Today’s Posts.

What I Did For Love - Marco Reus

Happy Father’s Day - Sergio Ramos

The First Day Of School - Neymar Jr.

Tremors - Mats Hummels

Spread The Word - Toni Kroos

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? - Marco Reus

Pity Party - Mesut Özil

Don’t Forget Your Ring - Lionel Messi

The Art Of Letting (You) Go - Fernando Torres

Not Gonna Write You A Love Song - Julian Draxler

Privacy - Cristiano Ronaldo

Family Portrait - Erik Durm

* Ahhhhhh! They’re all posted. I know some of you are so tired of reading. I’m sorry for filling your dash. I know some were short and that was on purpose. These were just random scenes and scenarios that popped in my mind. None of these imagines will have a part two or a continuation. They’re just meant to get images flowing. Thank you all again for the support. It really means more than you’ll ever know. I’d love to hear which imagines you liked, disliked, or even just random messages about your day. IDC. I just like hearing from my followers.

Have a great night! <3