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I was gonna wright this, but I know I never will. so im gifting it to you. Its a fanfic where the episode of friendemies played out exactly the same EXCEPT when tom fails, tom says for him to wait and to give him a second chance. brian says "im sorry tom, but your parents told that if you failed in anyway to tell them imediatly." then brain sciccors his way out. marco yells like normal, then tom starts crying, saying that marco didnt understand. tom tells marco his parents are going to kill him!

This was such an amazing idea! I really enjoyed writing it, but it was so sad! You made up a very good request and I liked what you thought of! I hope you enjoy the story, get ready for some Tomco hurt/comfort!

“No, please! You have to give me another chance!” Tom begged. Brian shook his head and Marco just watched, still processing what was just going on. “I-I promise I can do it this time I just, please give me one last chance!” Tom pleaded. Brian sighed and took out his scissors, cutting a portal open.

“I’m sorry Tom, but your parents told me that if you fail in any way, to tell them at once.” He reminded. Tom’s eyes widened and he fell back, he shook his head frantically and began begging more for a second chance, but Brian cut him off. “I’m sorry Tom. You know how disappointed they are in you, this was your last chance.” He explained, before stepping into the portal and leaving the demon behind.

“I should have known! I thought you wanted to be my friend! But you just wanted to use me!” Marco yelled at the demon. “You’re such a… JERK! I can’t believe you! I trusted you! I believed that you actually could like me… but I was just being stupid.” Marco bit his lip and shook his head. “I can’t believe you!” He hissed.

“I’m dead…” Tom whispered, too quiet for marco to hear.

“What? Do you have NOTHING to say for yourself!?” Marco was near tears. “I really thought we could be friends! But… you lied to me!” He screamed at Tom. Tom just stood there, still, staring ahead. “Tom? What’s going on with you?” Marco asked, wiping away some of the tear that fell. He then fell back when he saw Tom’s petrified face, with big tears pooling down. “Oh my god! Tom, what… what’s going on?” He asked.

“You… you don’t understand.” Tom mumbled. “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!” Tom was now screaming this phrase and rocking back and forth, grabbing fistfuls of his hair. More tears pooled down his face. Marco covered his mouth with his hand and ran over to the demon to try and get him to calm down.

“Tom look at me! What’s wrong? What’s happening here?” He pleaded. Tom just broke down. He fell to the floor and began sobbing, trying to wipe away his tears with his hands, but it was little use. He sobbed, and Marco just watched, not knowing what to do. “Tom, please look at me.” Marco put his arm around the demon, not knowing what else to do.

“I’m going to die…” Tom hiccuped. “He’s going to hurt me again…” He sobbed. Marco looked confused and Tom shook his head, burying his face in the human’s hoodie. “Oh Marco, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I should have… how could I have…” He sobbed harder and Marco couldn’t help but hold him close.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Marco hushed him. “I forgive you.” He soothed. Tom sobbed harder and he dove back into the human’s hug. Forgetting they were “enemies”, forgetting how much they “hated” each other. Tom just held on tight and met Marco hug him. “Tom please talk to me.” He begged. “Are you… you’re so… scared.” Marco realized. He hugged the demon closer. “Tell me what’s wrong. Tell who’s hurting you.” Tom shook his head and Marco grabbed his face, making him look at him. “Tom, tell me and I promise you, I will not let anybody hurt you. I will keep you safe, I swear.” He vowed.

Tom looked up at Marco for a long time with more tears running down his face. He had a look of disbelief on his face and looked up at Marco with pure amazement. He knew not to talk, he was always told not to talk. But when he looked up at Marco, he opened his mouth and it all spilled out. “My dad.” He mumbled. Marco nodded.

“He’s the one that hurts you?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “Are you afraid of him?” He asked. Tom nodded again and Marco held him closer. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Marco soothed. “Is that why you had this whole test? Was he testing you? And you failed, so he’s going to be upset with you.” Marco pieced it together and Tom sobbed harder

“Marco please, you don’t understand he might really kill me this time!” Tom sobbed. Marco nodded and rubbed his back soothingly. Tom sobbed and Marco kept holding him close. “I can’t do it again…” He blubbered.

“You don’t have to. It’s okay Tom, you don’t have to.” Marco hushed him and he kept sobbing. Before Marco could comfort him any more, another portal opened and Brian stepped back through.

“Tom, your father sent for you.” he told the boy. Tom let out a scream and tried to run, but Marco took his hand.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” He assured. Marco then turned to Brian. “He’s not going.” he told the man.

“He can’t stay here, his father sent for him and I’m going to bring him home, now.” The man took a step forward and Marco ran at him, shoving him away. Tom gasped at seeing this and Marco shook his head again, going to hold Tom’s hand again.

“No! I said he’s not going with you!” Marco hissed at him. “I know everything! And you’re a piece of shit for not saying anything about it! And just sending Tom get hurt day after day! You’re just as guilty, do you know that?” Marco yelled at him. “You can say whatever you want to his dad, but Tom is coming with me.” Marco declared.

“You can’t just take him!” Brian called back.

“He’s not!” Tom finally spoke up and Brian look at him. “I want to go with Marco, I’m not going home I’m never going back again I want to go with Marco.” He began crying again.

“Tom, think about what you’re doing. You know your dad will find you, and do you know what trouble you’ll be in?” Brian asked.

“Stop it! You’re just trying to scare him into doing what you want!” Marco yelled. Marco looked down at Tom and held his face in his hands. “It’s okay, don’t listen to anything he says. I’m going to take you home and you’re going to be safe. I swear.” Marco assured him. Tom sniffled and nodded, he latched onto Marco and the human scooped him up. Before leaving he turned back to Brian. “Tell Tom’s dad I don’t care if he sends an entire army, or comes himself to try and get Tom back. I am not giving him up.”

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Under the head canon that marco is bi, it must be so confusing for him to realize what his feelings for Tom are. Since he's never had a real best friend that's a guy, he's gonna be constantly back and forth over "is this a best friend or crush?" (This is happening to me right now lol)

Here’s the interesting thing about Marco and Tom’s current relationship:

Canonly ATM, according to the wiki, the book, and the Marco livestream….Marco is very unsure of how he currently feels about Tom.

