marcus and joey

Every youtuber: “I hate to be that youtuber that talks about something but can’t tell you anything about it buuut..”

Every youtuber: Is that youtuber that talks about something but can’t tell you anything about it

now that I’m learning to drive, I’m really starting to wish this was my view.

I need friends!!

I need more friends that are a part of these fandoms: Dan and Phil Shane Dawson Tyler Oakley Rickey Dillon Jacksepticeye Markiplier Zoella Joe Sugg Caspar ||Superwomen|| Dolan Twins Lucas and Marcus Joey Graceffa Connor Franta Glozell Colleen/Miranda Jenna marbles Supernatural Sherlock Full House F.r.i.e.n.d.s Phantom of the opera Hamilton Troye Sivan One Direction 5sos MCR P!ATD FOB TOP PTV Percy Jackson Perks of being a wallflower Harry Potter The walking dead Michael Jackson Elvis 80s and 90s movies Anything Leonardo DiCaprio

Comment any of the fandoms your in if any match my list so we can become like best friends 😂❤️


“It’s crazy how these
People we don’t even
Actually know can make
Us the happiest we could
Ever be on our worst days”

My mom's opinion on YouTubers

So today I thought I’m gonna show my mom some YouTubers that I like and I’m gonna ask her about what they look like. I was choking from laughing.

Dan Howell 


“I’m refusing to comment.”

Phil Lester


“Just no”

Tyler Oakley


“He looks slightly like a women, still no”

Troye Sivan

“Is he legal? I’m not rating him. He is like nine.”

Joey Graceffa


“He looks like younger version of Tom Cruise mixed with Nick from N’ Sync”

Caspar Lee


“His hair though.”

Jack and Finn Harries


“These are nice! They look like Justin Bieber, but better.”

Joe Sugg


“Ehh, I have seen better looking people.”

Alfie Deyes


“He looks most manly from them so”

Marcus Butler


“Alright, but what’s wrong with his cheeks?”

Anthony Padilla


“He looks like a bird. What happened to his nose though?”

Ian Hecox


“Oh my sweet God. He is the worst. He looks like young Czesław Niemen (it was a Polish singer, he looks like that x)

Shane Dawson


"Alright the other one wasn’t THAT bad. Jesus Christ was he born as a tadpole or something? He is ginger oh my God no.”

Felix Kjellberg


“Finally somebody handsome! Pewds isn’t he? 10/10 yes he looks better in a fucking pink boa, than all of these guys after 3 hours of hairdressing and putting make up.”

And that was it and I died approximately 3 times. By the way it wasn’t meant to be hate or something. I love all of the YouTubers I showed her and I think they’re all hot af.


“My friends have all gone home now. I can’t even express how much I love and appreciate them all! I’m very lucky to have them in my life  ♥”