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What would the 104th & vets do after they found out their significant other has cheated on him/her?

Mikasa: Punches the next best thing there is
Reiner: That’s cool, then we’re quit now. 
Bertholdt: Oh… okay…
Annie: Punch a hole into the wall right next to their head ‘How could youuuu?!’ is actually crying
Eren: What the heck? I trusted you?!
Jean: What does he have that I don’t?
Marco: Don’t worry, we can work this out!
Sasha: Dramatic af
Connie: Screaming in confusion
Historia: lol bye
Armin: Needs time for himself to think about it and see if he wants to go on with the relationship 
Ymir: Laughs and goes on eating chips
Levi: You can’t be cheated on if you don’t let anyone close enough

Hanji: Doesn’t mind, depending on who it is
Erwin: Drinks away his sorrows
Nanaba: Dramatically slaps S/O in the face and rage cries
Mike: Frowns until person explains themself

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Princess marco doesn't like getting mislead by people who want to date her And will rip her dress to fight you

Mess with this woman at your own risk

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Part 2: Marco: No, Star can't keep a secret. If we get her to help plan out Janna's surprise birthday party Janna would know in ten minutes. Jackie: I guess you're right. Marco: Not sure where to start. Never did his before. *Marco dumps on the contents of his back pack onto the bed and the two rummage through it trying to put together the plans for their friend's party. Janna is touched by her friend's thoughtfulness but also feels crumby about ruining her own party*

Ha, you got me. Nice one.

(Side-note: What I said previously still applies. I will accept NSFW text submissions.)

BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Marco Reus (28/01/17) - English translation
  • Nobby: I'm really happy that Marco's here with me today for the return of the second half of the season. He has already announced that it's gonna be a close game of Goal or No Goal today. You're very well prepared, you have watched the last 600 goals of Borussia Dortmund.
  • Marco: (laughs) I asked Fritz. He knows practically everything.
  • Nobby: Fritz... that's your Phone-A-Friend lifeline, isn't he?
  • Marco: That'd be a good idea...although... he can't see the screen... or we do it via facetime but I don't know if he has facetime...
  • Nobby: (laughs) Or if he knows how to use it.
  • Marco: Or if he knows how to use it, right...
  • Nobby: Well, Marco, you had to be patient for a long time. Since the end of November you're back. How was the time before that and how do you feel now?
  • Marco: Of course that period of time was though. I was really impatient, I'm already an inherently impatient person and it was hard to just sit in the stadium each time and not being able to help the team but I stayed patient and worked really hard for my comeback and I'm working even harder now in order to stay fit and improve a bit.
  • Nobby: There was a moment of shock against Bremen. I was in front of my tv thinking "Please... not the leg!" You thought you could go past him somehow but then Drobný still hit you hard. You could see it on tv for a second, that looked really deep and severe. But we're glad you got off lightly because we need our Marco, especially against Mainz.
  • ---INTERLUDE---
  • Nobby: You scored ten goals against Mainz. There's no opponent against which you scored more goals.
  • Marco: That's nice!
  • Nobby: Is there anything like a favourite opponent?
  • Marco: (sighs, starts thinking)
  • Nobby: (laughs) I can already see that you don't think about such things.
  • Marco: Not much to be honest. But um yeah... why should the stats lie? Of course, I'd be happy if things continue like this but we obviously know that it's tough, especially in Mainz, that we've always struggled in the last few years and that it has always been a close call. There have always been a lot of tackling and I think it won't be any different this time. It's important that we're focused right from the very first second and...
  • Nobby: Mainz is just very disciplined. Always.
  • Marco: Yes absolutely! Especially on home ground they're very disciplined, they stay in their formation particularly during pressing and we have to try to find a good solution.
  • Nobby: Coming back to Bremen: Apart from your 'souvenir' that you brought back home it was a successful start of the year 2017. What lessons do you draw from such a game?
  • Marco: We didn't do too well, especially in the second half where we have been outnumbering them for quite a while already. Defensively as well as offensively. But you basically never know how you'll do after the winter break. We talked about a lot of things and you couldn't get much of a glimpse of what we practised but the win is what's most important right now. We had a few weeks to get ready and to practise the things we weren't able to practise because a lot of us had been injured. I think we'll be able to show some sort of defensive stability in Mainz and offensively we always have the potential to score a goal.
  • Nobby: My next question would've been: What's crucial in Mainz. Certainly making sure to keep a clean sheet and then score a goal with our fast strikers.
  • Marco: Well, not only. It takes eleven, especially for defending, that's just the way it is. Generally speaking we always want to keep a clean sheet and keep it tight and do well defensively but sometimes the opponent just does it really well. But I think it's on us and if we live up to our potential for 90 minutes which so far, we haven't managed that often and which it's about time for then we'll hopefully win this game.
  • Nobby: I completely agree.
  • ---INTERLUDE---
  • Nobby: Auba is back! I think you are particularly happy about that. You two are very good friends. Was he sad because he 'got kicked out so early'?
  • Marco: Yeah, of course. I think he was the hope of his nation, especially because they hosted the tournament. He really hoped to get really far, I know that and yeah... they haven't lost a single game but they also haven't won one and that's tough. But I think he could 'shoot out' his frustration during training yesterday. Obviously we're happy he's back and that he's ft and healthy and now we hope he'll gain back more of his confidence and that he'll help us.
  • Nobby: Were you in contact during the tournament?
  • Marco: Yeah sure! We talked via facetime and I wrote him after his elimination.
  • Nobby: I think that's important. You're friends!
  • Marco: Of course. But Auba is robust mentally and has already experienced some things so...
  • Nobby: We're sad, obviously. Neven is going to Köln on loan for half a year, Adrian's farewell is also official. What are you going to miss about these two?
  • Marco: They were go-to guys for the team. Adrian was a really funny guy, really kind...
  • Nobby: Everyone says that.
  • Marco: Yes he's... Adrian is just Adrian. He's so kind and very calm. We've always called him "Little Diabolo". So I think I will still be in contact with him and it's the same with Neven. He's been here for years and has celebrated a lot of things. In the end it's his decision and we hope that he'll get back to 100% fitness play in Köln.
  • Nobby: That's understandable.
  • Marco: Yes absolutely! Every football player wants to play football and if it doesn't work out in one club you'll have to look for other alternatives to get match practice.
  • ---INTERLUDE---
  • Nobby: Auba is going to get his prize (BVB goal scorer of the year 2016) next week. You can congratulate him into the camera.
  • Marco: Yeah Auba... I would've loved to snatch this prize from under your nose but the viewers have decided in your favour. You deserved it! Stay the way you are and have fun!
  • Nobby: You're not envious of him. Another title...
  • Marco: Another one for me? Because I have so many already, right? (laughs)
  • ---GOAL OR NO GOAL---