They hang out, but he doesn’t know if they’re really friends.

And i suppose that would make sense, Tom’s been giving him mixed signals for a long time. Marco doesn’t know him well enough to know to understand why Tom does the things he does or whether what he might do could lead to trouble (atm)

It’s kind’ve interesting that this is what is canonly going on with them.

Tom, for certain, seems to definitely consider Marco somewhat of a friend to him (And considering his friendless background and lack of emotional support for years, it’s not a surprise he’s grown a bit attached to him in a short period of time. ))

Marco has similar issues, like neglectful parents, but so far Tom’s seems to be a bit worse. (Of course that’s just an observation)

Tom respects Marco (Whether he wants to admit it or not), Tom always accepts he does bad things and that it’s all on him. He doesn’t think of Marco as a bad person because Marco has always been in the right so far.

Marco, however, spent a long time thinking of Tom as being bad, and Tom has clearly done some bad actions towards him…making it harder for Marco to actually trust him.

So it seems like Tom thinks of Marco as a friend, and Marco is still not sure whether they’re friends…or enemies…which makes you wonder why he still  hangs out with him.

I think a part of him really does want to form a friendship with him, but he just has his guard up so much he won’t admit it.

Why do i bring this up? Because let’s say tomco was going to happen….

Marco has no current answer to how he feels about Tom. He doesn’t hate him, but he’s not entirely sure if he likes him either. Marco’s in a position where anything Tom does now can shape his views and feelings about him.

a part of him wants to spend time with him, and he’s not sure why. When Oskar said they were “Bromancing”, Marco acted like what he said was ridiculous because there was no way they were forming any kind of close relationship (And so did Tom)

They already act like they have crushes on each other, when it hasn’t even been said in canon.

They have a relationship where they clearly like each other, but won’t admit it. They already sound like a bunch of different TV/Movie couples.

This isn’t a bad position to start a romance from.

Marco is already struggling with his feelings towards Tom, depending on future interactions….a canon crush can easily form.

Although if Marco did it, i’m sure it’d be handled much differently then how it was with Star.

((I wish you luck))

Ship war au!

IT IS DONNNNNNE! Hi everyone, Mr.E here with a new story. So in case you hadn’t heard, @moringmark came up with an awesome au and i highly recommend you go read his comics to find out. in general really go read his stuff.  In short Jackie and Marco’s child named Jam and Star and Marco’s child Elizabeth come back from two different futures to make sure they are born. Jarco and Starco child are at ends with each other. I wanted to write a story for this epic au and i also pitched some ideas to moringmark about oc love interests for the two because PEOPLE KEEP PAIRING THEM TOGETHER! I’m sorry bu they are half siblings. no, just no. in any case i tried my best to give them love interests to better suit everyones shipping needs. Elizabeth’s best friend from the future Dart who is a gentlemanly teen who believes in standing up for those who can’t and Jelly, a present day girl who is a little dazed but heavily into conspiracies. I’ll write more stories, throw more time travel goodness in there *coughnova* and all that jazz but for now it’s time to give the spot light to moringmark’s amazingly well crafted ocs. I hope you and everyone else enjoys them

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Can you a fic where Star, Janna, Tom, Marco, and Ponyhead all have to confess their worst fears. Maybe Tom's is really sad and Marco has to calm him down or something

Awww! Of course I can! It’s been a while since I’ve done angst like this and really liked it. It was nice outlet for how I’ve been feeling today. I hope you enjoy the story!

It was just supposed to be a game. Ponyhead brought it over. The cube would ask a question and you had to respond with the truth. But as they played more and more the questions got deeper and deeper. It soon was not a game. But they were stuck playing. “I think… I’m just going to go.” Tom shook his head and got up. But a robotic arm came out of the cube and grabbed him, flinging him to the middle of the room. Tom hit the ground hard and Marco ran over to him.

“Tommy, are you okay?” He asked.

“NOBODY LEAVES. EVERYBODY PLAYS.” The cube’s voice echoes around. Marco held the demon close and Tom rubbed his back to try and offer some sort of comfort.

“Ponyhead! Why would you bring this damn thing into Marco’s house!?” Tom yelled, walking over to her with bright red flaming eyes.

“It was supposed to be a game, fireball! Relax!” She yelled back.

“Relax!? We are all going to die!” Tom screamed at her.

“Both of you cut it out!” Star yelled. The group stopped and looked at her. “We aren’t going to die, if we play the game, it will end and we’ll all be let go. So let’s just… play.” Star suggested. All the kids shuffled nervously and made their way into the middle of the room. They sat around the cube. “Just tell the truth and we’ll get out of here, and if you don’t it’ll torture us again.” She shuddered and Janna put her arms around her girlfriend.

“Next question.” Marco dared the cube. The words mixed around and the cube read the next question.

“WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR?” It asked. The kids all froze and exchanged looks. Tom all the sudden got very shy and moved in as if he wanted to vanish. Marco looked over and saw the demon was so scared looking.

“Tom? Are you okay?” He asked. Tom shook his head and got up. He ran to the edge of the walls and started kicking at it. “Tom! Calm down!” Marco cried, he ran over and pulled Tom away. He shook his head.

“No we have to get out of here!” He cried. The cube lit up red and a robotic arm wrapped Tom up, yanking him away from Marco and pulling him in.

“WHAT IS YOUR WORST FEAR?” It asked again. “TRUTH OR PUNISHMENT.” It hissed. Tom shook his head and tried his best not to let tears escape his eyes. The cube put another robot hand on Tom’s head, and the dmon passed out, falling on the floor unconscious. Marco ran over to him and started shaking him.

“Tom? Tom! Wake up!” Marco begged. Tom was whimpering in his sleep and making a distressed face. “I think… I think he’s having some sort of nightmare.” Marco guessed. Star bit her lip and Ponyhead made a scared face.

“The punishment sometimes corresponds with the question.” She explained. “If Tom refused to tell his worst fear, then he’s probably being forced to like, live through it.” Ponyhead told them. Marco shot up in shock.

“How do we get him out of it!?” He cried. The cube spoke again.


“We have to play.” Janna realized. “Guys this is the last round, if we finish it, it will let Tom go, and we’ll be safe.” She suggested. Marco stood up.

