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Yup, you guessed it - this thing is still not over, I fear. After a long day of freaking out, panicking, calming the f*ck down and getting back to work - here it is. I wanna thank @safedork for helping me see clearly and being generally awesome. I owe you, girl. :*

Also I have to mention @ghostgetters and @elladoodles for basically giving me the perfect outline for this quite angsty reunion between Star and Marco. They still love each other, kids - they just have a lot of feelings bottled up and it’s time to let them out … (also sorry for the weird lighting change in some panels, long story)

Part 4 might take a little longer, because I have some school/family timez coming up, but don’t worry - it will come and it will be beautiful.

Again: this storyboard is 100% fanmade. Please share, reblog & spread this monstrosity so I can drag even more people down with me!

Love, Lima!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but now I’m kinda serious. Would anyone be interested in something like a Marco Week? I need to do something to focus myself that’s got absolutely nothing to do with school or real life, and Marco really needs love. I’d set it somewhere early October, to include his birthday.

What do you say? Would anyone participate?

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Could you continue the fic where Marco goes to Rhombulus for advice? Like Marco telling Tom he loves him?

Sure! I had a good idea for this because I love romantic things like this! You know, gushy cliche stuff that probably would never happen. I love it though! I hope you enjoy! Ps, Tom and Marco are supposed to be older in this. Like Marco is maybe right out of collage. 

Read the first one here!

Marco pounded on Tom’s door frantically. He wouldn’t stop until the demon answered. He was rewarded when Tom opened the door and gave him an odd look. “What is it Marco? You’re gonna break it.” He said, in reference to the door. Marco ignored him and grabbed the demon’s hands, pulling him a step closer.

“I’m sick of wasting time.” Marco spoke. Tom looked at him curiously but Marco cut him off. “I love you. I’ve loved since we were fifteen, and I wasted time thinking you wouldn;t love me back. But I’m through. Tell me now so I can love you, or move on and be happy.” Marco demanded. Tom was drawn back.

He had never heard the safe kid talk like this. Marco was always the one to plan everything out, and be too nervous to say stuff like this outright. He held onto the crush on Jackie for years! And now he was declaring his feelings for Tom in his doorstep. “Marco… what do you mean to say?” Tom asked.

“What else do I have to say?” Marco retorted. “I am in love with you! And if you love me back, I don’t want to waste time planning what might happen. I want to be with you and roll the dice! Do what feels right!” Marco had a sort of dreamy tone in his voice. He was quiet for a minute and when Tom was silent he feared he made a terrible mistake.

But the demon then grabbed Marco and pulled him close. He gave him a deep kiss and dipped him down slightly. Tom pulled away from the passionate kiss and held Marco as close as he could. “I’ve wanted to say the exact same thing since I was fifteen.” Tom whispered. Marco’s face lit up and he jumped to kiss the demon again.

“Oh Tom!” He cried, giving him kiss after kiss. Tom giggled and scooped the human up, spinning him around in circles as the two laughed. He set Marco down and the human smiled up at him, with stars in his eyes. “I love you, Tom.” Marco whispered. “I just wish I didn’t wait so long to tell you that. I wasted so much time being unhappy.” He mumbled.

“Then let’s make up for lost time.” Tom whispered back. Marco looked at him curiously and Tom smiled down at him, getting more and more excited. “Marco, let’s get married. Tonight.” Tom proposed. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Married? Tonight?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“But I don’t have a dress and we don’t have anything planned or we don’t-”

“I’ll get you a dress! We can get Star or a friend as a witness and we can break into city hall to get the papers! I break into places all the time!” Tom bragged. Marco wanted to seem worried, but excitement was clear.

“What if-”

“Marco, you said you love me, and I love you. Let’s not waste time. Let’s just give it a shot. We can get married now, or in ten years or on june fifty-seventh! But doesn’t it feel right now?” Tom asked. Marco grinned.

“Yes! It does! Everytime you say it, it feels more right but- rings!” Marco cut him off. “I know you may not get the tradition but… I feel like for it to be a wedding we need rings.” Marco told the demon. Tom thought for a moment and then reached down to the ground. He picked a blade of grass and tied it in a knot. Tom then got on one knee and took Marco’s hand. He slipped the tied grass around Marco’s finger and the human couldn’t fight a laugh.

“Oh Tom.” He whispered.

“Marco Diaz, will you marry me?” Tom asked. Marco put a hand over his mouth. The sudden confession, the sudden wedding, the blade of grass he decided to use as a ring. It was all too much. Marco burst into tears and dashed into the demon’s arms.

“Oh Tom! My Tom!” Marco cried. “You know very well I will! I always will!” Marco promised, covering him with kisses. He then got up and looked up, noticing the sun setting. “I’ll call Star, Janna and my parents! You go get the papers from city hall!” Marco instructed. Tom nodded excitedly.

“I’ll get a dress and suit from the castle, we always have fancy stuff like that. Send Star to get yours! We’ll meet in front of the movie theatre in an hour!” Tom added. Marco looked at him oddly.

“The movie theatre?” He asked, confused. Tom took Marco’s hands and pulled him into another kiss.

“It’s where I fell in love with you.” He whispered. “We’ll be married in two hours, max.” Tom promised. Marco smiled.

“Then I’m going to take you to my family’s lake house! We’re going to spend two whole weeks together!” Marco swore. He pulled the demon close again and gave him another kiss. The two were getting carried away at this point. They were there in each other’s arms. Marco broke away when he noticed it was getting darker. “We’ll never be married at this rate! We have to go!” He cried. Tom turned around, but made a U-turn to grab Marco again. He dipped the human down and kissed him one last time.

“Just to hold me over till I see you again.” He grinned. Marco blushed and pulled away, as hard as that was, they were going to be married and had to get this done.

Well, they didn’t HAVE to get it done. But they sure as hell wanted to.

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Thank you so much for the template! You're great at explaining because I actually made Star at least decent and recognizable as Star. If it's not too much trouble, do you have one for Marco's face?

Yay, I’m happy it helped! I’ll probably be doing more tutorials soon and Marco’s lovely face is definitely a must. Maybe I’ll do a whole body tutorial too while I’m at it.