marcos velez

Hola genios! Aquí os dejo una foto del coloquio con la prensa en el que he participado en San Juan de Puerto Rico promocionando el amistoso que la Selección Española jugará aquí el 15 de agosto. La gente de Puerto Rico es impresionante! Un abrazo Hi friends! Here you have a picture of the press conference I participated in San Juan, Puerto Rico promoting the friendly that the Spanish National Team will play here on 15th August. The people of Puerto Rico is amazing! A hug Source: Pepe Reina Facebook Official

When I was traveling around Fla by train or hitch hiking I remember spanging at a gas station and I decided to walk around and behind there were these two kids behind this building doing the Mentos experiment, I watched as the were slightly disappointed and slighty excited at the same time. I snapped a few shots and they shared it at the end. Some guy asked me what I was doing taking photos, I shrugged him off kinda and went on my way. For whatever reason I love these shots. Reminding me of my similar child hood expiences and how vivid they are to me. Rabble Rabble!

~Marcos Velez