marcus butler

The Internet Takeover: A Tribute

Our boys are off to explore Phandoms new in the US of A

Sadly, this means the Internet Takeover is going on a little break…

But dry your eyes and let’s take a moment to remember all of the good times we’ve had together…

Because The Internet Takeover has been A LOT of things.

We laughed:

We got a little sassy sometimes:

We did a lot of fooling around:

…and some really bad dancing:

Sometimes it was… erm…

A little goofy:

And sometimes just downright weird, tbh:

Dan and Phil were joined by friends, old and new:

We’ve shared some truly amazing moments:

And maybe even helped make the internet a bit of a nicer place…

Thank YOU Phandom for listening, watching and sharing the love…

It’s not so much goodbye as… *watch this space*


this was… oddly satisfying