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What I learned from Marco Asensio’s Campos de Estrellas Episode ✨🌟:

•Marco and his brother are #siblinggoals

•He dedicates his goals to his mom

•He doesn’t believe in pressure

•I frickin cried with with him in his official real madrid presentation (I lost my mom around the same age as him)

•He’s competitive af

•Other than football, he enjoys tennis

•At team lunches/dinners, he’s fairly quiet and keeps to himself

•Morisco™ are his team parents

•He eats sushi two days before a game

•His weakness is sushi and pizza (same boi, same)

•He’s currently not looking for a girlfriend 👀

All in all, marco asensio is a precious bean that needs to be loved and protected at all costs. He deserves nothing but good in his life.

La luna despierta cada noche en tu lado de la cama, donde descansaba tu cuerpo desnudo. Ese mismo cuerpo en donde me deleité al escribir tantas historias, historias que tú y yo sabemos nunca podrás borrar. La admiro con el mismo brillo en los ojos con el que te miraba, pero mi corazón no palpita igual. No puedo acariciarla como acaricié tu cuerpo, ni besarla como besé tus labios de carmín, mas es mi única acompañante en estas noches de desvelo donde vuelvo a confirmar que nunca podré olvidarte.

Ella se recuesta sobre mi pecho y me acaricia, pero no me inmuto, mi corazón no se acelera, y mi alma no siente esa urgencia por hacerla mía una y otra vez.

Allí es cuando lo entiendo todo;
hay amores que no se cambian ni por la Luna, y valen más que cualquier estrella.

—  Marcos J. Ramírez @versosvehementes

Wow I made myself cry while I was writing this. Hope that means its good!

Starco Week Day 2: Wedding

He heard bells.
Marco Diaz heard bells.
He felt a faint poke in his side. Looking toward the source of the poke he saw his friend Ferguson.
He pointed at the aisle. Marco turned his head slowly. He breath hitched at the sight of his soon to be wife.
Star walked down the aisle slowly, her fathers arm in hers. Her smile more beautiful then the clearest of nights.
She was nearly skipping down the aisle. Even after all these years she still is the same. Marco felt tears coming to his eyes.
Star looked radiant. Her dress was short and poofy. It reached her knees softly like a new blanket of snow. The neckline created an arc as it
displayed her collar bones. The sleeves of her dress reached all the way to her wrists, creating a swirl of fabric whenever she bounced.  
Marco saw one thing that he would never forget. She was wearing her horns. She had stopped wearing those years ago. But she wore them the day they met.
The tears were coming in waterfalls. Marco looked at his love and the tears found their way out.
Suddenly a hand was in front of him. He looked down to see his friend Alfonzo holding a tissue for him. Marco took it gratefully and wiped his eyes.  
He heard bells.
And he was ready.

She heard bells.
Star Butterfly heard bells.
Star took her fathers arm. As the doors to the church were opened she couldnt contain her excitement. Star reached up toward her head and adjusted her horns.
She hoped he’d like it. Star looked forward and felt her breath stop.  She saw him. Her soon to be husband. Her eyes brimmed with tears. He looked as handsome as the day she
first met him. His pocket held a scrap of his first hoodie. She could tell. It was mostly destroyed on one of their adventures together. She thought he had thrown it away. He kept it.
She saw his tears from down the aisle. She saw the way he was looking at her. Her hearts started to glow. Her smile grew wider as she stepped closer and closer to him.
She heard bells.
And she was ready.

Star took her stance next to Marco giving him a grin. Marco smiled back at her as he wiped his eyes again.
“Dearly beloved-” The priest started. They both jumped in surprise as the turned to the priest. Star grabbed onto his arm and buried her face into it.
“We are gathered her today to bring these two together, in holy matrimony. If any one is opposed to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.”
Star giggled and whispered to Marco. “Why are you crying, wild man?”
Marco chuckled softy and whispered back. “Why are YOU crying, Princess Coo Coo pants?”
“Touche.” she responded.
“Do the two of you have any vows you would like to exchange?”
Marco nodded and took Star’s hands in his. “Star Butterfly. I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you. It took me a while to realize just how much I loved you. It started to sink
in just how much I love you, when we danced together at prom. Star Butterfly, I love you. And I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”  He finished giving her a goofy
smile. The tears in Stars eyes were streaming now. Her smile growing bigger with every moment.
“Marco Diaz. I’ve loved you too since the first day we met. It took me a while to realize that to.” She giggled. “But on all of our adventures we went on together, everytime
you smiled at me, I fell deeper in love with you. And I am so excited to go on this next adventure with you.” She said looking down at the floor, her cheeks flushed red.
“Do you have the rings?” The priest said looking towards them. Marco pulled out the box from his pocket and opened it slowly. He pulled out the rings and handed her his ring.
“Repeat after me. With this ring.”
Marco smiled. “With this ring.”
Star was lost in his eyes. She didn’t even hear what he was saying. She looked down to see him taking her hand and slipping the ring onto her finger.
“Forever and for always.” Marco finished.
Star looked at the ring on her hand. She smiled and took his hand.
“Repeat after me. With this ring.” The priest directed his attention to Star.
“With this ring.” Star said taking his hand, coarse from years of karate, into her hand and placed the ring onto his finger.
He lost himself in her eyes as well. He couldn’t hear what was being said. He finally snapped out of it.
“Forever and for always.” She finished.
“Do you Marco Diaz, take Star Butterfly, to be your lawfully wedded wife for all eternity?”
Marco smiled and took her hand. “I do.”
Stars smile seemed like it was almost too big for her face.
“Do you Star Butterfly, take Marco Diaz, to be your lawfully wedded husband for all eternity?”
Star nearly screamed. “YES!”
The priest smiled and closed his book.
“By the power invested in me, by the state of California. I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the-”
He was interuppted by Star jumping into Marco’s arms. She took his face in her hands and pulled him into a kiss.
Marco wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed back.
A small cough from the audience snapped them out of it.
The seperated with a huge smile.
As they walked back down the aisle together they felt immense joy.
As they ran through the crowd they felt tiny pieces of rice hitting their shoulders and backs.
They stepped into the car together.
Marco gave her a goofy grin before pulling her in for another kiss. A soft one that left her knees feeling wobbly.
“Where to, Estrella?” Marco said putting the car into drive.
“Where ever you want, Safe Kid.” Star said, kissing his cheek.
They heard bells.
Marco and Star Diaz heard bells.
And they were ready for whatever came at them next. They would take on the world. Together.