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So two prompts that could be fused, but how about Jackie and Tom reacting to Marco coming out?

Awesome :) Well I’ll have to get back to you with the Jackie one but Tom’s reaction came to me in an instant.

Marco Comes Out to Tom

Marco and Tom are sat playing video games in Tom’s lair.

Tom jumps up in celebration. “Hahaha!!!! Take that. 1st place.”

“You’re cheating again aren’t you”, Marco says sounding annoyed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Marco”, Tom responds with an evil but simultaneously playful grin. “My game console totally isn’t possessed by demons that rig the game so I always win.”

Marco puts their pad down on the table and turns to Tom.

“Awwwww, come on dude”, protests Tom. “I’ll let you win this time I promise.”

“No, it’s not that”, Marco says nervously. “I want to tell you something.”

Tom has started to set up a single player game. “Mhm.”

“Tom…” Marco pauses and takes a deep breath as if trying to get the courage to say something important before blurting it out fast. “I think I should be a girl.”

Tom doesn’t react whatsoever and says nonchalantly, “Oh yeah, I know already. Known for ages in fact.”

“What!?” Marco yells sounding annoyed. “How!?”

“You forget that I spy on you all the time”, Tom says.

“Then…then…” Marco goes trying to find the words. “Why did you let me go through all of that? Do you know how scared I was of you possibly reacting badly?”

“I knew”, Tom says. “But I was reading online and the people on there said you’d tell me in your own time and not to pressure you.”

“Oh”, Marco says calming down a little. “You researched this.”

“Of course”, Tom says now turning to face Marco. “You’re my friend and I care about you.”

“Thanks”, Marco says smiling. “You’re a great friend.”

“I know”, Tom says smiling. His expression then sours, “There are some really horrible people on your internet though.”

“Ha, yeah”, says Marco scratching the back of their head.

“Seriously”, Tom says. “Some of the stuff on there. It makes my people look like saints. And we live in Hell.”

