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Country Gentlemen
Ambulance LTD
Country Gentlemen

Ambulance LTD - “Country Gentlemen” (demo)

I’m just too young to belong to anyone
and I’m too old to be taken 

The full song can be found on what would be the band’s final release, the New English EP (2006).

Due to unfortunate contractual obligations, Marcus Congleton, the band’s singer/songwriter/guitarist, effectively lost access to the band after their label, TVT Records, went bankrupt. At one point in 2008 Congleton was recording a follow-up to their debut album LP with The Velvet Underground’s John Cale, but nothing came from the sessions excluding a few demos. The band feels like a mirage. Congleton has dabbled in other projects and has popped up every now and again with news regarding his music, or Ambulance LTD as an ongoing project, or whatever, but I let my hopes die a long time ago.

2004's LP still holds a woozy, melodic charm, and I think it’s a better album because of the unrealized future it pointed toward. The band is incomplete, unfinished. It’s a demo, time-capsule material, a representation of melodic, influences-on-sleeve guitar-based pop music circa 2003-2006. But even demos, like “Country Gentlemen” posted here, can be gorgeous.