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My Thoughts on Trans-Marco


I know I’m going to get hate for this.
Trans-Marco has to be the worst out of all the SVTFOE theories. It just makes absolutely no sense, yet it’s wildly accepted by a lot of the fandom.

Let’s debunk this

“She’s worn a dress a few times.”
He wore a dress twice and both times were unwillingly.

“She wears ballet shoes.”
So all of a sudden ballet is just for girls? Are you really saying that boys and men shouldn’t be interested in ballet and be comfortable in their own bodies? That’s just sexist. I’m a guy who takes tap dancing classes, does that make me trans? My sister loves running and other athletic activities, does that make her trans? No, it doesn’t make us trans. It just makes us people that are doing what they love.

“Naysaya said that she’s ashamed of her body.”
Naysaya probably meant his lack of muscles, which would explain why Marco was sad when he lost his hot bod in “Running with Scissors.”

“She said ‘It’s your girl, Marco.’”
To the girls at St. O’s, Marco’s Princess Marco because that’s the character that’s been used for advertised and that’s who he was when they first met him.

“If you don’t support this, you’re transphobic.”
I have friends who are trans and gender fluid and I make sure to call them by their proper pronouns because I’m not a dick.

I’m sorry, but all of your claims make no sense and can easily be debunked. I tried to ignore it, but all these people are calling Marco “she” and saying that “she’s stepped out of the closet,” when, in actuality, he was never in the closet. People say that Starco shippers are too obsessed with our ship, yet I’ve seen people who’ve said that they would be disappointed with the ending of the series unless Marco “comes out” as trans. If Marco was dying in Star’s arms and used his last dying breath to say that he’s trans, THAT would be a more acceptable ending to them than Star and Marco getting married, having kids, and living a happy life.

And saying he’s trans is actually LESS open-minded. People beg for male characters who like feminine things while being comfortable with who they are, and when Daron Nefcy gives one to us, you immediately say that he must be trans because we can’t be expected to not call a guy trans after he was forced to wear a dress and shown a liking in gender-neutral activities.

So, how do we make the characters more diverse?
INTRODUCE A CHARACTER WHO IS TRANS! IT’S NOT THAT HARD! Just, please, stop saying Marco’s trans without any real evidence.

I’m not going to post this under the trans-marco tag, because like I said, I’m not a dick. But, please, stop jumping to conclusions.

Marco should be kinda messed up after that...

OK, so remember that one episode of Star vs the Forces of Evil where Marco looses Star’s scissors and then has to find the real copy of this one fire lady out of millions of her clones to get them back?

Well, it takes him quite a while. So long that he is about 30 when he finally finds her.

So, of course, the lady kinda forgives him, and he forgives her, etc, and she gives him a pair of his own scissors.

Well, turns out that Earth time is a lot slower than… whatever that dimension was. So it had only been, like, a few hours for Star when Marco went to the other dimension. Which is kinda funny, and also supports the Star x Marco ship (when she sees his abs).

But here’s the catch: when Marco returns with Star, he’s back to normal. As in still a kid on Earth. (Laugh now)

And everything’s back to normal.

So here’s what I’m getting at: you’re gone for about 20 years, and during that time, you had to face who knows what looking for that woman, and probably bonded with other people in that dimension, and did some really mature stuff.

So why does he act the way he did before he went on that “epic quest”?

I’ll concede that he still may act like a kid. He is one, after all. But after the 20 odd years he spent mostly isolated from Earth, you think he would be going berserk crazy, either “OMG! I’M HOME! YEAH! I LOVE YOU MOM, I LOVE YOU DAD, STAR, IT’S SO GOOD TO BE HOME! (etc)”, or just insane and a bit feral. He still has the memories, as he recognized he returned to being a kid again, but why does he still act like a kid? 

He has to have at least some kinda PTSD thing going, like if someone turns the stove on then he attempts to blow it out, or he cries every time he sees a motorbike.

