marco loves all animals i think

Pet store au!!!

- Marco gets a job at the pet store.
- He sees Tom (who is sort of the bad kid in his school) working there
- Marco tells him “I didn’t think you’d have a job. Let alone here.”
- And Tom just goes “I just love animals.”
- Marco thinks it all cute and gushy until he turns around and sees a huge-ass snake wrapped all around Tom’s head and shoulders.
- Tom just stares him down and goes “I really love animals.”
- Tom shows him around and how to care for the animals and they start to get along
- Marco works by the fish tanks and Tom always finds excuses to go over there even though he’ll get in trouble
- one day they organize a pet adoption
- And Tom has befriended a disabled cat, and all he wants to do is find this cat a good home but nobody will adopt it
- At the end of the day Marco sees how torn up Tom is that he couldn’t find the cat a him, so Marco caves and adopts it himself

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What animal would the 104ths be?

I would also like to refer you to this post on the 104th’s patronuses, as that is also some commentary on what animals they might be. And because I’m linking that one, I tried to make this one a little different so hope it’s not too out there. 

Eren: Bull. Powerful creatures with a serious stubborn streak, Eren’s definitely like a bull in a lot of ways. 

Mikasa: Wolf. Can be vicious and deadly, or gentle and nurturing. Also fiercely protective.

Armin: Dolphin, for his intelligence. And the fact that dolphins can be fiercely protective of the ones they love, and are also pretty cute. Armin is all of these things.

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So this is something I made after reading this post:

Guy check it out, my ultimate fav writer did it, check out tomco-headcannons blog, it’s amazing! Also all credit goes to her/him/they

Read from left to right.. but just in case you can’t read it because I’m terrible at taking pictures.

Panel 1: Marco: Well I didn’t think you’d have a job. Let alone here.

Panel 2: Tom: I just love animals

(and I wrote it on P1 but Marco it’s thinking that that is cute [omg “that that” …English at its finest right there.] )

Panel 3: *Marco looks back at Tom* OMFG!! what the hell?!

Panel 4 * staring down at Marco* I really love animals.

Marco: uh…

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Hello Seddm! You've probably already noticed it, but I'd like to point this you out. What do you think that the fact that Star and Marco's second favourite song is "Just Friends" but this song is Jackie's favourite? I thought about this and I theorized that it could be foreshadowing some relationship evolution between Star and Marco, as well between Marco and Jackie. What's your opinion about it?

I think it’s definitely possible, since there have been already too many references to the “rankings” Marco gave to Love Sentence’s songs, without knowing yet what his favorite one is

and the whole scene, in Just Friends, looks to be animated with the clear intent of conveying the idea of an interruption, of “Jackie butting in” (obviously this is consistent with the themes of the episode, and should not be seen out of context only) -gif slowed down on purpose, it’s not your connection.

I don’t exactly know what to make of all this, nor I want to give it too much meaning -I always tread carefully when Jarco is involved, I don’t want to let my Starco bias to influence me, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if, in a future episode, we were to get to know what’s Star and Marco’s number one favorite song during an important moment for their relationship.

Headcanon that the animorphs all know other languages than English to some degree:

  • Jake speaks a little Spanish from what he learned in school. He also knows a little German from Rachel.
  • Rachel fluently speaks German.
  • Cassie is fluent in ASL (and everyone thinks she can speak to animals like Dr. Dolittle, but she just has a Connection™ from being able to morph). She also knows some (Mandarin) Chinese.
  • Marco fluently speaks Spanish.
  • Tobias fluently spoke and wrote French before becoming a nothlit (I imagine he loves French poetry) but has since forgotten some. However, he can fluently read Andalite language and knows nearly all the Hork Bajir words.
  • Ax obviously speaks English and a variety of alien languages but when he learned about braille it became his favorite thing ever and he had to learn to do it.

just finished the entire animorphs series and read all of the ending for the first time, and holy shit woah. I think I loved that ending but I honestly can’t tell yet. Here’s my rambling, liveblogged thoughts on it all under the read more (spoilers to heck and back obviously. are there even people animorphs can be spoiled for anymore? best to play it safe i guess)