“I’m afraid of never moving on! Never growing up and never making up my balloon- I mean mind.” Marco corrected himself. He then looked down at Tom and sighed. “Never finding something I really love… but that’s stupid.” Marco added. “Because I already did.” He finished. He then looked over at Star. “Your turn.”

Star took a deep breath and nodded. “Opposite. I’m afraid of growing up. Becoming queen.” She explained. Star then stood up taller. “But that’s stupid too! Because I’m adventurous! And growing up is just another adventure.” Star tried.

“I’m afraid of being insignificant…” Janna admitted. “But that’s dumb because I’m significant to you!” She told Star, taking her hand. “And that’s more than enough. You’re my whole world so, being significant to you is like… being significant to the world… does that make sense?” She asked. Star nodded and gave her girlfriend a kiss.

Ponyhead looked at her friends confused. “All y’all have deep rooted psychological fears… I just don’t mess with spiders.” She told them all. Everybody in the room expected that to be a lie, because that couldn’t be the ONLY thing she was afraid of. But the cube lit up blue.

“TRUTH.” It conquered. The metal walls all around them disappeared and Tom shot up, waking up with a gasp.

“Tom!” Marco cried, and he ran over to the demon. Without wasting any time Tom dashed into Marco’s arms and began sobbing. “Tom! Oh my god, oh my god.” Marco held him close. “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here.” Marco comforted. Tom shook his head and buried his face in Marco’s hoodie. The boys had some privacy, considering Janna and Star were doing something similar at the moment, and Ponyhead was investigating the cube.

“You weren’t!” Tom sobbed. “You weren’t here!” He pulled Marco closer and began crying harder. Marco didn’t know what to do, so he just held the demon close and let him cry. Tom was shaking violently and Marco couldn’t seem to get him to calm down.

“Shh, Tom, shhh. It’s okay. What do you mean I wasn’t here? I was right next to you the whole time.” He reminded. Tom shook his head and Marco ran his fingers through his hair, to try and calm him a bit. Marco continued the soothing motion until Tom’s sobs let up a bit.

“I… no you weren’t.” He wiped away his tears. “It was dark, and it was cold and I was all alone.” More tears filled Tom’s eyes and he began sobbing again. “There was yelling, there were bad people there, people who wanted to hurt me… but you weren’t there to protect me.” Marco held the demon close, now understanding everything.

“You don’t want to be alone anymore, do you?” He asked. “You don’t want to be defenseless anymore.” He added. At hearing Marco guess it and say it out loud Tom sobbed harder. Marco threw his arms around the demon and hushed him. “It’s okay, go on and cry. I’ll be right here.” Marco promised. He smiled and put his hoodie around Tom’s shoulders, hoping it would sooth his shaking a little bit. Tom sniffled and burrowed deeper in it, enjoying the warmth it gave him. “You’re safe now.” Marco promised. “No matter what, I’ll protect you.”

“But… what if you’re not here?” Tom asked, more tears slipping out. Marco took Tom’s face in his hands and kissed his tears away.

“I’ll never leave you.”


On a late August day at a college in Arizona, it is move in day for students at Orange Desert College. In one of the dorms, a male student, Christian, sophomore, is settling in his dorm room. Christian is almost turning 20. He’s wearing a tank top, cargo shorts, and sandals. He’s got bright blonde hair, great smile, and killer muscles. He starts getting hot from moving around, unpacking, so he removes his shirt. He’s got abs. They’re beautiful. Christian throws his shirt on his bed and continues unpacking his clothes from his suitcases to his drawers. As he’s doing this, an unexpected arrival from another male student arrives with his stuff. The door is wide open so he walks in. He’s surprised to see Christian. Christian turns around and sees him and his parents. 

“Hi” says Christian, a little confused by the way he’s looking at this guy and his parents. “I thought I have no roommate” says the disappointed cute college student. “Marco, be nice” tells Marco by his mother. Marco’s mother smiles at Christian. She and Marco’s father, her husband, extends their hands for handshakes with Christian. “Hi, I’m the mom. He’s the dad. This is our son, Marco” says Marco’s mother. “Hi” says Marco’s father. “Well, Marco, we’ll leave you and your roommate–” “Christian” says Christian. Marco’s parents leaves. Marco stands there, sees Christian’s chest, abs, arms, and everything that’s above his waist. 

Christian smiles at Marco before continuing the unpacking. Christian bends over to put his shorts on the very bottom drawer. Marco takes a good look of Christian’s ass. “What year are you?” asks Christian. “Umm” says Marco trying to concentrate on the answer. “Freshman” Marco finally says. “Sophomore” says Christian, who’s finished with the drawers. “You need help unpacking?” asks Christian. “Ah no. Thanks” says Marco. Christian goes over to his suitcase and picks up a deodorant. He applies it on his armpits. It requires him to lift his arms up high. While Christian is applying the deodorant onto his armpits, it feels like hours for Marco as he’s still staring at Christian from head to toe. 

“I’m headed to the gym. See ya later” says Christian. “OK. Bye” says Marco. Christian leaves. Marco watches him leave. He’s sad. Marco looks around at the room. It’s nice. It’s not tiny as a jail cell. Two separate beds on opposite side of the bedrooms. There’s a large closet. And window views of the school campus and city. 

Later that day, Marco is settled in and is on his laptop watching Netflix. After watching Orange Is The New Black for four hours straight, he takes a break and looks at Christian’s dresser. Christian isn’t back yet. Marco walks up to the drawers, opens one of them and luckily finds the drawer of underwear. The underwear is Calvin Klein and jockstraps. Marco slowly picks up a bright white Calvin Klein underwear and sniffs it. It’s a small one the first one. But the second sniff, he breathes it in good. He sniffs the underwear for another fe breathes until moving on to the jockstraps. He starts sniffing the jockstraps. Door opens and incomes Christian, closing the door after him. Marco quickly puts the jockstraps in the drawer but is caught. “What the hell are you doing?” asked Christian. 