The big thing is that those 20 odd years went to waste! So far, nothing that happened to him has come back, for better or for worse, and if anything he thought of during that time, like about Star or just his life in general, he sure hasn’t shared it yet! At least when Adventure Time did something similar they made Finn forget anything that happened, so that’s justified!


anonymous asked:

Marco rants to Ponyhead and Star about Tom. Ponyhead sgets annoyed and jokingly tells Marco that if he likes him so much he should ask him out. She then grabs his scissors and sends him to the underworld to do so as a prank. Star tries to bring Marco back through, knowing Ponyhead won't do it until he goes along with it. Marco sheepishly asks Tom out to a date and he says yes as if he's expected it the whole time. Marco has also had feelings for Tom but he didn't know quite what they were.

Was this an idea or a request? Either way I wrote it! I had so much fun writing this! It really was an amazing idea! Sorry it takes a sad turn in the middle but I ended it fluffy and happy! I hope you enjoy! I played with the idea a bit because I thought about how I would feel if somebody asked me out on a dare, which is not good. But we all know that’s not what ws meant, I can’t explain haha just read it! Enjoy!


“Marco just do it so she’ll let you come home.” Star complained over the phone. Marco ran around the underworld, desperately trying to find a way home. He shook his head and looked around for some sort of way out.

“NO! I can’t ask Tom out! He’s TOM!” Marco complained. Star shrugged and twirled with her wand.

‘You know, by the way you get so defensive about it, I would think you have a crush on him.” She teased. Marco blushed furiously.

“NO! No way do I like him! It’s TOM! I do not like Tom at all!” Marco assured. Star laughed and put the phone on speaker so Ponyhead and Janna could hear his yelling and defending. He was going on and on about how much he hated the demon while the girls laughed.

“Okay Marco, this is getting crazy.” Star laughed. “I’m hanging up, Tom lives at the end of the road we sent you to.” She giggled. When she hung up the phone all the girls started laughing.

“He’s got it so bad and he doesn’t even know.” Janna scoffed and ate a handful of popcorn. “You think he’ll do it?” She asked. Star shrugged.

“He is in deep denial. Let’s see how this goes.” She suggested. Star took out her wand and chanted the spying spell.

“Hey? Isn’t that evil or something?” Ponyhead asked. Star was quiet for a moment.

“This is an important circumstance.” Star defended. The girls looked through the magic window and saw Marco walk near the old Halloween-looking house at the end of the road. “ He’s going for it!” Star cheered.

“Well we don’t know that yet.” Ponyhead assured. “Just shut-up and watch, girl.” She insisted. Marco knocked on the door and stood there for a while. As soon as he was about to leave, think the demon wasn’t home, the door swung open and Tom pulled Marco in, he seemed enraged, but once he saw whom it was he at once calmed down.

“Oh! Marco! Sorry about that. I didn’t know it was you.” He laughed lightly. Marco gasped in fear from what happened.

“Who did you think I was!?” He demanded. “What a welcome…” Marco said with sarcasm. Tom rolled his eyes and motioned for Marco to sit down. The human did so and Tom flopped down on the chair right across from his, laying diagonally across it and looking up at the ceiling. He seemed like he was falling off the chair in an uncomfortable manor, but he didn’t look like he had any intention on moving.

“What’s up?” The demon asked. Marco blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

“I uh… am here.” Marco spat out. Tom looked at him curiously.

“Yeah… I got that part.” He assured. Marco blushed deeper and played with his hands, hoping the girls would just bring him home already. He waited a minute in silence before realizing that wasn’t going to happen.

“I actually… wanted to talk to you.” Marco admitted. Tom sat up and looked at him with interest. “It’s actually… a question…” Marco continued.

“He’s gonna do it!” Janna cried. Star leaned closer to the magic window and they watched the boys closely. Marco cleared his throat and shuffled nervously, trying to find the right words.

“I uhm… do you…” Marco started,

“He’s gonna choke.” Ponyhead assured. They watched as Marco continued.

“Do you want…” Marco cut off and started coughing. Tom shot up and walked over to him, asking if he was okay. Ponyhead leaned back smugly.

“I told you he was gonna choke.” She reminded. The other girls hushed her and watched as Tom handed Marco a glass of water.

“Dude? You good?” He asked again. Marco nodded.

