marco foddis


1989. Consuming Impulse

is the second album by band Pestilence, Released in December 25.

Musically, things became heavier and more haunting. Vocally, Martin van Drunen moved away from cleaner vocals in favour of a more acidic growl. With its release, Pestilence gained international attention, and became highly regarded worldwide by death metal fans  But before a follow-up album was released, the lineup changed once again; vocalist Martin van Drunen departed to joined  band Asphyx.

The production is perfect; The effects added to van Drunen’s voice were what made this album complete. It’s simply Great DM album.

      Patrick Mameli    Patrick Uterwijk   Martin van Drunen   Marco Foddis


1991. Testimony of the Ancients

 is the third album by Pestilence.

Following the departure of former bassist/vocalist Martin VanDrunen, guitarist Patrick Mameli taking over vocal duties. Mameli steered the band towards a more melodic and technical approach. The resulting concept album, Testimony of the Ancients contrasted brutal death metal riffs with melodic interludes and tackled what John Serba describes as, “strangely philosophical, and oddly compelling, subject matter”. After each song on the album, there was an instrumental outro track. This attempt to push the boundaries of death metal at a time when the scene was saturated with copycat “one track minded” bands, mirrored the efforts of fellow progressive bands Atheist and Death who released Unquestionable Presence and Human respectively in 1991, the same year as Testimony. The album can also be seen as a stepping stone on the way to the following Pestilence album Spheres, which departed still further from traditional death metal and headed towards jazz fusion.

This is Pestilence’s most interesting album, I cannot say if it is the best because “Consuming Impulse” is one of the best death metal albums ever, but its way more conventional,  this for all who want to know who the true masters and originators of the genre are.

Patrick Mameli    Patrick Uterwijk    Tony Choy    Marco Foddis