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Marcus being the creep he is trying to hit on montys s/o and ohh boy montys pissed

Marcus can get wrecked. What a fucking twat. Ugh.

The moment Marcus sets his eye on Monty’s s/o would essentially be a death sentence. Unlike Bryce, I don’t think Marcus has the power to throw around to keep his creep factor much of a secret. It’s understandable that people are afraid to cross Bryce, but Marcus? Honestly, he’s so weak. So even the idea that he would try to make a move on Monty’s s/o is insane, it just goes to show what an ego Marcus has that he thinks he can get away with going for them.

They’d probably push Marcus away a little bit because they’re not quite sure what’s happening. They’re with Monty, it’s not a secret, and they probably thought Marcus was their friend–he’s good at acting like he’s a good guy, so he was probably friendly and kind, and then he tries to pull some stupid stunt like he did with Hannah, and Monty would flip if he saw or once he hears, because you know his s/o would be like, “Marcus was really…he kind of, well not kind of, but he tried to touch me–” and they wouldn’t even be able to finish their sentence before Monty saw red and hunted Marcus down.

And you know people know Marcus is a creep–Zach saw it and tried to comfort Hannah, so Zach would probably stand up for Monty’s s/o if he heard about it, too. And we all know that Monty wouldn’t need any help to get at Marcus, but I feel like quite a few people would side with Monty over Marcus, not least of all because of Monty’s terrifying fighting skills.


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You sighed as you finally slumped down into the sofa of your new apartment.  You had been staying in a hotel for the past month, waiting for the pad to be ready.  The hotel had been in Florence, an hour away, instead of in your new hometown of Volterra only because you had wanted to be surprised by the city when you brought your home into it. It was breathtaking as you pulled up in the parking lot of your complex on the outskirts of the city and you almost laughed out loud in delight.

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“Over here is the dining room-”
Marcus wasn’t sure why they had allowed one of the ‘Perfect Haum Houses’ to be on their list but damn was it amusing. And even he couldn’t deny the fanciness of it all was nice. But Wrench still looked so out of place and even now more so. But the realtor didn’t seem to notice instead she motioned for the stairs telling them to check it out while she made a phone call.
“Come on,” Marcus grinned back at his boyfriend motioning for him to follow.  It was clear he was having too much fun with this despite Wrench’s previous apprehension. That fun taking a turn as they stepped into a wide Master Bedroom and Marcus grinned giving away all to easily he didn’t have the best intentions. “Shit can you imagine if we had all this space?”
Turning back grasped Wrench’s shoulder pushing him lightly against the white all to clean walls.  “Maybe that’s why people like us don’t own shit like this huh?”

Body Shots

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

AU: Chaos Theory Verse

Word Count: 910

Written For: je-suis-le-soleil-lui-ne-l-a-pas

College is—


Having a Starbucks in the lobby of her dorm stops being cool after she takes her first Political Economies midterm and realizes that studying with glitter pens and flashcards and gingerbread lattes like she had in high school is probably not going to work anymore, and even though the parties are technically more abundant and socially diverse and at least partially legal depending on the ratio of seniors to freshman—they’re not really different.

College is basically all the shitty parts of high school turned up to Bose-level decibels of deafening and all the fun parts just kind of…slightly rearranged.

And Pansy had had expectations, okay? She had prepared herself for pulling all-nighters during finals and drinking tequila straight from the bottle on otherwise unremarkable Wednesday afternoons and piling laughingly into taxis with good-naturedly bemused drivers who would chuckle and commiserate and take selfies with her and—

She hasn’t done any of those things.

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1. Favorite boy Youtuber- That would have to be Troye Sivan.

2. Favorite girl Youtuber- Definitely a tie between CutiePieMarzia and Gigi Gorgeous.

3. Favorite video- There’s so many… I’ll put three of them down. (1) Joe Sugg’s Youtube whispers game 1-2 (2) Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley’s boyfriend tag (3) PewDiePie and Smosh playing Prop Hunt #1.

