marcus fitzgerald

[Mellie] has NEVER been loved right. Her ex-husband…treated her like a cheap accessory and when she finally had an affair, that fucker turned out to be more of an asshole than her husband. It was only a matter of time before she hopped on Marcus’ magic stick and road into dicked-down-right-land. Oh and what a land it is! …You remember that land, don’t you Liv? That place Jake took you regularly? Hahaha! Yeah, I said it.

Nick Fury: Agent of Shield #1 (2017)

RZA//Bobby Digital In Stereo


I want a reverse of this scene this season. I guess it would tie into my theory about Susan Ross and Marcus Gluten Free Harrison being guiding points back to who Fitz and Olivia wanted to be when they started their respective careers. It would be a nice parallel.