“It’s just… I’m a little nervous is all because… I wanted to ask you something.” He mumbled. Tom rolled his eyes, getting bored.

“You said that! Just ask already.” Tom assured. Marco swallowed hard and gulped down the glass of water. He finished and took a deep breath, looking up at Tom with big eyes. Marco cleared his throat.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” Marco asked. All three girls gasped and Tom was silent for a long while. Marco watched him with a nervous expression. When he didn’t say anything Marco sighed and got up. “I’m sorry, this was a bad idea.” Marco said, about to run out. Tom stopped him by grabbed his shoulder.

“No! It’s not stupid it really isn’t.” Tom assured. He then blushed a little bit. “I uh… I’d love to go on a date with you.” The demon smiled and Marco blushed a little bit. He was actually happy Tom accepted! This wasn’t so bad after all. Marco smiled at him and the two stood there for a moment until a portal opened.

“Oh my gosh!” Ponyhead cried. “I didn’t think you’d do it but you did! This is crazy, I guess you can come home now, dare finished.” She smirked. Marco was about to climb through the portal when he looked back at Tom. He stopped when the demon was looking at him with a confused look.

“What does she mean? What’s going on?” He asked. “Dare?” Tom inquired. Marco rocked on his heels a little bit.

“Oh… yeah actually the reason I asked you out is because… she sort of trapped me here… to ask you out… on a dare.” Marco explained. It sounded a lot worse when he said it like that. Tom’s eyes lit up and he stared daggers at the human. “Are you mad?” Marco asked.

“YES!” Tom hissed. “You asked me OUT on a DARE!? That’s so messed up!” Tom screamed. He fell back, his eyes turning back to normal. “I was… I was happy! I thought you LIKED me!” He yelled. Tom was growling at the human, but more hurt than anger was showing in his eyes.

Star and Janna jumped through the portal. “Tom! It’s not like that, we dared him because he likes you!” Star tried. Tom hissed at the girl.

“You too? I expected this from Pony but I thought a little more of you.” Tom told her, looking away.

“Ouch, offense taken.” Ponyhead announced. Marco went over to Tom but the demon shoved him away.

“Get out of my house! I don’t want to go on a dare-date with you!” Tom screamed, pushing the group out. “I can’t believe I actually thought… get OUT OF HERE!” He yelled, throwing a picture frame at Janna. The group ran out of the demon’s house and closed the portal, sitting on the floor of the couch.

“Guys… I feel bad.” Star said, pulling her knees to her chest. Janna and Ponyhead nodded and Marco put his face in his hands.

“He… he didn’t let me explained. I do like him!” Marco cried. “I just didn’t really know until you guys…” He trailed off. “I can understand why he’d be mad… who would want to be asked out on a dare? That’s pretty hurtful.” Marco sighed. “I wish I could explain to him the truth.” Marco wished.

“Well he does not want to talk to you, or any of us, now. I don’t think he’ll listen.” Star admitted. Janna cracked her knuckles.

“Don’t worry, I’ve disappointed many-a-people in my time.” She assured. “And I know how to get through to them even when they’re this mad.” Janna promised. “I can get you two on good terms, somebody hand me a pair of scissors.”


Tom hissed when there was a knock at his door. He didn’t want to answer it, he just wanted to lie on the floor and feel bad. Tom groaned when the knock came again, this time louder and he got up. “Okay! Okay! I’m coming! Hekapoo if this is you I already lost you scissors so you can’t get them back.” Tom called, slumping down the stairs to the front door.

Tom opened the door and scowled when there was nobody there, he took a step out and hissed when he stubbed his toe on something, but his expression softened when he looked down and saw a big basket. Tom looked curious and bent down, he picked it up and saw it had a heart-print fleece blanket in it with a note that said ‘To keep you warm because I was so cold to you’ with a frowny-face. Tom tilted his head and saw there was a big heart-shaped card. He brought it inside and opened it, he rolled his eyes when he opened it and a bunch of pink glitter spilled out on his lap.

Tom looked down and read the note.

