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Oh ho hoho ah yes-

Esca fisting Marcus’ hair and exposing his gigantic neck and Marcus letting him manhandle him like that is my aesthetic <3

also all the sultry, tense gazing and slightly parted lips in the first couple of pics in this set gives me life

They are still so prettyyy… how are they so pretty? someone explain this to me. I demand an explanation

Marcus/Esca fic rec post (because everyone needs a little more Eagle of the Ninth in their lives)

The Eagle (2011) and The Eagle of the Ninth (1954) (the novel by Rosemary Sutcliff) are two of the best thing to have ever happened. No, seriously.

AND IDK. Watch the movie, or read a primer, and then you should go and read fic. Lots of it. I recommend these: 

A Hunt by rispacooper

The boys go on a hunt. 

The Spell of a Moment by seascribe

Marcus puts on some weight, and is a little insecure about it. Esca tries to convince him that he has absolutely no reason to be. 

Ring by rispacooper

Fluffy smut, with a nipple ring. 

Devotee by Piscaria

A month has passed since Esca traveled north to Novantae to trade for some horses. Marcus tries to keep busy while he’s gone. 

A Place to be Free by Piscaria

Esca needs a place to be free. Marcus wants to give it to him.

Courage by Helenish

He’d thought all that remained was for one of them to find the courage to ask.

Don’t Think Just Move by Frostfire

Because you know Marcus has never been tickled.

Patience by Helenish

“You could have been my slave,” Esca says once.

Surrender on Both Sides by Seascribe

Before Marcus, Latin has only ever meant hatred and ugliness for Esca. | Mature

Roman Walls by Isis

Esca does not love Roman walls.

With Strenght by Carmarthen

On the way back from Eburacum to Calleva, an innkeeper offers to send a slave to tend Marcus’s leg; Esca is not best pleased. 

The Passing of Winter by Mirandaskye

For the_eagle_kink prompt: So Marcus and Esca settle down as Happy Gay Farmers, but one day Marcus hears someone who is/was a member of the Brigantes insult Esca for betraying his people by basically becoming a whore to a Roman and make all sorts of horrible comments about how Esca’s father and family would be ashamed etc,. I just want Marcus’ reaction, some anger and maybe guilt and then Esca shrugging it off and being like ‘my family would be happy that I’m happy’ or 'even though you’re a Roman you’re not like the others’

The Persistence of Memory by savvierthanu

Esca loses his memory. Marcus tries to help him get it back.

Sometimes losing is a lot like wining by demon_rum

Esca comes down with something; Marcus has to take charge

A Year And A Day by demon_rum

Esca and Marcus handfast; a ceremony in 4 parts


So I made like a total of 255 screenshots of Esca and Marcus during my rewatch of The Eagle yesterday and the day before that :’).. I’m not gonna post them all obviously.. but I’m picking out some of my faves and I’ll be posting them here the upcoming days (I’ll try not to spam too much lol :P)

so like, some genius user is using leslie/ben (parks and rec) quotes on pictures of kirk/spock interactions. which made me think of this happening because this quote fits well for marcus/esca and i promised myself my first contribution to the tiny but glorious ‘eagle of the ninth’ following on here was not going to be crack? i cannot be trusted. 

quote is from parks and recreation 4.17 'Campaign Shake -Up’