Marco looks at Christian. Christian is pissed. Marco is scared. “You going through my stuff. Are you fucking serious?” asks Christian. Marco is speechless. He doesn’t say anything. He can’t say anything. But then Christian drops the pissed look and quickly walks up to Marco and starts making out wit him. Christian removes his shirt. He removes Marco’s shirt. Marco’s a total twink. He’s slim with the slightest abs that are just showing. And Christian is fucking turned off by it. The two continues the kissing as Marco falls back on Christian’s bed. Christian’s on top of Marco. Good thing Marco is wearing sweatpants cause Christian easily reaches into his cock with his hand. Christian starts kissing Marco’s neck and jerking him off at the same time. Marco starts moaning. Christian starts pulling Marco’s pants and then removing his underwear. Christian continues trying to give Marco a hickey by sucking on his neck, but then moves on lower and lower. Christian reaches Marco’s chest, then down to his stomach, and then begins blowing Marco. 

Marco can’t believe the pleasure. Christian’s sucking his dick. Christian’s left hand is stroking Marco’s chest while he’s stroking Marco’s dick with his right. Christian turns Marco over. Christian quickly removes his cargo shorts and underwear. He reaches in his wallet from his cargo shorts pocket and takes out a condom from his wallet. He unwraps the condom and puts it on. Christian slaps Marco’s ass. He sticks his tongue in Marco’s asshole, surprising him. Christian continues licking Marco’s asshole up and down. He makes circles. Christian is stroking his dick with the condom on. “So you’re not mad about the”, Christian cuts him off by touching his ass with the tip of his dick. Christian’s dick is hard enough. He begins slowly putting his dick in Marco’s ass. 

Marco makes a long sharp gasp and then moan. Christian continues putting it in deeper, pulling, then in deeper, and sort forth. Christian gets the hang of it. He lies on straight on Marco’s back, wraps his arm around Marco’s neck, and breathes into Marco’s ear as he’s fucking him. Marco’s moan is louder than Christian’s. Christian gets up and positions Marco in doggy and then continues fucking Marco. Christian is going harder and faster. “You like that?” says Christian, fucking Marco. “Yes” says Marco. “You gonna go through my stuff?” asks Christian. Marco replies, “No”. Christian fucks Marco. Marco holds on tight onto the bed sheets. Christian is plowing Christian. “Oh shit. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum” says Christian. Christian stops and pulls out. He takes off the condom and starts jerking off to Marco’s ass. His hard breathing is building the anticipation like in the porn videos. Marco is satisfied as hell. He’s waiting for it. “I’m gonna”, Christian cums on Marco’s asscheeks. “Ahhhhh shiiit”, Christian as he’s finishing. 

We hear the door unlocking. Marco opens his eyes wide. Christian walks into the door and finds Marco at his desk on his computer “Hey, man” says Christian. “Hi”, replies Marco. Christian removes his shoes and socks on the floor. He lies back in bed and goes on his phone. Marco takes a look at Christian and then at Christian’s drawer and how it is slightly open. 

The End. 

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So where I live right now it's raining and thunderstrorming, and it gave me a Tomco fic idea. Tom being afraid of thunder and lightning and clings to Marco every time a thunderstorm hits.

Awwww! Of course I can write this! It was so cute! I had a lot of fun with this, I tried to make it sound poetic, but I can’t tell if it sucks or not. So a review would be nice! I hope you enjoy! I loved writing this and I love you!

Marco flipped the page of his book and smiled down at the demon, who was curled up at the foot of his bed. Marco made a soft face as he watched Tom’s ear twitch in his sleep. He looked so cute, and so peaceful.

But that was short-lived. When there was a loud clap of thunder that came from outside, Tom let out a cry, shot up like a bullet and latched onto Marco’s legs for dear life. The demon was making little whimpers as he grasped Marco closer. Marco sat up a bit, pulling his legs away. Tom gasped when the safety was taken from him, but then just ran up on all fours into Marco’s arms. “Tom, what’s gotten into you?” Marco asked, holding him close.

Tom opened his mouth to stutter out a response, but was cut off when another loud clap of thunder interrupted. It started out as a ear-piercing crackles, then became more booming, causing Tom to tense up and try and hide in Marco’s embrace. Marco smiled lightly when he realized what was going on.

“Oh Tommy, are you scared of the storm?” He asked. Tom blushed deeply and flattened his ears down.

“N-no.” He clearly lied. His point was disproven when a third rumble of thunder made him practically cry. This one wasn’t even very loud, it was like a low roar that fell over the sky, but it was enough to make Tom’s heart pound. Marco giggled a bit at Tom’s unusual behavior.

“I can’t believe a fearsome demon is spooked by thunder.” Marco joked. But his joking stopped when he felt Tom trembling in his arms. Marco made a little smile and held him tightly. “Oh Tommy, you really are scared, aren’t you?” Marco asked.

Tom just nuzzled closer and Marco felt him shaking harder as the rain picked up. “My sweet little love.” Marco gushed. “It can’t hurt you, it’s only noise.” He promised. Tom looked up a little bit, but dashed back down into Marco’s embrace when another clap of thunder spooked him. Marco hushed his demon and held him close, rubbing his back.

“Make it go away…” Tom whispered against Marco’s hoodie. Marco made a bit of a face and offered Tom a light kiss on the head.

“I wish I could.” He admitted. “You’ll be okay, you’ll be safe.” Marco promised. Tom squeezed his eyes shut and the human tried his best to calm Tom’s shaking and anxiety. He bent down and kissed the demon behind the ears. “There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m right here with you, to protect you.” Marco assured. Tom clung onto his human and fought back tears as more and more of the noise outside frightened him.

“Don’t leave, don’t leave.” He mumbled. Marco hushed the quivering demon and covered him in soft kisses. Tom tried his best to relax as ran his fingers through his hair. He scratched his ears and petted his hair, doing all the things that made Tom feel safe. Through this whole time his grip never loosened and he didn’t let the demon go. He just kept holding Tom tightly and closely, making him feel safe.

“I’ll be here for as long as you want me.” Marco promised this again. “It’s almost over.” Marco assured, once he saw the rain was beginning to slow down. The thunder still caused Tom to jump and cry, but it was getting lower and quieter. “Just try and relax, the rain will be gone soon, I promise.” Marco whispered.

