I wanted to take this moment not only to wish you happy holidays, but to thank all my followers for supporting me this year!

This is the list of those who make my dash so lovely every single day. If you’re not on this list, please don’t take it personal i’m maybe not following you long enough/don’t know your blog well enough. if you’re on this list but we didn’t talk much it’s simply because somehow i liked you very much! :)

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And Special thanks to these amazing human beings, thanks for your existance ♥

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I really can call myself a lucky person for having the opportunity to meet you guys here. I love y’all !i’ll stop now, otherwise writing about how great you are would take forever:)

like it’s christmas time, I reached my goal, i’ve been here more than a year and i’m happy, I wanted to do a follow forever bc i’ve never done it before

I love every single of the ppl I follow and my followers, thanks for being here <33

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special mention to my friends: Sara & Ann :)

i’m so sorry if i forget anyone really, ily all.