marco tarascio

Marco Tarascio at Work - "Respect The Ocean" - MAAM

At MAAM - Museo dell'Altro e dell'Altrove di Metropoliz_città meticcia

Work in progress by Marco Tarascio come to peek at this huge water themed  artwork 

Marco Tarascio was born in Rome (1978) where he lives and works. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and he is now devoted to painting, preferring oil on canvas, but not despising digital and mixed media. He takes part at the international award (Artevita) “Forum and Gallery” and the international prize for painting with the group show “Artevita” in Via Baccina’s gallery. He takes part in the side event of the 53rd Venice Biennale, exposing at the University of Venice Ca Foscari and getting published in the catalogue (“Nature and dreams”) with a framework that show explicitly antispeciste issues very close to him. He exhibited in New York at the Jarvitz Center in Manhattan as part of the “Remade in Italy” and, shortly thereafter, repeats the experience in Tokyo, in the Westing Hotel, and in Osaka, inside the Hilton Hotel. He is also called by Italians Contemporary to participate in a traveling exhibition in Japan and the U.S. as part of “Italian Feelings” project, sponsored by MACIA (Italian Museum of Contemporary Art in America, San Jose Costa Rica). Just a year ago he participates at the selections for the “First International Biennale of Lecce” organized by Liber-Art and which is given note in the journal “First Biennale of Lecce” (Centro Diffusione Arte Editore).

Marco Tarascio is fascinated by the magic and the sense of alienation from reality that Pop Surrealism manages to convey to the audience and himself.