Tom shut his eyes rather tightly and Marco covered the both with blankets, so they were in a soft, safe cocoon. Marco smiled when he felt Tom relax a little bit at a time, as the thunder storm got further away. Finally the sound was hardly a rumble off in the far distance. Tom was now totally limp against the human, who kept petting his head and scratching his ears to keep him comforted in his fear.

Tom finally let his eyes drift open when he went a little while without hearing that horrifying sound. Marco grinned down to see his demon’s eyes open wide, they were still shiny from his fearful tears, and he had this weird look on his face as he tried to adjust to the light. He had his head buried under the blankets and in Marco’s hoodie for over an hour now. And when he opened those big red orbs the room seemed a lot lighter than when he first closed them. Marco sat him up a bit and Tom looked out the window.

It was light now, there was the sun shining through the last wisps of clouds and water was dripping down off of everything. The grass and yard was wet from the rain and puddles were everywhere. But the noise was gone, and it was replaced by the soothing sound of water dripping off the leave of trees and birds chirping in their newly-refound sunlight.

“I told you it was almost over.” Marco whispered in Tom’s ear. Tom smiled and he carefully leaned back in Marco’s arms. He rested his head on Marco’s chest and looked out the window at the sunlight that touched the boys’ faces. “Do you feel better?” Marco asked. He was a little concerned at how quiet Tom had been.

“I’m okay now.” He assured in a hushed tone. Tom smiled and held Marco’s hand, looking up at the human who was illuminated in the sunshine. He looked like a real angel who was sent for Tom, to protect him.

“You were so scared, my poor little demon.” Marco gushed, covering Tom’s face in kisses. Tom giggled and kissed the human back passionately, not wanting the time he spent in his arms to end. Marco kept giving him kisses and stressing over how awful it was to see his love so frightened. “I just had to keep you safe with me.” Marco finished.

Tom smiled and looked back out the window. “You did keep me safe.” He reminded. “You saved me from that bad noise.” The demon hugged Marco back at remembering what scary thing he had been spooked by in the first place. “You kept me safe in here while it was outside.” Tom explained. Marco smiled and scratched Tom’s ears.

“Tom, it’s just a sound, it never would have hurt you.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head and kissed the palm of Marco’s hand, leaning in closer.

“You don’t know that, Marco.”

Scientist au!

Have you ever got an idea for an au and then thought “why?”
But I did and here it is!
- Marco is a young assistant in a lab to a really smart (and crazy) scientist.
- They preform horrible experiments in secret. Like bio fusion and such, for the military.
- Tom looks the same, but is a human. He’s a total anomaly. And because of this he was abandoned.
- They kidnap Tom to preform experiments on him, and in between Marco is put in charge of Tom.
- Marco gets to know him and every time he sends him off to get those awful experiments done on him it gets harder and harder
- Finally Marco realizes what they’re doing is wrong and decides to help Tom escape
- Tom won’t go and he admits it’s because he’s in love with Marco and doesn’t want him to get in trouble.
- Marco admits he realized the flaws in what they’re doing because he loves Tom too.
- And finally they both escape and are now hiding from the military who is trying to find them.

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Wow you answered my request pretty quick! Think you can do one where they get caught too? (Maybe by Tom's parents? More protective Marco lol) I don't want Tom to have to go back tho, he still gets to stay. (That's up to you tho)

Of course I can! This was such a good idea, I will take any excuse to write about protective Marco! It’s my all time favorite thing!!!! I hope you like the second part, and don’t worry, I wouldn’t have the heart to do that to Tom!

Read the last one here!

Tom and Marco sat on the bench on the outskirts of Mewni. They were smiling and giggling with each other, watching the leaves fall and counting how many red ones there were. “I’m really happy you’ve cheered up the past few days.” Marco told the demon. “I just… couldn’t stand seeing you so… I’m sorry I’m just making things worse.” Marco laughed a bit and trailed off. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s nice. Thank you.” Tom assured. He looked back out at the leaves, before his face fell a little bit and he got a look of anxiety. “Does Moon know we’re here?” He asked.

“Probably.” Marco responded. “Why?” He asked. Tom looked over his shoulder and got up, making his way back to the castle.

“Well… if my dad is looking for me… he might talk to Moon first because of how close I was with Star… I don’t really… I just think we shouldn’t…” Tom tried to find the right words but Marco cut him off.

“Hey, if you don’t feel safe here we can leave, you don’t need to explain yourself.” Marco assured. Tom smiled and the two made their way back to the castle. They would get Star and then go home. It was better for Tom to stay somewhere hidden for a while, just until his father stopped looking for him. Marco watched the demon carefully, he wanted so badly to reach out and hold his hand. And make him feel as safe as Marco was determined to keep him.

And that determination would be tested very soon.

As soon as the boys entered the castle, Tom’s eyes widened and Marco darted out in front of him, standing in a defensive manner. King Lucifer stood above them. “How did I know, that if I came around here enough times, I would eventually catch you trying to sneak through?” The large demon whose entire body seemed to be engulfed by black smoke stood up taller.

“D-Dad… how did you-” Tom was cut off.

“Find you?” He asked. “It was easy. I know you would go running to that Butterfly girl, just like you always did.” Lucifer explained. “Now I’ve had enough games, Tom. Come with me, now.” He demanded.

“He’s not going anywhere with you!” Marco cried out. Tom flinched at the harsh tone Marco was crazy enough to use against this man. Lucifer looked over at Marco and narrowed his eyes.

“How dare you speak against me!” He hissed, whacking Marco aside so he fell to the floor. Lucifer then reached down to grab his son roughly by the arm and yank him away. “And YOU! How dare you run away! Like an immature child!” He reprimanded. Tom let out a cry and tried to pull away. But Lucifer tightened his grip.

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” Tom cried. Lucifer yanked him upward and grabbed him by the neck.

“Put him DOWN!” Marco yelled, kicking the large demon in the knees. Lucifer was so shocked by this that he dropped Tom to the floor. The littler demon scrambled away and curled up in a ball, Marco stood between him and king Lucifer. “Don’t touch him! Don’t you EVER touch him AGAIN!” Marco screamed.

“Think for a moment about what you are doing, human.” He spat the name like it was poison. “Now step aside, and let me bring my son home.” He growled.

