“The enemy is not always who you think. There had to be a message about when even though things seem this way, you never know who is really on your side. Men in that time didn’t always have to agree with the people in power. I’m sure there were many, many gentlemen who didn’t want to have to treat women in this way, even if they worked in these places. Given the chance, they would be on our side.” -Emilie Autumn (x)

anonymous asked:

let's just say that this platonic friends thing really does happen? can you predict some names for songs/alblums they would come up with?

1st Album title:

‘A is for Asexual (cos I totally know that means lolol!)’


  1. Milking my gullible following for all they’re worth
  2. Does this hair make me look like a Gaga-ripoff?
  3. None of that FPF shiz, plz, we’re friends here
  4. We’re PLATONIC (no, really!)
  5. These red shoes are actually really hot
  6. What’s under the bathrobes? I’ll never tell xoxoplatonicgirl
  7. Troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the stream
  8. These moonboots were made for walkin’
  9. Bitches can’t handle my eyepatch
  10. Ermegherd illermenerti haz my soul now because of the eyepatch and lightning bolt

For those of you still denying that Marc and Emilie aren’t together the description of this video says they’re lying in bed at 3 am. Yeah, totally platonic my ass.