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What do you think would happen if Tom not Jake ended up leading the Animorphs?

  • Tom’s only at the arcade in the first place because he’s looking for Jake.  He finds Marco instead, and the two of them are talking—Marco’s noticed it too, how Jake never seems to be around these days—when Tobias jumps in to tell them that Jake’s been spending all his spare time at the Sharing lately.  Tom spots Rachel and Cassie next; at sixteen he’s trying responsibility on for size and so he announces that he’s getting them all home safe whether they like it or not.
    • Rachel protests, because of course she does, but Tom’s also the closest thing she has to an older brother and so when he puts his foot down she gives in.  She’s not happy about it, though, and she shows him that by charging off into the shortcut through the construction site and leaving the others to chase after. 
  • The day after everything happens, Tom snaps at the others not to tell their parents, not to morph, not to do anything at all until he figures out what they should do next.  
    • Cassie and Tobias try morphing anyway.  Rachel starts researching ways to fight off an alien invasion.  
    • Marco invites himself over to talk to Jake, who is strangely insistent on asking around about whether any of his friends believe those rumors about a UFO in the construction site last night. 
  • “Your brother’s one of them,” Marco tells Tom.  The ensuing shouting match lasts almost half an hour, only ending when they both conclude the only thing for it is to go and rescue him.  
  • Tom’s not Jake.  He doesn’t know a lost cause when he sees it.  He keeps right on fighting, claws bloody, bones breaking, while the others make a messy retreat.  As Jake watches from the cages, he catches a dracon beam to the head and crumples in a heap of fur next to the infestation pier.  
  • This time around, it’s Marco who becomes the first one to drag them up by the bootstraps.  “There are still three of us left,” he says, “four if you count Bird Boy, although I’m not sure how much help he’ll be.  And Jake’s my best friend.  I can’t leave him in that hell.”  
    • This time around, Cassie becomes the first to agree.  It’s Jake.  He means something to her that no one else ever has.  
    • Rachel’s not far behind.  It’s Jake.  They spent their whole childhood doing stupid dares together, and this one seems like the biggest dare of all.
    • Tobias agrees, but not for love.  For revenge.  He wants to avenge Tom, who was kind to him despite not knowing him from Adam.  He wants to avenge Elfangor, who died in order to give them a chance and who told him a million things he’d never known in those last five minutes of life.  He wants to avenge that unnamed voice from his dreams, the one that haunts him still even though Marco insisted and they all agreed that the risk of a rescue attempt was too big to take.
  • Two months later, Marco tells the Ellimist, “Yeah, we want to leave with our families.  Take us away,” and without Rachel he’d never figure out why the Ellimist doesn’t listen.
  • Eighteen days after that, Marco says, “I don’t care what you think.”  He takes the Pemalite crystal and reprograms Erek so that Erek will be forced to help them.  Erek infects himself with a computer virus that corrupts all his files; two hours later he’s a lifeless pile of circuitry on the ground.  
  • Forty-one days later, Marco says, “We should just morph Joe Bob Finestre, save ourselves some time,” and refuses to listen to any contradictions.
  • One week after that, Marco says, “If we drop the instant oatmeal into the water main, everyone will have to drink it,” and doesn’t foresee the consequences.  
  • Six months after that, Marco says, “I’m sorry” just before he shoots David in the head.  
  • Two weeks and four days later, Marco waits until he sees Jake leave the yeerk pool, and then he says, “Let’s blow it up.”  
    • Cassie quits the team on the spot.  Tobias tries to talk him out of it, but doesn’t succeed.  
    • Four thousand three hundred human hosts die when the modified nuke Marco stole from Peter’s lab drops into the yeerk pool, because he doesn’t want to leave any chance of too many slugs escaping.  Visser One’s human body is one of them; Marco will only find this out several hours too late.
  • Three days later, Marco and Rachel steal a Blade ship.  They don’t know how to fly it, but that’s a moot point, because they get the guns working. 
    • They incinerate the Pool ship, along with 20,000 yeerks and 15,000 hosts on board, and then turn to fire on the yeerk encampments on the ground.  The taxxons are annihilated, the hork-bajir-controllers as well.  Marco’s gotten used to the idea of killing humans, just as long as it’s no one he knows.
    • Tobias is outside the ship, unwilling to endorse this mission, unable to stay away.  He gets caught in the crossfire between the Bug fighters and Blade ship, spiraling to the ground, and Rachel loses her mind.  
    • She and Marco are so busy trying to kill each other, fueled by grief and rage and bloodlust and terror, that at first they don’t even realize they’ve won.
  • Three days after that, Jake is free.  He doesn’t talk to Marco—neither do Peter or Cassie or Rachel—but Marco figures that’s okay, because nowadays he has plenty of fans.  Maybe the andalites are pretty strict in their control of the U.N., and maybe it sucks that humans aren’t allowed off the planet anymore, but Marco won the war.  And isn’t that the whole point of war, winning?