“No!” Marco yelled back. “You are never going to hurt him again!” He screamed. Lucifer gritted his teeth and took a step forward. Marco stood up taller. “Take one step closer to him, I dare you! Take another step and see what happens!” He yelled.

Lucifer threw a look at Tom, who flinched at just this. “Tom, I grow tired of this. Come with your father, NOW.” He demanded. Tom gulped and Marco turned to look at him, he got down on his knees and held the demon’s hands.

“Tom, listen to me. You don’t need to go with him, I can bring you home and you’ll be safe.” Marco promised.

“He’s coming to his real home, with me.” Lucifer hissed. He pushed Marco aside and extended his hand. “Come along, Tom.” He called his son forward and Tom hesitantly reached out to take his father’s hand. About an inch away he pulled back.

“I-I don’t… you hit me. Marco says that’s not what a parent is supposed to do.” Tom mumbled. Lucifer became enraged at hearing this and he grabbed Tom, hoisting him up by the horn. The demon began bawling and kicking and screaming as his father threatened him. “MARCO! MARCO HELP ME DON’T LET HIM TAKE ME!” Tom screamed. Marco ran between the two demons and pulled Tom down so he fell to the floor. Marco fell ontop of him and wrapped him in a hug. He peered up at Lucifer and seethed.

“Leave. Him. Alone.” Marco barked. Lucifer stood taller and took a step closer, Tom burrowed deeper in Marco’s arms and the human had fire in his eyes. “Take one step closer, I dare you. Just see what happens.” he growled. “You’re scaring him. You’re scaring my Tommy.” Marco yelled at him. Tom looked up at Marco when he said this. Marco just called Tom “his”. And for some reason, that made him feel very happy, even in such a stressful situation.

King Lucifer stood there silently for a long while, before looking down at Tom. “Thomas, come home at once, or you will very much regret your choices.” He growled. Tom stiffened and held Marco’s hand tighter.

“He’s just trying to scare you. It’s okay, I won’t let him hurt you.” Marco promised. Tom gulped and nodded. Marco wrapped Tom up in his arms, holding him close. He peered over at king Lucifer and growled at him. “Go now. He doesn’t want to go with you.”

Lucifer stood there, enraged. He looked as if he was about to attack the two boys, but stopped. “Fine. Don’t ever come home.” He spoke to his son. “You were a screw up since the day you were born, I’m glad to be rid of you. Stay on earth, die for all I care. But if you ever come back home, or if I ever see you in the underworld again, you are going to die, Tom Lucitor.” He threatened. And with a burst of black flames, he was gone.

As soon as it was over Tom burst out into tears. Marco hushed him and held him close, rubbing his back and stroking his hair. “I should have gone. I shouldn’t have said no to him.” Tom blubbered. “He’s going to.. He’s…”

“You’re okay.” Marco cut him off. “He’s gone now, he’s never coming back. It’s okay, I got you.” Marco promised. Tom wailed and the human held him close.

“What am I going to do? I can never go home and… I can never go home!” he sobbed. “I have to listen to him it’s what I’m supposed to do and… oh my god what have I done!?” Tom cried, sobbing harder. Marco just let him cry and held him closer. He was so scared and brainwashed from all these years of abuse, that no matter where he was he wouldn’t feel safe. Even if his father admitted to abandoning him, Tom still feared being hurt and found, and torn away from the only person who showed him love. But Marco would help. It would take a long time, and it would be hard and frustrating, but he would help his demon get better.

'Don't Ask' - SNK; JeanMarco (HBD, Mouse!)

Happy (early!) birthday to the lovely and talented thisismouseface, one of my favorite artists and an all-around wonderful person. :) Sorry it’s not longer, but I hope this little piece of fluff will make you smile. Have a great birthday!

Title: ‘Don’t Ask’ (SNK; JeanMarco) PG13?

Summary: “Do you even have to ask?”

(Jean has trouble asking for things. Good thing with Marco, he never has to.)

[For anyone who has read the other one-shots I’ve posted on tumblr, consider this the beginning of that story!]

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doublesims  asked:

Just read the one where Tom and Star get back together. (You made me cry). I want to read more. May you please write more?

Of course I can! his was so much fun to write! Really sad but I had a lot of fun with it. I’m happy you like the previous story, I worked really hard on these two. I really like Tom and Star, not so much as a couple, but I think they would make great friends.

Read the first one here!

Marco laid on his bed and felt more tears fall down his face. He had been sobbing like this for hours. His heart was completely shattered. Marco shot up when he heard a knock on the door. Star’s voice came through. “Marco? I um… I made lunch!” She said cheerily.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be down in a minute.” He lied. Star took her hand away from the door and looked over at Tom.

“He’s been like this for a while.” She stressed. “Tom, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She rubbed her eyes like she was trying not to cry and Tom scooped her up in a hug.

“Hey, it’s okay Starship.” He assured. “Maybe he’s just.. Going through something?” He guessed. Star nodded and gave Tom a fast kiss.

“I’m scared, he’s my best friend and he’s never just shaded me like this.” She explained. She then stopped and looked up at Tom. “Are you jealous that I’ve been giving this all my attention for the past few days?” She asked. Tom smiled.

“No, I’m not like that anymore, I promise. But thank you for asking, it’s nice to know you care.” He told her. Star smiled and help Tom’s hand as Marco laid on his bed, hearing this from inside his room. Marco grumbled and wished they would show their affection somewhere else.

He laid there for what felt like ours more until the door creaked open. Marco groaned and rolled over. “Star! I’m not hungry! Just leave me-” He cut off when he saw Tom standing in the door, looking nervous.

“Star is worried about you…” Tom started. He then looked down. “I am too.” He whispered this part. Marco sat up and shook his head.

“Don’t be. I’m fine.” Marco hissed. “Just go back to Star, she seems to have taken a linking to you. You two deserve each other.” Marco bit. Tom’s eyes softened and he looked away.

“I was right, you do like her, that’s why you’ve been so upset?” Tom asked. Marco looked up. “Marco I am so sorry, I-I should have noticed you liked her and-”

“I don’t like Star you idiot!” Marco yelled. Tom fell back and Marco clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Wait, what?” Tom asked. Marco felt more tears well up in his eyes.

