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sorry for the long absence- I spent my summer moving to London!! To make up for it here are the two last illustrations for @erinmorgenstern ‘s amazing The Night Circus. This one is probably familiar to everyone who had read the book: Celia realises she took the wrong umbrella! Also, this is one of the more problematic ones in terms of lighting… If it displays too dark, please adjust the brightness/contrast of the screen! I am very sorry about this!

anonymous asked:

Hey man, can we get more Janco/Manna art ideas/prompts? they're cute and inspiring! hell, I may be able to draw something 😀😁😆

Some of the older ideas for reference: here and here and here.

Some newer ideas:

  • Marco and Janna sharing an umbrella in the rain
    • A comic where Marco finds his umbrella mysteriously missing and so is forced to share one with Janna; at the end he suddenly realizes that Janna’s umbrella looks suspiciously like his own
  • Younger Janna and younger Marco going on adventures
    • Janna trying to raise the dead in a graveyard while worried Marco keeps saying they should go home; Janna keeps calling him scared and Marco keeps denying it
    • Janna making a mess in the kitchen while trying to cook while Marco obsessively tries to clean everything up
    • White-belt Janna beating white-belt Marco in a karate spar
  • Marco carrying a young Janna (result of age transformation shenanigans from Star’s spellcasting) who keeps clinging onto him uncomfortably tightly
  • Comic where Marco tries flirting back, catching Janna completely by surprise and causing her to fall apart into a blushing mess

Home is wherever I’m with you
JeanMarco Week Day 3: Homecoming

I was up till freaking 4 am never again //shudders
Also uh… quartetship I hope you feel better //////// i’m no good at this stuff orz

Just a scene from this amazeballs fanfic submitted by a gorgeous individual who prefers to remain anonymous. Dark!Jean and little ol Marco

Like A Moth To A Flame

Marco idly toys with the small paper umbrella in his half-drunk cup, slightly too entranced by the way the lights of the night club he’d wandered into flicker across his hands and glass. He’s been sitting here for much too long he knows, and as much as he tries to seem disinterested he has felt the stranger’s focus on him burning into the back of his skull since he’d slipped past the front door.

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request for sobbing-jester who wanted a character from SNK / KNB suffering in the heat

i always had it in my head that marco loves the sun / heat so i promise to draw you someone from KNB suffering ;w;

edit: my boyf thought it was jizz on his face….IT’S SUNSCREEN