The Marconi P20B from my previous post, with my reproduction of a Vidor L5504 69v/1½v combined HT/LT battery (equivalent to  the specified Marconi B114). You can’t make 69v out of 9v batteries, so this is actually 63/1½.  The single “C” cell for the LT has a limited life of around 32hrs, perhaps half that of the HT, so I’ve installed it in a clip for easy replacement.  The set works well, having had a complete waxy capacitor transplant and realignment. quite good for a 67 year old!


Britain’s oldest working television goes up for auction

What’s 75 years old, made of wood, and largely the result of some secret military radar research?

The Marconiphone 702 television pictured above, which is believed to be the oldest working television here Britain, and possibly in the world. It was tracked down by a collector a few years ago, and is now set to go up for auction on April 19th at Bonham’s in London, where it has an estimated sale price of £5,000 but is expected to sell for “much more.” That will buy you a 12-inch screen that actually has its image reflected on a mirror in the lid, along with most of the original parts – only about 30 percent have been replaced to get the set functional again. It can even receive digital channels with the aid of a Freeview box, COOOOL!

Head on past the break for a glimpse of it in action.