“I like you, you idiot.” Marco looked away. “I liked you for a long time. I was going to tell you that day, and then I saw you kissing Star.” He admitted everything and Tom’s eyes widened. He just stood there in total shock.

“Marco I… I didn’t know.” He whispered. Marco wiped away a tear.

“I made sure you didn’t.” He muttered. Tom was quiet for a minute and Marco turned away. “Just get out of here.” He blubbered.


Marco, for the first time in three days, finally decided to leave is room. He would wither away in there and needed some sort of outside contact. But he got something he didn’t expect when he passed Star’s room and saw her sobbing. “Star? What happened?” He asked. Star looked up at him in tears. The heart on her cheeks looked to be cracked.

“Tom broke up with me.” She blubbered. Marco fell back.

“Why? You guys seemed to be so happy together, you couldn’t stay away from each other.” Marco reminded. This made Star bawl harder.

“He told me he didn’t want his own happiness to harm others.” She wiped away her tears. “I don’t even know what that means! Does he not like me anymore?” She cried. Then a thought made her sob even harder. “What if I became too responsible for him! All my training to become queen! Now I’m not the free spirit he likes!” She cried.

Marco gasped and threw his arms around his best friend. “Don’t say that. You’re amazing Star, you’re the rebel princess.” He promised. Star sobbed harder and Marco held his best friend close. “It’s going to be okay.” He promised. He then squeezed his eyes shut. This was his fault, he’d make it better.


Marco opened the door to Tom’s room and saw the demon sitting on his bed with tears streaming down his face. Now the roles were reversed. He sat down next to the and looked over at him. “Tom, you didn’t have to do this for me.” Marco told him. Tom wiped away another tear.

“I know what a broken heart feels like, and I couldn’t be the cause of that.” He admitted. Marco looked at Tom closer.

“But you are, now Star is torn up over this.” He admitted to him. Tom’s head shot up and looked at Marco with concern.

“She is?” he asked, even though a part of him knew.

“Tom, I love you, I do. But I don’t want you to give up your own happiness, and my best friend’s for me.” Marco admitted. “It’ll hurt, but it’ll hurt more if I let you suffer.” He sighed. “I want you to go to Star, tell her what happened, and I want you to be happy.” Marco told the demon, holding his hand. Tom tilted his head.

“But-” Marco cut him off.

“No. Your happiness matters too, and I don’t want to get in the way of it.” He told the demon. “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm, you deserve the same you want for me and Star.” He told Tom. Tom threw his arms around the human and hugged him tight.

“Thank you.”


Marco watched from the steps as Star jumped happily and covered Tom’s face with kisses. “I’m so happy we worked out Tom! I’m going to tell everyone that we’re together again I’m so happy!” She exclaimed. Tom hugged and her and looked over his shoulder to Marco on the stairs. He seemed happy, despite being on the verge of tears.

“Thank you Marco.” Tom mouthed. Marco smiled and gave him a thumbs-up. He would let him be happy, but he would never stop loving him.

starbluesketches  asked:

Omg I just read the last Dave fic. And I LOVE it can you please do more continuation. I'm having so many feels right now

Of course I can! I actually had a really good idea for this continuation. But I decided I’m not going to cram it all into one fic, So let me know if you want a continuation. I hope you enjoy! And anyone who can get the reference wins a hug! And later on, I’m basing this off of gravity falls episode! You’ll see in the later chapters!

Read the last one here!

Tom smiled very big when he saw Marco sitting on his bed in his room. His Marco had come to visit him! Tom jumped and ran towards the human, but stopped a little short when Marco didn’t greet him with the normal hug and kiss. “Mar-Mar? Is everything okay?” Tom asked. Marco stood up and looked over at Tom who tilted his head.

“I don’t love you, I never really loved you.”


Marco looked down at his phone curiously and hung up. “Tom hasn’t answered his phone… again.” He told Star. She shrugged and kept chewing on her wand.

“Maybe go stop by. He’s probably busy fighting with his stupid cousin.” Star complained. Marco sighed and nodded, pocketing his phone and waving goodbye to his friend. He took his scissors from off the table and cut open a portal, stepping into Tom’s room.

He was expecting something normal, like Tom was just busy, but that’s not what Marco got.

Tom was fast asleep on his bed, and standing over him was Dave. “What’s going on here?” Marco demanded. Dave grinned and held his arms out to give Marco a formal hug. But the human made a face and pushed him away. “What is happening here?” Marco asked again, advancing towards him.

“Tom is just resting after what you put him through. I expected more from you Marco.” Dave smirked and crossed his arms.

“What do you mean?” Marco asked. He ran over to shake Tom awake, but the demon didn’t even stir. Marco shook his harder and began to get worried. “What happened!? What is wrong with my Tommy!?” Marco demanded.

“Marco, you came in here and told the poor thing you didn’t love him. He was devastated.” Dave explained. Marco’s eyes widened with shock and confusion. He growled and grabbed Dave by the collar, pulling him forward.
“You better explained everything now!” Marco hissed.

“Have you ever heard of a puppet spell?” Dave asked. Marco raised an eyebrow. “My dear Marco, when a human falls asleep or let’s their vessel shutdown, a puppet spell allows me to use you however I see fit.” He grinned.

“Are you saying that when I was asleep, you made my body and voice tell Tom I don’t love him!?” Marco screamed. Dave smiled.

“Correct. You remember our talk, right? I needed his last supporting beam to fall, and you wouldn’t do it, so I did myself.” He explained.

“And why won’t he wake up?” Marco hissed.

“A sleep spell Marco, a sleep spell.” Dave explained. “Oh you should have seen how broken and torn my dear cousin was, I just HAD to help him.” Dave said with a fake tone of sympathy. “My poor cousin was dying of a broken heart, so I offered him a  way out. A sleep spell. It puts him in a sleep in which he can control his dreams, making them whatever life he wants. He’ll never wake up, but I really don’t know why he’d want to, what does he have to live for out here?” Dave asked. Marco raged.

“ME!” He yelled.

