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sorry for the long absence- I spent my summer moving to London!! To make up for it here are the two last illustrations for @erinmorgenstern ‘s amazing The Night Circus. This one is probably familiar to everyone who had read the book: Celia realises she took the wrong umbrella! Also, this is one of the more problematic ones in terms of lighting… If it displays too dark, please adjust the brightness/contrast of the screen! I am very sorry about this!


Home is wherever I’m with you
JeanMarco Week Day 3: Homecoming

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I know what you did last summer AU part 2

@lorena12me  summited this to me and I am in love with it!

Why when it comes to cheating on your partner, there are never happy endings!


Ace had not realized that things had gone so far until it was too late.

Marco had been his first everything.

The first one who had loved him despite how much he hated himself, coming into his life when hatred threatened to make him give up everything. And he loved him, he loved Marco with all his heart …

He was the first with which he had shared his body and the pleasurable experiences of love.

So how had he come to this?

How had he come to wake up in another bed that was not that of the blond, wrapped in arms that were not Marco’s, and feeling the same warmth that the older man gave him?

Sabo was beautiful.

He was smart as Marco, attractive and had loved him too, in the same way that Marco did, despite his thousands of flaws. He thought it was not bad to want to be close to another person who also accepted it, but that had risen the first night he did not return home, wrapped in Sabo, clamoring his name and sleeping on his sheets.

And Sabo was aware that he belonged to another man.

Why had not he ended it?

Why had he kept up with that?

He knew why.

He longed for Sabo’s touches just as he craved Marco’s.

But he didn’t realize that running into the arms of one, he left the other in the empty, and once the crime was over, he returned home too dazzled with the sensation to realize that Marco was looking at him with suspicious eyes and pain.

 For a full year, he never noticed.

That Marco was wilting in his affection, that every time he looked at him, those blue eyes became more tired and disappointed.

Of course, he felt ashamed. When Marco touched him and kissed him, he could not help thinking that for a few hours or days before, Sabo did the same thing to him, making his body feel the same way, and then he could not hold the older man’s gaze because of the guilt.

 But he had become addicted to the touches of Sabo and at the same time he claimed with the same greed the affection of his first partner. Becoming selfish and wanting it to last forever.

 Time had passed by and he didn’t even realize how much he stopped going home to fly into Sabo’s arms. How much he stopped paying attention to Marco and his problems to revel in the taste of his own perfect world where he had both.

Never noticed that Pops had suffered a heart attack and that his best friend Thatch was torn between life and death in a hospital bed. That he’d stopped paying attention when he was with Sabo, even kissing in public places.

Until the hard reality had slapped him in the face.

Once he opened the door, after one of his visits to Sabo, he found Marco’s suitcases at the door, and the blond wrapped some table ornaments with bubble wrap.

“M-Marco?” He asked in a broken voice, but something in his chest told him perfectly what was happening.

What he had caused.

“Marco … What are you …?” Ace sought the strength to try to speak, while the voices in his head told him the answers to that question.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m leaving”

And Marco’s voice sounded so angry and disappointed … completely devoid of the love he usually had directed toward him.

“I refuse to be your toy any longer”


No, Marco wasn’t … he was his everything, he was-

“Toy? No, you’re not a toy to me. Marco, please love you …”

“Stop lying to me!” He screams tears fall from the force.

Ace is scared, he is very scared. The rage emanating from Marco’s watery eyes is something he never expected. Something in his heart breaks and he feels helpless, alone.

“I know what you did last summer, I know what you’ve been doing ever since, I know exactly where you came from, so do not you dare say I love you when you clearly do not!”

Marco knew !?

There are some pictures on the table that take Ace’s breath away once he sees them. It’s him and Sabo, kissing under a cafeteria umbrella.

Marco knew it all and yet-

He pales like paper.

Did you believe that you could live in your perfect world forever?

A voice in the depths of his head tells him, he recognizes it from his adolescence. His self-hate.

 You think you could have them both and be happy forever, eh?

“I didn’t mean it,” he whispers desperately. “I didn’t want it to that far.” He did not mean it.


The same voice resounds.

Are you going to say that you did not enjoy it? What, didn’t you love it when you gave yourself up like a bitch, then go to Marco afterward?

 "You  didn’t mean it?“ Fuck you, Portgas. ” Marco oozes with contempt, knowing how false his words are.