Dear Tom,

Hey! It’s Marco! I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now, and I deserve that. I did something really mean to you without thinking twice about it. The thing is, the girls were teasing me about having a crush on you, and then dared me to ask you out. It actually had good intentions and we didn’t mean to hurt you. I never thought it would hurt your feelings because I assumed you would just say no. Which is still wrong of me. I understand how you could have been hurt by the situation and I’m sorry. A dare is not the right way to ask somebody on a date.

But the dare wasn’t meant to be something I didn’t want to do. In fact, it’s something I’ve been hoping for. So I’m sorry. And I would like to ask you on a real date.

PS. Star, Janna and Ponyhead helped me with the card. They feel bad about daring me in the first place and wanted me to add that they had good intentions. Sorry about the glitter, it was Star’s handy-work.

Love, Marco

Tom smiled a bit at the note and felt the soft blanket between his fingers. He giggled a little and brushed the glitter off hip lap. He rolled his eyes, but was still smiling fondly. He put the not up in his window so he could see it and shook his head. “Oh Marco.”

Why is this still going on?

The lgbt+ community on this site is fucked up tbh
You guys keep saying that you want to feel like you have safe space to be yourselfs yet you exclude and gatekeep other lgbt+ people all because “their ace and het and het people don’t belong in the community” or “bi people are greedy and are cheaters” or “I don’t feel Dysphoria I just want to be called different pronouns to be a gender confusion” and all this other shit
Yknow that their are people on this site that actually do want to be proud to be lgbt+ but no you just have to shit all over them all because you don’t like their romantic attraction and gender
Something that no one can control
Fuck you assholes I’m done with this shit

Sleepover Confirmed Starco

I’m really late to the celebration party, but Sleepover basically confirmed that Star has a crush on Marco. 

And I’ve already seen the fandom’s reaction to THAT. 

While the shippers of Starco are happily rejoicing in the fact that half of their OTP is canon, the anti’s are salty as fuck because they don’t want another “cliche” romance. 

Just tell me: How is a well progressed and developed romance “Cliche”? 

The best kind of romances start out with the two being friends and that’s because they get to know about each other on a personal level. With time, those feelings become something more because they realize they care about each other more than they thought they did. 

We also had SEVERAL if not many hints in Season 1 that Starco was going to become a thing in this series. ESPECIALLY with Blood Moon Ball and the whole hidden prophecy they’re building up to with Star and Marco. 

And it also really bothers me how some people are like “If Starco becomes canon, I’m dropping the series.” 

Like? Are you not interested in the other qualities of the show? Are you not interested in learning more about Mewnie and about Marco’s family? Are you not interested in learning more about the hidden prophecy they’re building up to? Was your whole purpose for watching this show to ship two characters together? 

Like you can drop the series if that’ll make you happy but I think that’s really fucking stupid. Especially when this series is focused on so much more than just romance. 

There’s also so many episodes left of Season 2 so we’re not even half-way through the whole Season yet. And we still have Season 3 that is still on the horizon so a lot could happen in that time span. 

So calm the fuck down and enjoy the series. 

Starco and Tomco Rant Thing

Okay, okay, I need to get this off my chest. More than likely, someone has already ranted about this. That’s fine. This is a necessity.

So, I forever am, and forever will be, a Starco shipper. However, recently, the dual-shipping has begun, and I’m beginning to see why Tomco exists.

Now, in some shows, no matter how you think about it, the demon x human boy thing just doesn’t work. Take Gravity Falls, for instance. Yes, I ship the Billdip. But does the Billdip make sense? When you think about it, not really. Not only are Bill and Dipper tens of thousands of years apart age-wise, but they also have absolutely nothing in common. At all. Also, Bill isn’t a humanoid! HE IS A TRIANGLE. Human Bill is great, but human Bill is not canon Bill. No matter how much my brain and my heart agree that Billdip is the best, it has no real chance.

Tomco is different. For one, Marco and Tom seem to be about the same age, though it’s hard to tell with underworld demons. Secondly, canon Tom is a humanoid, which makes a relationship that much more feasible. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, TOM AND MARCO ACTUALLY SHARE A FEW INTERESTS. They both are completely obsessed with the girly boy band Love Sentence, and Marco got Tom interested in a martial arts movie series. They actually sang a duet together. In the actual physical episode. To prove a point.