“Not as Tom knows, he thinks you don’t love him. So I offered him the spell, he went to sleep, and now he’s happy. Dreaming about you and a life you two can spend together.” Dave explained. “Meanwhile, he’s out of the picture, and I have a coronation to attend.” Dave grinned.

“You did this to Tom so YOU could become the heir!?” Marco demanded.

“Yes, why else would I do it?” Dave asked. He picked up his coat and swung it around himself. “You can take him if you want, I have no use for a sleeping demon. There’s no hope of him ever waking up, not while his dreams are as fantastical as he wishes to make them.” Dave explained. “Goodbye Marco, I hope never to see you again. You have school to attend, and I have a kingdom to run.” Dave spoke, and left the room.


“Star! Star I need help!” Marco cried. He was holding Tom in his arms and Star shot up out of her seat.

“What happened!?” She cried.

“A sleep spell, Dave cast a sleep spell on Tom and I don’t know how to wake him up!” Marco was near tears. “He-he used a puppet spell to make me tell Tom I don’t love him! And then-then-” Star cut Marco off. She understood what happened. All she really needed to hear was that first part and sleep spell. It was clear Dave used it to get Tom out of the way, by breaking his heart. “How do I wake him up!?”

“We don’t.” Star said, with a face that made her seem nauseous. “We can’t. His dreams are =… his dream! Anything he wants he can have and in this case… he wants you. That was something taken away from him in the real world.” Star explained. “He’s not gonna want to wake up and even if he did… I have no idea if there is any possible way to reverse a spell this strong.” Star finished.

Tears pooled up in Marco’s eyes and he held onto Tom tightly. “Please! We have to find a way!” He sobbed. Star held still for a long moment before the hearts on her cheeks turned into lightbulbs and lit up.

“Wait! If we can’t reverse the spell, maybe we can convince Tom to wake up!” Star cried.

“How?” Marco asked, still holding Tom close. Star grabbed her wand and rooted through a chest of magical items. She pulled out two tiaras with purple gems on them. She put on on herself and then put one on Marco.

“We are going to go inside his dream! Talk to the Tom who is conscious in his head and tell him to wake up!” Star told him. “It’s like that movie you’re always croaking about.” She waved her hand and Marco cocked his head.

“You mean inception?” He asked. “That was a good movie!” He defended. Star shook her head.

“No it’s not, and neither is this fanfiction.” Star told him. She lit her wand up and the gems on the tiaras lit up. “Let’s go.” Star told Marco. And with s flash and glittery swirl, the two friends were inside Tom’s dream.

anonymous asked:

So I've seen some headcanons about Tom having a fear of being alone, maybe a fic where Marco leaves for a few mins and comes back to Tom pretty much having a panic attack? (INSERT FLUFFY SNUGGLING TO CURE THE ANGST AFTERWARDS)

Okay! This was such a sweet request! I had a lot of fun with it! It was really sweet to make! I hope you enjoy!

Marco hummed to himself and walked into the living room, while looking at his phone. Nothing was out of place about this night. It was a regular movie night he spent with Tom. Mostly it ended up with them ignoring the movie totally and kissing until it was over. But this one started off different when Marco saw Tom curled in a ball on the couch and sobbing. “Tom!” Marco gasped and ran over to the demon. “Tommy! What happened!?” Marco cried. Tom lifted his head up, and when he saw Marco he practically tackled him over when jumping into his arms. Tom sobbed harder and Marco hushed him, holding him close.

“Shh, it’s okay Tommy, it’s okay.” Marco hushed. “Tell me what happened.” He urged. Tom blubbered and wiped away his tears, but more kept falling.

“I-I don’t know…” Tom hiccuped. “I knew you were coming back, the logical part of me knew you were coming back.” Tom began sobbing again and Marco held him close. Tom sobbed and clutched Marco’s hoodie, feeling how soft it was and how warm it was. It smelled like him and made Tom feel safe.

“What happened?” Marco asked again. He took off his hoodie and wrapped it around Tom’s shoulders. The demon jumped when he felt this, but relaxed as soon as he realized what it was. He moved closer to Marco and took a shaky breath.

“I-I… didn’t think.” Tom whispered. “I saw you leave and I got that feeling again, where I’m going to be alone… nobody loves me, do they?” Tom asked, more tears were welling up in Tom’s eyes and Marco gasped, hugging him close as Tom sobbed.

“I love you, I love you so much.” Marco promised. Tom clutched onto Marco tighter and continued rambling.

“I-I saw you leave I thought you were never coming back! I knew you were coming back, I knew! But I couldn’t help the feeling and then, I started-started… I can’t help but think!” Tom pounded his head and Marco hushed him again, pulling him back into the hug.

“Shhh, Tommy, you’re rambling.” Marco told him. “It’s all okay, it’s all going to be okay. I love you! I’m right here, I love you so, so much.” Marco promised. “Were you afraid I would leave you?” Marco asked. Tom sniffled and nodded. “Have you been lonely?” he asked another time. Tears flooded Tom’s eyes and he nodded again.

“I feel so stupid.” Tom blubbered. “You weren’t leaving me, I feel so dumb.” He went on and Marco hugged him close.

“No, no, you aren’t stupid. You’ve been having a tough time, it’s okay, we all go through it.” Marco assured. “You’re not stupid.” He continued. Tom nodded and sniffled again wiping away his tears again. Marco grinned at the demon and gave him a kiss on the temple. “Come on, Tommy, give me a smile.” He teased. Tom looked down and Marco giggled, beginning to cover his face and head with feather-like kisses. Finally Tom looked up and giggled, smiling and showing his cute spiked teeth.

“Okay, okay, cut it out.” Tom teased back, not actually wanting it to stop. Marco smiled big and gave Tom another kiss.

“There you are.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and Marco pulled his hoodie tighter around Tom’s shoulders. Marco reached over and took a piece of popcorn from the bowl and bopped Tom’s nose. “Eat.” Marco commanded. Tom rolled his eyes and Marco fed him the piece of popcorn. The demon giggled and then fed Marco one.

“Thanks for helping me Mar-Mar.” Tom whispered to him. Marco pulled him down into a another kiss and fed him a second piece of popcorn.

“It’s okay to feel like this sometimes.” He assured, squeezing Tom’s hand. “But I’m not going anywhere.”