marcus casey

i am literally sat here bawling my eyes out i love this show so much

i love marcus, he is so fucking strong and so principled and so deeply kind even to complete strangers after being abused and abandoned over and over

i love tomas for realising that he has made mistakes and gone against his ethics but he has never stopped fighting to be a better person and never, ever gave up on the rance family

i love casey and cat for never letting each other be alone through their traumas even though they resent each other sometimes and giving up everything for their sister 

i love henry for being the best dad in the world and reassuring his daughters and telling them he loves them while literally being tortured by a demon in his wife’s skin   

i love angela motherfucking rance for being the literal embodiment of badassery and survival and taking back control over her life 

i love bennett for putting up with marcus and actually caring about him deeply even though he disagrees with him on so many things and for the fact that he can snap a bitch’s neck in like it’s nothing

just genuinely this show is so important showing the positives and negatives of faith and the struggles that come with it, showing multiple trauma survivors and their different ways of handling their lives, and having such a rich and complex family dynamic in the rances

i just really, really love the exorcist and everyone should watch it

Random thoughts about the season finale:

I’m glad that Bennett and Angela are both alive.

Demon!Marcus trying to get Tomas to kill himself in a rather seductive manner was both very terrifying and kind of sexy.

Marcus killing Simon with a rosary…That was pretty awesome.

And I love how Marcus can be the baddest badass one moment and then the sweetest man on the planet the next. I loved his scene with Casey.

Marcus’ last scene, though, with Tomas…He’s getting the beginning of what he wanted in that bar scene. Marcus was much cooler on the outside this time around but you know he was jumping with joy on the inside. They may not have become canon this season but who knows where this whole training thing might lead them.

I really do hope we get a season two because I want to see them be traveling exorcist boyfriends.

things i’ve learned from hannah kasulka’s twitter that make me love ben daniels even more:

- he calls her dog his girlfriend

- in one take alfonso’s shoe made a noise like a fart and he laughed so hard that he cried

- he nagged her about making a mess with her green demon vomit

- they both watch the show together so they can live tweet. she brings her dog.