Okay, okay, I swear that’s all I needed. All I’m saying is, it’s a whole lot easier to ship Tomco than Billdip without feeling weird about it.

Yep that’s it I’m gone bye.

The Most Beautiful and Kindest Hearts

Before I get to the concert and the meet & greet, I want to talk about a few things first so that hopefully readers and fellow fans know where I’m coming from (and possibly where the band members are coming from.) The actual concert will be the next text post to focus on the band meet.

I am a very humble person. I a m so grateful for what and who I have in my life.  I’m not rich or part of the one percent, but I have so much, things that people can only dream to have. I have a home, I have family and friends who love me. I even have decent health. I struggle with learning as well as with openness, and life and general, but I appreciate all that I have and gone through, especially this past year. Bearing that in mind, I am so thankful that I went to the Nightwish concert last night and that I got to meet the band. Waiting four hours before the doors opened, and in the cold and wind, was nothing. Everything was worth it.

I met some interesting people, as a person often does with fellow metal and rock fans, got some video and pictures, and even got a few story ideas for my own fiction. Overall it was a good Tuesday night. So when the meet & greet began; I was excited. The only nerves I felt were from the fans that did not get VIP passes. As fans we met Nightwish in groups of 3—4. Of the group I was in I was the last to meet them, perfectly fine though. And for months I knew I’d give Tuomas a thank you note/doodle and it went well. I shook hands with Tuomas, Troy, Floor, Kai, Emppu, and Marco. (I told Tuomas that I was really thankful for this, his music, and how I listen to his music when writing my own stories. At floor I also thanked were for Wild Card and that it helped with my own depressive episode. And at Marco I said I love his growls.)

My impression was that every member is sweet and humble and their kind hearts make them all the more beautiful. None were “racist”, “sexist,” or an “arrogant bitch.”  It just that with Tuomas and Floor there’s a certain reserve to them. Tuomas a shyness tendency and Floor an almost protective aura about her.

I say this because anyone who’s gone through this sees it in others more easily. I used to be incredibly shy, and at this point it’s merged into a sort of introversion instead, my shyness still pops up at times. Tuomas was amicable but even as a man there was a lowness to his voice; a voice that said, “Meeting people is great but take it slow. You can do this.”

Most shy, former shy, anxious-ridden people know how shyness affects them and how it makes them look to others. If you fall into that category you’re typically seen as conceited and distant when it’s just your quietness taking over. So most go into creative fields where they can easily be open and their nerves don’t get the best of them. Though it does excuse it, the open letter makes sense now, sense being shy you don’t want your words, your feelings to be a burden on others; beloved ones or strangers.

As for the fans’ perception of Floor, shyness appears to have nothing to do with this. Like Tuomas was open with the depression he had in his early years; Floor was just as open with her burnout. (Since burnout and depression intertwine so much I won’t go much into that aspect.) Most people who have gone through a mood, mental, or physical illness, tend to be cautious, even after several years of recovery. Floor, like most, will take precautions to make sure she won’t end up in that state again. That could be taking introduction slower more leisurely than someone who hasn’t gone through this kind of rough patch.

These are just some of the reasons I defend these members. The band DOES NOT owe us a meet & greet, a photo, an autograph, a hug, etc. The most they owe fans is a performance. Just like they know that fans DON’T HAVE TO pay for merch, for albums, tickets or anything. It’s our choice, just like it’s theirs. Since they have done pre-show meetings, the least both sides can do is offer a handshake, smile, and kind word. That’s all.

Although I think was helped me was my sweet, silly side of my humor when it comes to meeting any new person. When it came to handing my phone over for a photo I’m saying, “Dude who do I hand my phone to? This man? This staff member? I’m confused.” They all look the same. Photo went well and I said a last word that, “I bet you’ll kick ass.” “Thanks we try,” from Floor. (Got a chuckle from Marco and Floor too.)

I do realize that this won’t change anything. Everyone has the right to their opinion. I want to leave my readers with the fact that you shouldn’t take experiences at face value. Don’t base your impressions on cultural difference or one-time memories.

