. 

I learned a lot about a beautiful country while making this episode, and enjoyed doing it. I hope you will too.

Great food, great music and some really deeply personal stories….

This Sunday night!


● The 100: Crack (HUMOR!)