When you ship a rare ship so much but know that there is no way it could get any cute canon moments but then suddenly the creator magically listens to your cries and your rare pair suddenly becomes one if the most canon ones and you never expected it and are so happy it hurts and you just sit there like in the middle of main fandom shippers like:

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All The Small Things

Every time Tom gets angry on the show, in front of Marco, it’s interesting to know that Marco isn’t particularly bothered by his anger.

 Every time Tom has been scolded by Marco, it’s been because of something he did wrong, like lying.

He’s never gotten angry at Tom for getting reasonably upset about things , even when he promised to him he wouldn’t get mad.

It’s something interesting to point out, because then it reminds you of how Star treated Tom’s anger in BMB.

Marco and Star are very different with Tom’s issues.

While Marco hasn’t yet to invalidate Tom’s feelings, and handles the problem by ridding the source of Tom’s anger.

Star instead, gets irritated because of Tom’s irritation, and shows annoyance at him for being upset.

Now i like Star, and she doesn’t have to put up with Tom’s anger.

But this night did mean a lot to Tom, and Star kinda went mostly for herself, not for them. Tom did everything possible to make the event something fun for her ((Resulting in his own subjects being bored)) and her entire reaction to all of it consisted of annoyance and ignorance.

Tom, who went through all this trouble to make this night perfect and prove himself to the one person (At the time) he cared about, kept feeling like he wasn’t good enough for her.

She ditched him as well to go do other things, although Tom’s anger is dangerous, the things he does get upset about are understandable and relatable.

His night was falling apart, and then Marco showed up, ruined what was probably his last chance to make the night up to Star, and that was the last straw for him.

Everyone is very quick to blame Tom for the breakup, but considering we know practically nothing about their dating life and relationship, and don’t really know why they broke up.

I don’t think it’s impossible that Star could’ve been partially responsible.

Tom is clearly a person who needs emotional support, he’s lonely and ashamed of his issues.

and as much as i like Star, she’s not typically very good with the feelings of others ((She’s getting better at it, but there are plenty of times Marco’s opinions, needs, and well-being were ignored in favor of her own))

Which is why it’s nice that Marco supplies that support for Tom, and takes his feelings into account when he’s hurt.

Tom should be allowed to be upset and angry sometimes, as long as he can control himself.

And it’s nice to see Marco not only validate his feelings, but help him handle his issues in a safe manner (Which Tom frankly seems to enjoy alot more)

It’s a small thing to notice how Marco treats tom’s issues in comparison to Star.

But it’s a pure small thing.

“We are victims of this cruel world. I forgive you, Bertholdt”


I hate how the show frames Steven as the moral center of the universe but then whenever he fucks up it’s “but he’s just a kid!”

Marco, Star, Dipper, and Mabel, for instance all mess up and has the narriative acknowledge that they mess up. Mabel is impulsive and doesn’t always think things out. Star’s a massive, selfish hypocrite who’s incredibly irresponsible. Marco doesn’t always know what’s best in every situation and often fails to think outside the box. Dipper raised the dead. They all face consequences and get scolded, but they learn and it ultimately helps them become better people.

But Steven? Steven’s always right. He was right to befriend Lapis, Peridot, the cluster, centipeetle,  his racist uncle. Lapis sucking it up in order to befriend somebody who she wanted nothing to do with was presented as the right thing to do. The water spire was going to collapse anyway. Jasper, Bismuth, and Eyeball were all shown to be “in the wrong” (#bismuthwasright). He’s always there to provide the morals for Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Greg, the Pizza Wars, whatever. He’s potrayed as this perfect child that can do not wrong and it was endearing way back in CheeseBurger Backpack but now that the show is covering serious topics like bigotry and abuse it simply just doesn’t work and ends up being more less Plebcomics For Kids. 

Jean-Nerd and Marco-Boy-Eater ;) If the right words don´t want to come out of your mouth…

I love Marcos expression xDDD it is like “Hääääh?????”


People don’t actually think Marco’s parents would react badly to her coming out as trans do they?

They have been shown to be loving to the point of ridiculousness

Half the jokes about them are literally “They love each other too much and act silly”

Marco would have everything she wanted by sundown if she came out to them. New clothes, doctors appointments, forms filled out for name changes. They would go TOO fast and the feel good end of the ep lesson would be about letting people do things in their own time. Not “Your parents will have to learn to love you for being queer”

“Well they’re Hispanic so of course they’d react badly” You’re racist k bye.