I love you all and wish you the world of understanding and beauty, as well as happiness.


Sometimes I want to murder the Adventure Time tag

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(((car ref used)))

liar, liar is now a thing i’m trapped in and i’m glad it exists, and this’s also a belated bday gift for Kenji! hope you had a swell day! wanted to draw car wash scene, so tried to imagine how eren’s ancient, tiny car’d look like and by the given adjectives i instantly thought about lada car, which are hella old and small for sure. may not look like here but trust me it is. there’s very little space in the back seats, enough to make car sex awkward. basically eren and jean would sooner end up washing themselves here. there’s actually a comic behind this, i’ll post it later ‘cause there’s so much to finish.

Marco, Marco

Imagine Person A has a crush on Person B, but Person B doesn’t know and has a crush on someone else. Person B vents their frustrations about their unrequited crush to Person A all the time. After a particularly long rant, Person B goes “You just don’t know how bad it hurts to like someone so much and for them to have no idea how you feel”. Person A looks at them with a sad smile and says “No, I guess I don’t.”

Credits to otpprompts for making this. I saw this on my dash and thought it would be a really cool prompt to write about. Go check out otpprompts if you want to have a fun time.

I’ve written nothing but happy fluff for these two, this is literally my first time writing angst for Janstar. I hope y'all like it.

Warning: ANGST


“Marco doesn’t really have time for me anymore,” Star sighed. “Is Jackie really more important than me now?”



Janna sighed. “Can’t you not talk about him right now? We’re kinda busy at the moment.”

Both were hanging from a rope attached to the roof of the school. “Oh, oh yeah, we’re climbing this rope thing,” Star commented.

Janna let out a dry laugh. “Yeah we are, can you hurry up now? We’re almost there.”

Star nodded. “Right! Right! Up we go, earth girl style!” She smiled as she climbed up.

Janna giggled as a light blush covered her face. It was true that she was in love with her, it was the very reason why she started hanging out with her. Star’s bubbly personality was refreshing. Who couldn’t love her?

But apparently, Marco can’t.

Star’s happy persona started dwindling after Marco and Jackie went to prom. She had a crush on Marco. Janna felt she had to do something to make her happy again. So everyday after school, they would go up to the roof top to talk about their feelings, or just star’s feelings to be honest.

It hurt Janna whenever Star talked about Marco, but Star did seem happier after talking about her feelings. So she just went through it.

Star finally reached the top of the school. “Finally! We’re here!” Star said in triumph.

Janna shortly followed behind her. “I like how you went ‘earth girl style’ but an earth girl doesn’t climb up a rope using her teeth.”

“Ohhhh, no wonder why you were using your hands!” Star smiled.

Janna laughed. “Really? Didn’t Marco teach you how to climb a rope or something?”

Janna realized she made a big mistake by mentioning his name. Star eyes dulled a little as she slowly plopped on to the ground.

Janna desperately wanted to change to topic. “Hey you know that new remake of the Mackie Hand movie is out today-”

“-Marco loves Mackie Hand,” Star glumly answered.

Janna increasingly became more nervous, it was way too early for this. She had a list planned out too. They were gonna have so much fun that Star would forget she even had feelings for Marco-

Great, now she’s ranting.

“-Are me and Marco even friends anymore?” Star said out loud as they sat on the rooftop. “I’m happy for him but…., it just hurts.”

Janna sighed as she held back tears. “Marco…… Marco’s crazy,” she said. “But, he’ll be back alright, he’s just in lovers lane right now.”

Star grunted in anger. “You just don’t get it, Janna. You don’t know how bad it hurts to like someone so much and for them to have no idea how you feel.”

That stung, that stung a lot.

No, I do. Janna thought.

She wanted to confess right then and there. She wanted to scream on how ignorant Star was and how in love she was with her.

“Star, I….”

But all she could do was just mustered up a smile. Janna knew the truth, Star would never love her.

“I-i guess you’re right.” Janna stuttered. “I don’t know what that feels like.”

Why Marco Bodt should not have died

Just to be clear, this isn’t Marco is alive/is a Titan Shifter post #2039546738- I’m sure he’s dead. This isn’t a “Marco should be alive so he can suck Jean’s D” post either- while I like the ship, it’s not my main reason.

