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I cannot believe…dark matter…gave me an actual time travelling fake married trope episode with my ship. I cannot believe. they had actual heart to heart scenes and played with a puppy and went to a chocolate store and bickered like a married couple and these two criminals just swanned about pretending to be spouses and it wasn’t even hard and fun fact if they had pet names he would call her pumpkin (or would he - or is boss lady the honest truth pet name) for the love of god let me live show!


DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.

Favourite person

Remember, in season one when Five stole Three’s bullets? Remember how he disliked her crawling in the vents? Remember what old Marcus Boone wanted to do to her?

Now Three can’t even look at her being sad. Look how proud he is of himself just because he could make her feel a little better.

And she hid in his childhood memories - they were her safe place when she was lost.

At the beginning this seemed to be the most unlikely friendship but look at them now. She’s his little sister and he doesn’t even want his big gun back.

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.