marco loves all animals i think

Pet store au!!!

- Marco gets a job at the pet store.
- He sees Tom (who is sort of the bad kid in his school) working there
- Marco tells him “I didn’t think you’d have a job. Let alone here.”
- And Tom just goes “I just love animals.”
- Marco thinks it all cute and gushy until he turns around and sees a huge-ass snake wrapped all around Tom’s head and shoulders.
- Tom just stares him down and goes “I really love animals.”
- Tom shows him around and how to care for the animals and they start to get along
- Marco works by the fish tanks and Tom always finds excuses to go over there even though he’ll get in trouble
- one day they organize a pet adoption
- And Tom has befriended a disabled cat, and all he wants to do is find this cat a good home but nobody will adopt it
- At the end of the day Marco sees how torn up Tom is that he couldn’t find the cat a him, so Marco caves and adopts it himself