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that is. such a good ship. please give me more.

(are we talking about flintwood here bc i will always give you more flintwood)

feel-good headcanons to consider:

  • Oliver attempting to sneak into the Slytherin dormitories for a) spending time with Marcus purposes and b) stealing Marcus’ quidditch playbook purposes
    • getting caught kicking angrily at the Slytherin dorm entrance by none other than said boyfriend
    • “you’ll break ur leg like that” “i’ll break yours if you don’t let me in”
  • midnight flights on the quidditch pitch?? with lots of bickering and taunting and daring the other to fly faster and them winding up in a heap on the lawn and staring up at the sky
  • locker room make-outs because #cliche
    • stealing each other’s jerseys to wear because #morecliche
  • date/bar nights at a pub near their flat - they take a booth at the very back, debate over the latest game, and both wind up tipsy and laughing over their butterbeer and playing footsies under the table
  • their respective teams trying to hide their laughter when they get into shouting matches when they’re playing against one another
  • morning runs aka Oliver shoving a groaning Marcus out of bed 
    • they’re that couple with matching workout gear lol what losers
    • inevitable race for the showers
    • “oh for - let’s just share?” “don’t try to trick me into letting you win”
  • winding up on the same team after a couple of years into their quidditch careers, and basically being a formidable offense and defense
  • “if you score ten goals in your next game, i’ll do that thing you like”
  • accidentally burning dinner because they got distracted by each other in the kitchen, and ending up ordering take-away and tangled up on the couch
  • “surprise! we have a dog now” “what the fuck
  • Marcus always always overspending on gifts because he doesn’t know how not to spoil Oliver
  • Marcus purposely digging his cold feet under Oliver’s ass
  • Oliver purposely using all the hot water the next morning in retaliation
  • wrestling matches, but like - for fun.
  • both of them being stupidly overprotective over the other when they’re injured e.g. no you’re just going to keep your ass in bed and i’ll do everything, okay?? okay.
  • “you love me” “no i don’t” “Marcus, we’re married” “that means nothing”
  • anyways, the #flintwood tag has a lot more bc this is getting too long oops

‘No grave can hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her.’