marco challenge

Attention Starco shippers!

“Just Friends” was like a dagger in our hearts, but we can’t give up just yet.
Hear ye, fellow shippers, I’m making an “alternative ending” challenge!

Rules: Whenever you reblog this add either a picture or a 3-4 line long text, that continues the story, from the point where the former reblogger ended it. Let’s see how it will end this time.
I’m counting on you all!

(also, let’s see, how many avenger of the @wholesome-week will assemble once again for an event.

OTP One Piece Gif Challenge

Zoro x Luffy

Law x Luffy

Kid x Law

Zoro x Sanji

Zoro x Robin 

Franky x Robin

Luffy x Nami

Luffy x Hancock

Sabo x Koala

Law x Zoro

Sanji x Nami

Luffy and Robin (Fraternal)

Marco x Ace

Ace x Luffy

Corazon x Law

I promise I have more coming! Marco was a totally different challenge to get his dark hair and sarcastic face. He was a lot of fun though!

So, for my next set of Animorphs art, I’ll be doing Style Challenges!
I specifically chose animated series with a similar style so I could study the nuances that differentiate them. The last two were for fun. @bludragongal  does the fantastic webcomic Daughter of the Lilies: (GO READ IT) and @kimmikart is an art friend I went to school with that has a very distinct style!