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Chapter 4

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‘Cause you know the truth hurts
But secrets kill
Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still
Still here, there must be something real
'Cause you know the good die young
But so did this
And so it must be better than I think it is

Gimme those eyes, it’s easy to forgive

-       Hopeless 

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The first week went by without another disaster, fast but somehow dragging at the same time. My days always looked the same: get up early, take a shower after Marcus left the house, then breakfast at the headquarters. After doing the dishes, we´d get our assignment for the day, the boys performing physically more demanding tasks like helping a member build a new house or shelter for the factionless while we girls helped the woman do their laundry in huge tubs, rubbing until our hands were raw or patching up clothes until my fingers were bleeding. At least I learned now how to sew.

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Working together, these five factions have lived in peace for many years. Each contributing to a different sector of our society. Abnegation has fulfilled our need for selfless leaders in government. Candor has provided us with trustworthy and sound leaders in law. Erudite has supplied us with intelligent teachers and researchers. Amity has given us understanding counselors and caretakers. And Dauntless provides us with protection from threats, both inside and out.

The signs as Divergent Characters

Beatrice Prior: Aries

Tobias Eaton: Leo

Jeanine Matthews: Scorpio

Caleb Prior: Virgo

Marcus Eaton: Cancer

Tori Wu: Taurus

Christina: Sagittarius

Eric: Libra

Peter Hayes: Gemini

Edward: Capricorn

Natalie Prior: Pisces

Andrew Prior: Aquarius

Faction before Blood?- Masterlist - complete

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Here is my master list,  but can can also read it on :)

Being an Abnegation transfer to Dauntless is in no way easy. Being the sister of the flawless prodigy is harder. But sleeping with your brother s enemy and dealing with the outcome might just seem impossible. 


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