Shingeki no Kyojin - Chapter 92
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All my fave cartoon characters in one room. Marco is the host.

I draw all of them in my style so hope you like it. if you like it, please reblog for motivate me to do more. Also you can find who is not invated to the party.

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Vikings | Exclusive Season 5 Sneak Peek & Official Trailer/Promo


the sons of Ragnar stood with their arms crossed, glaring at the “truce tent”. across the field Harald and Halfdan discussed the issue amongst themselves.

inside the tent you discussed the truce terms with Aethelwulf, he had said you were the only ‘reasonable’ person in the camp and only wished to discuss terms with you. so there you were.

but everyone knew better. you were known across the lands as one of the most beautiful women who ever was, and any man would give his right hand to get a chance to talk to you one on one. or in Aethelwulf’s case, perhaps a chunk of his kingdom. 


so these are all the vikings i will be writing for (except maybe Harald) but i will be doing Ivar, Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Halfdan and Aethelwulf :)

as is the case with all my stuff, none of the gifs are mine and my disclaimer can be found on my blog or in my description <3

Vikings Spoilers season 5

What I know speculate so far…

First of all, I do not own the videos or photo’s in this post.

All right, we are all waiting in anticipation for Vikings season 5 and the cast and figurants have dropped some interesting things here and there. I thought that it would be fun just to look at all we have gotten so far. Nothing is confirmed and this is just for the fun of it, alright.

Part one?


We can speculate much about what is going to happen by looking at the shields / banners. Since the whole set always is full of them, it is easy to pick up some spoilers on the backgrounds of pictures.

But first a small oversight about this:

From left to right:

Ivar | Hvitserk | Lagertha | King Harald | Bjorn | Ubbe.

What do we know, considering Vikings season 5 with this?

  • There is going to be a fight between Ivar and Lagertha and Bjorn.

Look at the shields. Bjorn’s and Lagertha’s on the right and Ivar’s on the left. We do not see more shields what prevails us from knowing who else will be involved in this fight, but we know 3 characters.

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  • Ivar is going to take Kattegat.

Credits to Riseofftheboneless from Instagram! Look at the banners!

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Vikings Preference: seeing/meeting you for the first time

Includes: Ubbe, Hvitserk, Ivar,  Aethelwulf

Ubbe: Ubbe had been looking for Hvitserk all day, so when he heard his brothers laugh he followed it. Hvitserk was standing with you at the docks, you had just landed in Kattegat and the Prince had come to see you personally after hearing that you, a foreign Princess, would be paying them a visit. Ubbe approached you and his brother, eyes scanning over you, “who is this?” he asked, looking from you to his brother. 

“Princess Y/N.” you said for yourself, “and you are?”

“Ubbe.” he answered simply, “ has my brother offered to show you around?”

“no-” Hvitserk began, but Ubbe cut him off, holding out his arm to you.

“allow me.” you accepted his arm and he led you away from his brother, a smile on his lips, “seems my brother had a plan to whisk you away for himself.”

“im not here in search of a husband.” you said.

Ubbe shrugged, “not now, but maybe i’ll be able to change your mind.”

Hvitserk: “and you are?” the Ragnarsson held out a hand to you.

you smiled, “Y/N.” he kissed your fingers.

Ubbe laughed, “Princess Y/N has been staying with us while you have been off raiding.”

“ah, so  you’re a Princess, now your striking beauty makes more sense.” Hvitserk grinned, causing you to blush. his smile widened, already falling in love with your features.

Ivar: he sat near the roaring fire, eyes fixed on you as  you danced around the room. the way you let the music move you made him smile and every twirl took his breath away.

you were the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. your eyes lingered on him every now and again too and he noticed that. then you made your way over to him, falling into the chair beside his, “tired?” he asked.

you laughed, “yes, dancing is fun but exhausting.”

he didnt say anything, just took in your features at this new closer angle, the way your dress fit you, the way you took in each deep breath, the way the fire danced across your skin. you took another look at him and your eyes widened, “oh gods! you’re Ivar!” you said in shock, realizing you were sitting next to a Prince. 

“and what is your name?” he asked.

“Y/N.” you said, looking down and trying to be respectful.

“dont mind me,” he stated, “if you really respect me and wish to make me happy, when you are ready, i would like you to dance for me some more.”

now that was a request you could definitely complete.  

Aethelwulf: He had finished his Pilgrimage and arrived in Rome. and similarly, you were there as well, your family visiting the church.

He had seen you once or twice during his stay, had noticed your beauty as you read a book or sat by a window but he had never approached you.

until now.

you were reading in a hallway when you heard footsteps, assuming it was just someone walking by you didnt look up, until you noticed they had stopped in front of you. your gaze lifted and you were surprised when you recognized it was Prince Aethelwulf.

there was a moment of awkward silence because he really had not planned on what he was going to say to you, just that he was going to approach you, and now he was stuck on the spot, tongue tied, “im Aethelwulf.” he blurted.

“i know who you are.” you said, nodding your head respectfully.

“i dont mean to have interrupted your reading, you looked very deep in thought,” he stated, “i just… i needed to tell you one time before either of us left here that you are very beautiful and i often see you reading which shows a superiority of the mind as well.” almost as soon as he complimented you he stated, “i will be going now.” and turned and walked away, leaving you shocked at what had just happened.