September 13th 2010, B.B. King’s Blues Club, Time Square NYC - Jerry Lee Lewis
Photographs taken by Marco Argiro, who had this to say about the show.

‘’ I couldn’t have imagined a better seat to watch the hour long set of classic rock n roll tunes. Jerry Lee is 75 years old and still wailing away on that piano. My favorite quote from the show was “I may still be the killer, but this here piano’s a real piece of junk”
(Commenting on the venue’s house piano‘’

REVIEW: We all know the raging changes in the weathers of life, from the shining highs to the storming lows, inconsistencies reign supreme over the waters we sail upon, but every now and then you will find a moment of calm and easy sailing. Where you can take breath and enjoy simply existing.  Marco Argiro is that tranquil moment presented in sound. Proof that from a instrumental perspective you don’t need to set ablaze the neck of the guitar to play something truly worth listening to. Proof that you don’t have to be a multi ranged operatic diva to have a word worth hearing and proof that metaphor is not always the best way to decorate what you’re trying to say.So lend your ear to the many lines he offers, un-clutter your mind and allow the compositions to carry you to wherever you may be headed.

After much listening I can say he is the closest thing to a Starsailor/Jeff Buckley crossover one may ever truly find and both those names hold attributes of great achievement. Listening to Argiro doing what he does it seems so easy to hold yourself still as the world spins madly around you. His vocals hold a great charm of clear and honest tone. His lyrics are explanatory and precise which again leaves the audience knowing exactly where they stand and what is going on, yet at the same time the sweet simplicity is provocative, leaving you listening time after time. The harmonies with backing singers are sublime! The dual layer of tone perfection eased over the coarse raw honesty of what Argiro is saying in his almost spoken word scripts gives a surprising clarity to equilibrium.
Instrumentation holds traits of minimalism reminiscent of the great Philip Glass. Proving that a wall of noise (though will push against a person) will seep little further than above the skin. What am I trying to say? Argiro’s sound is absorbed by the listener rather than caging them. It becomes symbiotic to the listeners mood and direction. You do not have to force yourself to listen and enjoy what you hear, you simply have to stop fighting the tide and allow yourself to be carried by the current that this master of minimalism controls. We caught up with Argiro this week to have a little chat about this crafty little album called love.
London Calling - Stagelink beim Music TechPitch 4.5

Stagelink durfte vor kurzem beim Music Techpitch 4.5 in London teilnehmen. Nikolas und Dennis vom Stagelink-Team traten die Reise in die britische Hauptstadt an, um dort in 3 Minuten die Idee, den Plan und die Vision von Stagelink zu präsentieren. Sieben weitere Startups nahmen an diesem Tag am Pitch teil und stellten sich den Fragen und der Beurteilung des Publikums sowie einer Jury aus Musikexperten, Journalisten, Venture Capitals und Unternehmern aus den Bereichen Musik und Technik.

Ein kurzer Überblick über die teilnehmenden Startups: 

Audiowings - Premium-Kopfhörer, die es ermöglichen, Musik kabellos zu synchronisieren, zu speichern und zu teilen.
Screenburn - Video-on-Demand-Plattform mittels der man seine Filme direkt über Facebook vertreiben kann. 
Feezee - App für Musik-Festivals.
Living Indie - Streaming von Live-Konzerten.
4Chords - App zum Gitarre lernen.
Soundshoots - Plattform zur gemeinsamen Musik-Kreierung.
SupaPass - Online-Musik-FanClub für Bands und deren Fans. 

… und natürlich Stagelink - Crowdfunding für Konzerte.

Neben der Teilnahme am Pitch stand unter anderem noch ein Besuch bei The Orchard - einem Pionier im Musik-, Video- und Filmvertrieb. - in London auf dem Programm. Dort spielte überraschenderweise Marco Argiro einen kleinen Akustik-Gig. 

Das Fazit der Jungs zum Trip nach London: “Wertvoller Austausch mit Experten aus der britischen Musikindustrie, positives Feedback zu Stagelink und spannende Startup-Ideen von der Insel. Ausserdem ist ein Pub-Besuch immer eine Reise nach London wert.”

Marco Argiro has made a name for himself internationally in the ultra melodic power-pop band Le Mood, as well as the transatlantic anthemic rock group The Killing Floor. “Ever the quintessential frontman,” (The Broward Palm Beach New Times) Argiro caught the eye and ear of Marky Ramone in 2010. Ramone tapped Argiro to take over as lead vocalist, filling in for the ailing Michael Graves (The Misfits) during the kickoff of Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg European tour. For Argiro, a lifelong Ramones fan, it was a dream come true. The experience inspired Love’s closing track, “Will You Remember Poison Heart?”. Ramone has continued to support Argiro and The Killing Floor, personally selecting them as openers for a recent show at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Argiro can also count Hollywood legend Joel Schumacher among his fans. The director of films such as The Lost Boys, Batman Forever, Phantom of the Opera, A Time to Kill, and St. Elmo’s Fire, Schumacher was also behind the music videos for INXS’ “Devil Inside” and Bush’s “Letting the Cables Sleep.” In 2011, he added The Killing Floor’s “Star Baby” to his impressive resume. The director praised Argiro (who also produced the video) for his “hunger, energy, passion and a fresh new artistic perspective.”

After his solo debut in 2005, Argiro began to release music under the pseudonym “Le Mood.” Splitting his time between Le Mood and The Killing Floor, Argiro also started his own record label, Outright Rock Records. Autumn of 2013 will see the release of the second album under the Marco Argiro name, Love, on that very label.


“In The Shade” from Marco Argiro’s LP “LOVE”.

Available worldwide on iTunes via Outright Rock Records / The Orchard

“Love” calls to mind a psychedelic era of rock infused with harmonies reminiscent of the West Coast sounds of the 70s. The album represents love in all variations: young love, faltering love, and love’s evolution over time. The title track and first single, “Love,” takes a simple and classic message – “All you need is love” – and reinterprets it for a new generation.