marcus hall



Album : Breaking The Silence (1981).
From : UK.


And YOU get a new costume, and YOU get a new costume, and YOU… POTO West End making new costumes for their leading men and ladies.

  1. Rooftop dress from when Celinde Schoenmaker joined in 2015,
  2. Elissa skirt, Carlotta style, from September 2014,
  3. Katie Hall getting a new Star Princess costume, Sept. 2011,
  4. Marcus Lovett in a Red Death costume, August 2012,
  5. Marcus Lovett getting a tailor made suit, August 2012,
  6. Peter Jöback getting a tailor made Red Death, March 2012,
  7. Emmi Christensson getting a tailor made wedding dress, Oct. 2014,
  8. Marcus Lovett getting a tailor made Mandarin robe, Aug. 2012,
  9. Alicia Beck getting a new Jeweler’s Maid costume, Feb. 2016.
a night to remember

Three knocks on the door rang through the mansion’s front hall, beckoning Marcus from the highest steps. “That’s probably them!” he said, bypassing two men on his way down but stopped just before another could open the door for him. Marcus clasped his hands together and welcomed his last guard member, Don Johnson, and his son six year old son, Thomas. 

“Welcome,” he greeted, “and hey there, Tommy. I see you’ve got your transformer there.” 

Tommy shyly angled into his father’s leg, wide brown eyes staring at all the people. 

“Thank you, Mr. Vallaine – I really had no where else to leave him,” Don began to say, when Marcus cut him off.

“Nonsense,” Marcus said, bending over to shake Tommy’s hand. “I brought in some Mario Kart for you. Would you like that?” Tommy nodded. Marcus grinned and then glanced up at all over the guards. “Alright, alright, ease up – you’re scaring him.” He looked at one in particular, Aidan Fallows, who towered over the poor boy the most. “Let’s go get you into that room, okay? Don, I want you watching over him.” The man looked even more grateful, before gently ushering his boy further into the house. 

The door was locked, bolted.