This is me ranting about probably the single biggest wasted opportunity in Attack on Titan.

What’s Marco’s primary character motivation? Let’s take a look:

Somewhere, Kenny Ackerman is laughing.

Marco was the only character to honestly believe in the goodness of the MPs and we all know what’s happening now. Talk about a broken pedestal.

If Marco had lived past Trost, he would have gotten one of the most soul-crushing character arcs of the series as his idealism crumbled around him. Especially after the events of chapter 58.

But, Isayama killed him because he couldn’t think of anything to do with his character, and that’s the part that really gets me, because it means he didn’t plan the “attack on government” arc out from the beginning and really is making things up as he goes along, or he didn’t see the obvious potential for Marco’s character development during said arc. Either way, it’s a pretty glaring error.

Marco in Friendenemies

I want to point out the genuine goodness of Friendenemies because it was such a wonderful episode  rich with insight to characterization especially with respect to Marco.

 So, when Tom’s carriage gets made fun of his expression hints to one of absolute rage. Marco immediately notices this and steps in to diffuse the situation. He backs Tom up with a reassuring shoulder grab and proceeds to handle the rest of a potentially violent interaction smoothly.  This is so incredibly telling of who Marco is as a person. It’s not like he really likes Tom, and by this point he’s still a little mistrusting. 

Any other person, with someone they don’t like, would watch the scene play out and then say: 

“see Tom hasn’t changed at all, he still gets angry over small stuff.“ 

But not Marco

He teaches Tom an important lesson about how satisfying it can be to not get angry and instead be thoughtful with the emotions you’re feeling. 

Even more so Marco acknowledges that Tom is still dealing with his anger management issues. When he walks out on Tom its not entirely because Tom’s anger took over but actually it has to do with something Marco’s brought up in the past: lying. Marco calls Tom a liar, thats what he chooses to focus on. Not the fact that Tom got angry even after he promised earlier in the episode that he wouldn’t, because thats not his main problem with Tom. Marco hates lying. I don’t think we’ve seen him do it with out the intention of making a point to someone. 

The first thing Marco does when everything happens is ask for an explanation and if Tom hadn’t been such an asshole about it, things would have gone differently, but it doesn’t, because as good characterization would have it, Tom is still dealing with anger issues (which is a whole other interesting breakdown).  

This episode aside from all its fun shippy/bromantic/whatever you want it to be  is so important in developing Marco to us viewers. There’s a reason this dude is princess material. He’s considerate, observant, forgiving, understanding and morally grounded. 


Here is the thing:
(It’s just a theory and I don’t know what to think of it either but there’s a point behind it)

As you probably all know, Mario and Marco are very close friends. That’s also why Mario congratulated Marco via Twitter this morning saying he “can’t wait for our next tournament together” before the final squad for the EURO was announced. However, after the final squad was out, Mario deleted that tweet.

But isn’t it weird that he, his best friend, gets all excited about the EURO with his best friend and than all of the sudden said best friend is ruled out of the club?

We know Marco and Mario talk about private things and I am pretty sure Marco’s injury came up a few times these days as well. I’m convinced that if it is as bad with Marco as everyone makes it to be, he would have told Mario beforehand, that he had doubts about making it into the final squad. However, it seems like Mario didn’t know which is very suspicious to be honest but it could be nothing. We don’t know how much they talk or what they talk about at all but it’s a thing that you have to consider and seems weird.

Also, Schneider as well as the photos by the DFB Team all said that Marco was doing fine and getting better which of course could have changed but that seems pretty superficial to me.

As Jogi said, “the doctors couldn’t make out a concrete update about Marco’s injury”. This also leaves you in doubts if his situation was really that critical. Since he’s having troubles with his adductors again, I’m convinced that it wouldn’t be as much of a problem as a hamstering would for example. You can’t go on telling me that the team wouldn’t have managed to get Marco fit in time of the more important matches.

