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*Gives Marco a cake that he poorly made* "Happy birthday Marco." (This is from Eren of course, if that is okay)


❛  hold  up  ———  did  you  make  this  ?  

[ marco  is  quick  to  MEND  ———  appreciation  KINDLES  in  f r a g i l e  HEART  yet  ;  still  too  large  for  such  a  young  boy  ;  too  LARGE  for  the  world  in  which  said  child  of  SUNSHINE  had  been  CRUELLY  placed  & left  SEQUESTERED  …  the  other’s  EFFORT  indeed  draws  up  a  smile  that  grows  cheek  to  cheek  d o t t e d  so  SYMMETRICALLY  ———  &  careful  fingers  soon  CRADLE  themselves  around  the  spongy  edible. ]

❛  ———  you  shouldn’t  have  ———  !  thank  you  ,  eren.  

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doesnt adding the fight..with what they said, just make the relationship really unhealthy?

It actually strengthens the relationship as long as there is resolution and understanding in the end.  Right now (in the comic) Star and Marco haven’t been talking to each other much and because of the lack of communication their relationship has crippled a bit.  To mend it, Marco will have to apologize for the way he reacted to Star and to be fully honest with her so she can understand that both of them need to work on their marriage together.  :D  

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