4. Couple that you ship- Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley DUH.

5. Youtuber that always makes me laugh- That’d have to be Shane Dawson, he’s fuckin hilarious.

6. Favorite bromance- Tyler Oakley and Marcus Butler!

7. The first Youtuber you ever watched: Smosh in 2008, literally a random screamo music video they did about sex.

8. Favorite collaborations- I’d literally have to name every single Youtuber because they’ve all collabed together at one point.

9. Pair you wish would collaborate- See answer 8.

10. Youtubers you have met- None unfortunately.

11. #1 Youtuber you’d like to meet- Troye Sivan!!!

12. The biggest Directioner (in your opinion)- Tyler Oakley hahaha

13. Youtuber you’d swap bodies with- Marcus Butler mmmmhmm

14. Youtuber you best relate with- Troye Sivan.

16. Best in fashion- CutiePieMarzia

17. Best in make up- Zoella

18. Youtuber that inspires you the most- Jim Chapman. No one really gives him enough credit I’m noticing, because he’s just the nice cute guy in the corner. Seriously, if you’re not subscribed to this man or you haven’t seen any of his videos, you’re missing out!!! He is the sweetest most down to earth guy I’ve ever known and will ever know and he inspires me to be less of an asshole each day and be more kind to people that haven’t done anything to me. He sees life in a different perspective than almost all of us, always peaceful and happy and rarely to never upset. You don’t see that nowadays, everyone’s always bashing at eachothers throats wanting to start something. But Jim, watching his videos gives me an escape from reality and makes me feel at ease with literally everything for those 10 minutes. He is amazing.

19. Youtuber crush- Troye Sivan, have you seen his everything.

20. Youtuber with the best personality- Again, Jim Chapman

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Why do u think Khan used that disguise (covered his face) during the time in Kronos and why did he just revealed his face before the combat ended...?

It wasn’t necessarily a disguise per se, as much as some protection from the elements + a bit of discretion.
He probably was just wearing that for: 

1) Some degree of concealment, being able to move around attracting less attention than if it had been as quickly evident from afar that he was a human rather than just some random Klingon (after all, he was carrying a rifle he brought from the Federation, but also a large crew-served weapon which would normally have been mounted on a Klingon ship, which he’d ripped off and was using by himself. So whether he targeted a random patrol or went into an inhabited area in a different province to acquire weapons (in preparation of Marcus following him to hunt him down, which he was certainly expecting), he had to approach Klingons without being immediately spotted, prior to obtaining that weapon.)

At some point he most likely fought some Klingons, and it’s highly likely he was the reason why they were suddenly having various patrols in the inhabited zone, something that took the Enterprise crew by surprise.

2) Ketha province is an abandoned wasteland filled with floating debris/ashes in the air/whatever that stuff in the air is.
Not something you’d want to be inhaling, augment or not.

He couldn’t afford to come down with an illness or even be fighting at less than optimal condition in case something messed up with his lungs/required him to waste energy healing from it (it was bad enough to be fighting a one-man-war as it was), so covering his airways while running around through such an area made a lot of sense.

Once that was less of a priority because he was mostly done with the fighting/breathing hard bits and needed to go make himself recognized and talk to the Enterprise crew to find out about the torpedoes, he pulled it off.


Character Concept: Marcus Hunt

The idea started when I just wanted to create a very tall big man, but the idea was cemented when I drew a man at work. A rather pretty black man, with the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. One of the reasons why I truly love my job sometimes is you get to see every combination of people you could imagine, and that day I just couldn’t get those eyes out of my head.

So meet Marcus Hunt. I know nothing else about him.



Taking his bow out with him this time as Marcus planned to hunt for the evening. He walked a fair ways away from his cabin home before starting to quietly make his way forward.

Stopping to look for tracks he quickly spotted some that looked to belong to a raccoon, not the greatest thing in the world but it would do for now, continuing his slow pace he found himself rather pleased as he managed to track down the animal rather quickly raising his bow he set his mark only to pause… it looked like it was tracking something it self confused he paused for a moment to see if he could spot what it was after.