  • oh good Jake sees the pure, ruthless, straight line from A to Z, this won’t end horribly AT ALL
  • Jake what are you doing are you lying and using literally everyone you know, leave the Chee out of this please
  • verisimilitude, that’s a big word for a 16 year old kid who hasn’t paid attention to a thing except animal-based military strategy since the 3rd grade
  • no wait james and his team aren’t actually dead are they
  • they can’t be
  • they’re innocent disabled kids you can’t actually kill any of them off what the hell if anyone had a surefire chance of living it was these kids that’s not how this game is played who are you george rr martin???
  • come to think of it whatever happened to Chapman + his yeerk, they were kinda big characters. the animorphs obviously didn’t bring him onboard the pool ship but then how did they force erek to do their bidding while they were up there, did they just tie him to a tree in the valley with rachel’s sister pointing a gun at him or-
  • you can’t end it like that what nooo
  • oh good we’re gonna open 54 with a recap, this is exactly what i felt like reading after getting massive confirmation with who was gonna die from the inside cover of all places
  • she mentions the taxxon rebellion as the start of something big but uh did they ever do anything on the ground, like, what have they actually done to pull their weight here??? Not a god damned thing???
  • i’d like to see gedd get drunk actually, is that a thing they do for fun, have yeerks ever been permitted fun
  • not jara hamee noooo he was so brave and kind and we haven’t even seen him in ages. this is on par with killing tonks and lupin, that was just pointless and mean :/
  • Marco’s loving this talk with the andalites, i think he’s more pissed off at how the andalites abandoned them out of all of everyone. poor Tobias though ;__;
  • woah, only one of the talk shows marco mentions is still on air, i suddenly feel old
  • “a Spielberg movie about us. Animorph. Come on, you gotta love that” WELL THEN WHY DOESN’T IT EXIST??? (except definitely not spielberg. i’d rather something animated, like, a teen titans/young justice kinda deal that went on for 80 episodes, not that i’ve put any thought into this)
  • “I wrote a book, with some help from a ghostwriter.” Drawing from personal experience to write this one I see, Applegate
  • i had to google what a palm pilot was, christ
  • rime of the ancient mariner? even when he’s mr hollywood marco betrays an unexpected wit, that’s really cool to see honestly
  • morph therapy omg that’s great, sign me up please. I have a feeling I’ll need it after this.
  • visser one has half a dozen lawyers defending him in court??? who would ever willingly take that job? are they controller-lawyers or are they just dudes like saul from breaking bad, tell me more about them please
  • Marco just hit jake in the head while in gorilla wtf dude. I know we live in a universe with joss whedon-laws where people can be safely knocked out whenever you want with no brain damage but that still seems kinda rude
  • still no shoe morphing? I could have sworn they learned how to do that towards the end of the series, huh. It would have been a cool touch if they did figure it out towards the mid 40’s, just a lil something to acknowledge them being the undisputed morph champions of the universe. Plus I thought that andalite lady Ax liked morphed shoes no biggie, so at least cassie should be able to right
  • Jakes getting better! And while I totally get and even appreciate Cassie being with someone else, another larger part of me is just screaming ‘what is this a stephen king novel, no, i did not read 62 books to see no one get together we needed this, if Jake is better what barrier do they have now’
  • no scans don’t crap out on me now, we’ve been through too much to stop here, you’ve been good all book just keep it together a lil more okay
  • super subtle mention that the next president of america is female, niceee
  • “And of course the inevitable bogus Tobias sightings.” omg there totally would be
  • we just mentioned tobias’s mum without mentioning, y’know, where she is. or where most of their parents are doing now. Woulda been nice to see Eva at Visser One’s hearing, like a reverse Visser chronicles kinda deal. was kinda hoping tobias’s mum would at least try to do something about his self-imposed exile, but noooo, he was super duper hopeful towards having her in his life in the last books and was staying human to be around her where did that all change shouldn’t he have clung to her more in his grief? (you can see i’m already in denial) That or he coulda thought about becoming a nothlit finally, like how in 41 he became Ax and stayed that way that was super cool and great on every level
  • “I had seven cars. A butler named Wetherbee. (Actually his name was McPherson, but I liked the sound of ‘Wetherbee.’)” I fucking love Marco and everything about him, he was born to be a millionaire
  • [shivers like a dork]
  • “We spent the next six weeks wandering around the system, seeing some cool things on strange worlds, but no evidence of Kelbrids.” that sentence alone could be a damned mini series ugh
  • “ram the blade ship” OKAY THEN.

everything about this ending is meant to imply they live and get into yet another big war like old times and their adventures continue, which is honestly really great, except y’know, you ended it on something way more suicidal than usual with no indication anyone makes it out of the next 5 seconds alive, and Ax might be dead already? He’s at least been absorbed into some kinda mysterious entity, who coulda at least been confirmed to be the voice that put Jake in the future. hnghhhh. not sure how i feel, i’m gonna go listen to owl city songs on repeat for an hour and try not to cry, see you all tomorrow.

(feel free to reply to this anyone, I’d love to meet more of the animorphs fandom and find out where there is to go from here. Is there fanfiction that needs to be read? Maybe anyone’s redone the ending? same for theories/fanart/overly long accounts of marco using morphing power for sex/etc etc etc)