marco dâalfonso

this is just my take on the races / family situations of the human SVTFOE characters because??? they’re all so diverse and it’s great???

Janna: Cuban on her mother’s side, but got stuck with a very White last name from her father. He’s actually not around very often, he sees her on holidays. Seeing how she was raised by her mother, Janna was raised with that culture and can spit hot Spanish at anyone who crosses her.

Jackie: One of her parents is half-Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, so that’s why she’s got the slight tan. She’s about 75% white, though. Has a typical family, mom and dad and a sibling or two.

Marco: He’s obviously Latinx on his father’s side, but I like to think his mother is Greek. Either way, Marco’s got this huge family from both sides and he loves it. He does secretly dislike being an only child, though he’ll never admit it.

Alfonso: Son of Italian immigrants. He’s stuck in the culture and hates it. Huge family, almost smothering. Probably has lots of siblings.

Oskar: …edgy White Boy. Has some half-siblings from his mother’s remarriage.

Ferguson: Also very White. Most likely an only child.

Brittany: 100% Chinese, goes back generations. Her mother is a successful business woman, her father is a stay at home dad to the younger siblings.