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don’t know the first thing about who you are

my heart is waiting, taken in from the start

if we don’t go now, we won’t get very far

don’t know the first thing about who you are

What had started as an innocent, light hearted trip to Vegas with friends quickly devolved into the biggest headache Marco has ever experienced. Everyone knew how… silly he got when drunk, especially Reiner and Bertholdt, so there was surely no way they would have let him get that drunk, would they?

But, it seems they did let him get that drunk. As Marco laid on the somewhat uncomfortable hotel bed, he tried to bring last night to the front of his mind, grasping at wisps of memories, but things got hazy around his third drink – and then altogether stopped after he met up with Sasha and her boyfriend.

Sasha was a bad influence on him – on everyone – and there was no doubt in Marco’s mind that she had caused the raging headache he was going through right now. Even moving his eyes was painful enough to get him whimpering, begging his body to pass out again. He didn’t, though, and the longer he went without aspirin the more his head throbbed.

He slowly opened his eyes, squinting at the harsh artificial light of the lamp by his head. In his peripheral, Marco could see countless bottles of alcohol surrounding the bed. A flash of a memory hit him, celebrating something in his hotel room, but it vanished as soon as it came.

“Oh, yeah,” he groaned, stirring himself out of his laying position. The movement rocked the bed, and under the covers next to him, something else moved. Marco looked over, at a head of messy brown hair and matching brown eyes peeking at him from under the duvet, and he screamed, pulling himself out of the bed.

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You know that’s against the rules.

                                            But that’s what makes it exciting.

I can’t. I could get kicked out of the academy.


So, you now if I could, you would be the only one I would risk it for.

Ok, but something I really liked about the Blood Moon Ball (beyond the Obvious Starco implications and First Full Appearance of Tom) is the fact that the Ball was pretty clearly taking place on The Day of the Dead

Marco was listening to a Spanish song about Day of the Dead, he was wearing a special fancy outfit (Lbr he was sore at Star for going to the BMB without him and with Tom, but he wouldn’t have dressed up for just that, he’d probably just finished doing Day of the Dead things with his parents when he went to star’s tower to sulk) And certainly add in the fact that his mask was a Sugar Skull.

It kinda makes you think there was maybe another reason why he wanted Star to stay at home tonight. That he maybe wanted to share this aspect of his culture and this holiday with her, but thought the reasoning was too selfish and would have planned to later sell it as a Consolation prize. (”You don’t need a ball to have fun! Come bake some Pan De Los Muertos with my parents and me!” kinda thing)

I just really love how Marco’s heritage isn’t shuffled into the closet in this show. Like no, his father is a proud Latino Man and he’s making sure his son doesn’t loose that aspect of himself surrounded by Americans, and His Mother is right there with him for every step of it.

Mexican7 (pt.1)



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-”That” group of guys at school

-All work at Juan’s dad’s taco truck at night and on weekends 

-They’re either there or en el baile.

-Romeo’s uncle owns it.

-Toadas las chulas quiren con ellos.

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Mark: ~Marco De La Vega~

-Papi chulo

-Doesn’t give a shit

-Calls all the girls ‘nena’

-Best friend is Juan 

-Does he sell drugs??

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Jaebum: ~Julio Ramirez~ 

-Gets into fights a lot

-Ricky’s primo

-Tough guy

-only fears la chancla and his aubuela 

-Got his girl pregnant

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Jackson: ~Juan Gonzales~

-Marco’s right hand man

-”No me digas, ‘Juanito’, Wey.”

-Dad owns the taco truck

-”Como estas, Chula?’’ 

-Listens to Reggaeton

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Bambam ~Felipe Romeo Hernandez~

-Don’t call him ‘Felipe’

-His name is Romeo 

-”Quires ser mi Julieta?”

-Everyone’s chambelan at their Quinceanera

-No one ever dates him, though

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Yugyeom ~Enrique ‘Ricky’ Ramirez~

-Only attracts white girls

-Cries about it

-The bud of every joke

-Let’s ‘Las mas buenas’ call him “Ke-Que”

-Bachata for days

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Jinyoung ~Jose Francisco Fernandez~

-Mom calls him “Pancho”

-Goes by Frankie

-Favorite time is when he’s working at the taco truck

-gets drunk at parties and sings Vicente Fernandez

-little kids follow him at family parties

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galaxykenma  asked:

I'm looking for a Fic that I read a long time ago. Jean is a famous boxer or something and he's in Vegas and Marco goes to meet him and then something happens and Marco goes home and commits suicide and Jean goes to visit Marco in the hospital and Marco yells at him and I think they adopt a baby later or something. I really don't know if this is two stories or one,that's all I can remember. I'm sorry if it's too much to understand, I've just been having trouble finding the fic

There are a couple of fics located in Vegas, but none of them really match your description.. So I’m kind of at a loss here.. If anyone knows, feel free to let us know! - Mod J

It’s For Real, I Swear by ishipitsobad

Summary:  To say Marco is on the big side is an understatement; he’s had to live with the insecurities and insults of being fat for all his life. In high school, the insults only get worse, and Marco finds refuge in two things: his art, and stalking Jean Kirschstein.
Jean Kirschstein is everything Marco isn’t: popular, cool, sharp-witted and incredibly hot. Like, drool-worthy hot. And he doesn’t even know Marco exists (or so it seems).
Upon entering university, things are about to change. Marco and Jean are roommates, and both are in for a journey of a lifetime that will encompass self-acceptance, love, hope and everything good.

and the sequel:

Ce Qui est Réel by ishipitsobad

Summary: Jean and Marco are once again reunited, and this time, they plan to stay together for good. For better, or for worse.

Thank you novelistangel23 & SILLY808 for helping! - Mod J