He doesn’t  know how to react, he is scared, everything he did is now accountable and he’s not prepared. When Marco names everything he did for him, he only shrinks on himself because everything is true. Marco gave him everything, made him live again …

The blond breaks the decorative figure on the floor and runs to his suitcases. Ace jumps, but doesn’t chase after him, he has no excuse. Because he is in love with Sabo, and he is also in love with Marco, and that is his sin.

“I hate you!”

Only those words are necessary so that after the blond gets out of his sight he kneels on the floor and cries loudly.

The person who loved him the most in life now hates him and everything is his fault.

Sabo came after being called, learning what happened. He feels guilty too because Marco was a good man, Sabo was not stealing an unhappy boy from some abusive partner. No, he helped in the theft of someone who considered Ace his most treasured treasure.

It is not many days later Izou arrives at his door, planting a hard slap on his face.

“You disappoint me,”  says the transvestite, eyes burning in cold rage   “ I never believed that you would be that kind of person. But it was our fault. We expect too much from you.”

The words are sharp and meant to hurt. Izo knows very well which points to attack. He just wants to hurt Ace in the same way that Marco is hurting.

“But I must congratulate you. If you came into the world to fuck up people’s lives, you did very well. You deserve a prize for that. Don’t bother looking for us, you mean nothing to us anymore.”

He leaves then. 

In his wake, he leaves behind the boy even more hurt and ashamed.

Luffy is his brother and will not judge, but there are looks that say more than a thousand words. He is ashamed of him, of what’s he done. His brother had never looked at him like that before. 

And little by little, he sees his world crumble, all because of something that he caused.

Try to have them both at the same time.

Just a scene from this amazeballs fanfic submitted by a gorgeous individual who prefers to remain anonymous. Dark!Jean and little ol Marco

Like A Moth To A Flame

Marco idly toys with the small paper umbrella in his half-drunk cup, slightly too entranced by the way the lights of the night club he’d wandered into flicker across his hands and glass. He’s been sitting here for much too long he knows, and as much as he tries to seem disinterested he has felt the stranger’s focus on him burning into the back of his skull since he’d slipped past the front door.

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anonymous asked:

Hey man, can we get more Janco/Manna art ideas/prompts? they're cute and inspiring! hell, I may be able to draw something 😀😁😆

Some of the older ideas for reference: here and here and here.

Some newer ideas:

  • Marco and Janna sharing an umbrella in the rain
    • A comic where Marco finds his umbrella mysteriously missing and so is forced to share one with Janna; at the end he suddenly realizes that Janna’s umbrella looks suspiciously like his own
  • Younger Janna and younger Marco going on adventures
    • Janna trying to raise the dead in a graveyard while worried Marco keeps saying they should go home; Janna keeps calling him scared and Marco keeps denying it
    • Janna making a mess in the kitchen while trying to cook while Marco obsessively tries to clean everything up
    • White-belt Janna beating white-belt Marco in a karate spar
  • Marco carrying a young Janna (result of age transformation shenanigans from Star’s spellcasting) who keeps clinging onto him uncomfortably tightly
  • Comic where Marco tries flirting back, catching Janna completely by surprise and causing her to fall apart into a blushing mess

jeanmarco fanfic idea: jean’s been dead for a year, marco’s married to a woman. one day, marco’s wife finds something in marco’s stuff because they just moved and were arranging things. it was a gift from jean that marco received some months before jean got in an accident and died. a dark green folded umbrella. marco and his wife both recall jean who everyone knows is marco’s best buddy, but everyone also knows that jean has liked/loved marco for the longest time, a secret shared among them but never known to marco. feeling sad and sentimental, marco opened the umbrella, only to see “Happy Birthday Marco. I love you. - JEAN” written on the underside of the umbrella’s canopy.

and then marco wakes up, looks to his side and sees a sleeping jean. he smiles fondly and touches jean’s face tenderly.later they’ll go out on a mission to kill titans. later, jean will discover that marco is missing. later, jean will stumble upon marco’s disheveled body - about a third of his face ripped off in the most gruesome way.

request for sobbing-jester who wanted a character from SNK / KNB suffering in the heat

i always had it in my head that marco loves the sun / heat so i promise to draw you someone from KNB suffering ;w;

edit: my boyf thought it was jizz on his face….IT’S SUNSCREEN