SmartStop - Mountain Khakis’ Eric Marcotte (@EricDMarcotte) goes down with eerie subtlety after being clipped by a camera moto at the Tour of Alberta.

He is reportedly ok after not being run over.

(via @Michael_Creed, SmartStop-MK director during the incident)

Responsive Design

I recently took a deep dive into responsive design only to find the water really murky just below the surface.  It’s been a frustrating but strangely rewarding time trying to embrace the gospel of responsive evangelists such as Marcotte and Wroblewsky while exploring immature but quickly evolving tools that attempt to work around inherent limitations with even bleeding edge versions of HTML and CSS.

One key thing I’ve learned is that the mobile-first approach is brilliant, but a lot harder to bring to life than it sounds.  This is true for all aspects: ux, design, content, programming.  You name it, and it’s 100x harder.  You could blame the complexity on a lack of good tools, but also that it adds an additional dimension to traditional web design that forces you to rethink everything you know about the web.

If I thought writing about responsive design would make it easier, I would keep going.  Rather, I’ll get back to doing.



I love it when SJWs think it’s morally equivalent to badmouth men and badmouth feminism. One is a nigh-immutable trait you’re assigned at birth, and the other is a belief system and political movement which you choose to be in and can leave at any time. (RIP PON, which I stole this from.)

Plus there’s the fact that the overwhelming majority of Western men don’t commit “violence against women”* and are actually taught to protect women, while feminists slinging generalizations about men is pretty darn mainstream. When was the last time you saw a man with a “RAPE” or “IF HER LIPS KEEP POPPING, POP HER ONE” coffee mug? Now how many feminists do you see with “male tears” or “misandry” merch? Those Feminists include names like Valenti, Hess, or Marcotte, who have columns in big-name publications like Slate and The Guardian.

Heck, Valenti literally caused a controversy with a Male Tears shirt.

Of course, these people always seem more concerned with folks complaining about feminism than actually trying to keep Those Feminists from being sexist against men. This one even went for >“that’s not real feminism because it doesn’t fit my ideals of what feminism should be!” cliche<. At no point in the entire thread do they actually express any concern for the woman harassed, or directly say the harassers or wrong, or directly admit that any feminist might’ve ever done something sexist.

* Which is itself a sexist, loaded term. Good job proving you’re about equality.