@marcmarino is mad? Taking off for the men’s track qualifiers at the @wolfpackhustle Shortline Crit.

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Beaten & bruised, but not broken. @marcmarino continues to race after suffering a crash in the men’s track main race at the @wolfpackhustle Shortline Crit.

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Gonna vent a bit on an issue I’m just now realizing and overcoming

Has there ever been something in your life you just couldn’t get over? I’m trying to make an analogy for it….
I’m trying to think of a hill i haven’t dominated. Ha! cant think of one.

Well anyways has there ever been something you wanted so bad you just couldn’t ever get? And didn’t see any possible scenario that would help you get any closer to it? OH! maybe how about this!

As a child you wanted a toy so bad that you thought you would die if you didn’t get it. Now as an adult you look back and thought man i was a brat making such a stink about something so dumb. I think about that now about an issue i’ve been having the last it seems two years now. There was something i wanted to be apart of so bad because of people that were/are still caught up in it. But now looking down at it i’m glad i’m not apart of it.

At the moment of wanting so bad just to see now how much better off not having it is is making me want to strive towards becoming something better. Finally giving zero fucks is a great feeling.

The end.. Gotta go ride before it starts to rain

Original Merced Crit. 2013

It was a great course!

This is the first time I’ve rode this race before. It was a field of 30 riders so only the top six were a counted for.
It was another mixed field of strong and really strong riders. I had gone off for a lap with a Sierra Nevada rider but seeing our break wasn’t strong enough we both set back for the peloton. Prem lap was rung and I was inches from taking it. But MashSF rider Walton Brush Tsruda’d me!
The rest of the crit was just playing the field catching my breathe and also working with Team Sacramento rider Bob Lander and Squadra Rider Isaac Sparling attempted to plan out attack with bell lap. But due to sketchy riders ahead of us on the sprint lane flopping all over the course our plan had failed. I got 7th place just missed the window of getting a point. I feel like our strategy would of worked if we would have gone far left out of the way of the crazy 35+ dudes that NEEDed to get two races in a day. They lame.

Walton though stayed third or fourth the last three laps. But was pushing the limit being up front on bell lap and took his victory at the line.
Stoked for the dude! And I know he’ll be an awesome cat 2 before the middle of the season.
On my end I feel like I could’ve done more work. I wasn’t out of breath at the sprint. But I did learn a lot. So next weekend hopefully ill get a W under my belt.
Also Yung Marc Marino taking the win for the 4s was awesome! Can’t wait for him to move up and race together again.

I really did enjoy the course. And can’t wait to crush next time we meet Merced.

Thanks to all for the support.

Off work late. Picked up Marino late. Major traffic on 280 BEFORE the carpool lane. Late to the track. Luckily my number was still pinned from last week. Made it around the track exactly once before warm-up was called off. LOL.

Scratch - Bernard called the cash prime a few laps in, so I took it. The juniors didn’t want to pull and the speed of the line was fluctuating a lot. I spent way more time off the front (out of frustration more than anything) than I would during a race that counts…but that’s what training races are for right? After the second prime two riders got away a little bit and I thought we would eventually catch them. No one wanted to work. I pulled solo for 5+ laps to close it (thanks guys). A rider who I will not call out by name initiated the sprint (after I pulled him, mind you) and proceeded to waver in and out of the sprinters lane. The two leaders were on the blue, and I was boxed in behind wavy wheel. I sat up and took 4th because I didn’t want him to crash me. Not worth it. I reminded him that when he initiates the sprint he has to take the lane and hold it so that people can pass around him. His response: “I know it’s bad form, but I can do what I want.” If you know it’s bad form then why do it?! And, no you can’t do whatever you want. He was also riding on the top of his drops in the pack for a majority of the race. If this was a USAC night or VCQ race you would’ve been relegated at the very least, unnamed rider.

Points - I won the first 3 off the front. I was tired coming into the fourth sprint, but I somehow jumped from sixth wheel and made it again, but not without having to yell at unnamed rider to hold his line through turn 4. Great, you almost crashed me…twice now. He got mad and charged off the front. OK. The line broke up over the rest of the race and everybody finished all over the track. Unnamed rider passed me on my last lap into turn 4 and the officials gave me -20. He had 20 points, I had 26, and he won it because of that…LOL. I was under the impression that to get +20, you had to lap “the field,” of which there was only the 2 ahead of me that were still together and could be considered a field (I was in 4th out of the broken up group), not that everyone you slowly pass gets -20. Anyways…training night.

I’m racing the P/½/3 on nights that don’t count for points from now on…sick of the bad riding etiquette. On a positive note, I got a terrible picture of Marino’s feet, but the #marcmarinoismad hastag is so worth it.

Pictures from Tim Westmore. Great shots, as usual. Thanks Tim!