I don’t know what it is that made Jogi stop believing in him but something certainly happened because ever since the World Cup it seems as if Jogi has changed. I know this may sound ridiculous but there are so many other reasons why Jogi has been failing at his job lately. There’s only Schmelzer, Durm or even an outstanding playing André Hahn I have to mention to prove that he’s doing some things wrong. It’s obvious that he has his favorites (such as Podolski or Götze) who he would always want to have by his side even though they’re not in their best condition and I’m sorry but it is like that.

I just always thought that the “national team” was supposed to be a representive of the best national team players at that moment and if an outstanding Marco Reus who played an amazing season this year and scored important goals for his club who might be slightly injured but could be fit in time for the big matches doesn’t belong to that kind of team, than I don’t know who could.

Calm the fuck down IT’S ONLY EPISODE 1!

You know, I never thought my first long post about Season 2 of SVTFOE would be me telling people to calm the fuck down but I guess we’ll jump right in! 

So, I wanted to see everyone else’s interpretations of Marco’s reaction to reading that part of Star’s diary where she’s literally written a whole chapter about her feelings for him. 

I knew a lot of us would fangirl over Marco’s facial expression and the fact the key had a handle in the shape of a heart. So I was expecting that going in, when I refresh the tag to find people cross tagging with: 






Bitch. Really? It’s the first fucking episode of season 2. Calm your tits nothing major has been developed yet besides the possibility that Star may have a crush on Marco. And we don’t exactly know what Star wrote in that passage besides the fact that she calls him her best friend. 

She didn’t call him her boyfriend or her lover, she didn’t even talk about how cute he is or some shit like that. She just said they were best friends. 

But some of you guys are acting like Star just straight up kissed Marco on the lips or told him she liked him more than just a friend. 

It’s. Just. The. First. Episode. 

Even the most die hard shippers know there’ll be more twists and turns that can effect Starco’s development. 

Remember Jackie? Remember Tom? Remember the fact that both Marco and Star are both flirtatious teenagers? 

More than likely before Starco gets together Marco will be in a relationship with Jackie or Star will fall for another guy and date him for a while. 

But again: we don’t know because this is just the first episode of season 2 and we still don’t know jack shit about the other episodes outside of the clips we got from the promos. 

So I guess my message in this one rant is: tag your shit properly, calm the fuck down, wait till more episodes come out, and enjoy Season 2 without causing shipping drama WITH JUST THE FIRST EPISODE RIGHT AFTER WE GOT OFF A LONG HIATUS. 

Lemme Explain Something

Okay, so after the new episode, I saw a lot of people saying that the Starco ship is sinking.

It’s actually not.

I know most of you are gonna be like, “OH MY GOD SHE’S OVERREACTING ABOUT THIS BLEH BLEH BLEH”
But come on. We had an adorable Starco episode last week, let’s just let it be.

Think about all the people who ship Jackie and Marco last week. They must’ve felt pretty awkward watching their news feed blow up with Starco. As soon as a Jackie and Marco moment comes up, it’s like, “OH MY GOD”.

Yes, I love Starco. It’s my OTP. But support the other shipping moments too. Pretty Please?


Okay so this is going to be a sorta long post. But I need to at least recognize something that pissed me off beyond belief. I am going to be referring to this comic and I will respect that this is an artists opinion and anyone else’s. But I think I might as well say my goddamn own. 

First off. This person pretty much crossed my line of ‘this is not okay’ the moment he/she asked their viewers why Marco is so important. As if that didn’t anger me enough; this person went far enough to say that the only reason this fandom cares about Marco is because of his relationship with Jean.  

Let the rant begin. 

For this artists information, Marco is beyond important to me. The moment I laid eyes on his cute freckled face I basically fell in love with his character. His optimism towards his personal goals actually helped me on a daily basis. 

A hard test at school? Well I better fucking study because I know Marco would.

Depressed? All I had to do was remind myself that he managed to stay optimistic in a really fucked up world.

So when this artist asks why he’s so important to me it actually hurts. Because it’s thanks to my wonderful muse and this blog that I can get through most days. 

And secondly, before I even began to ship jeanmarco I treasured this little loser more than anything. And his death was incredibly heartbreaking. But I understand why it happened, and how it helped Jean move on with his own character development.