marcilie appreciation post

Seeing how things have changed for her. Makes me believe things can change for me too. I guess I just have to wait the way she did and keep fighting. Thank you Emilie for staying strong and im soo happy that things have turned around for you. Love you so mushh.. I will never forget u ever.

I really hope she is as happy as she looks.

They are SO dating, No one can tell me different.

I really hope she is as happy as she looks too, and I’m lad I’m not the only one who had that doubt whether they were dating or not. I mean, come on, they TOTALLY look like they are dating, and they are so cute together. But I, myself, am not aware of any public announcements. Have any been made? I’ve been remiss for a while, haven’t been properly following her interviews or news now that the forum has closed. lol

sometimes i get this weird feeling where i kinda wanna sit down 2007 emilie and show her 2014 emilie and just be like

“you’re gonna be okay, babe”

I know what you mean. I get the same feeling. I just feel so heart-warmed to see tha she is doing well and is (apparently) happy. Recovered. <3

relationship goals

They are dating, but in a sort of “platonic” way.
Its like, they are together, they love each other, but that “line” i guess of extremely loving, close friendship to romance isn’t crossed, so they say anyway.
I dont care what they do in their personal life, that isn’t any of our business, but Emilie has come a long way, and she really is a survivor and is truly happier and that is FANTASTIC! :D

Awwww, that sounds so sweet! 

I agree with you. Ditto all the way! <3 

anonymous asked:

let's just say that this platonic friends thing really does happen? can you predict some names for songs/alblums they would come up with?

1st Album title:

‘A is for Asexual (cos I totally know that means lolol!)’


  1. Milking my gullible following for all they’re worth
  2. Does this hair make me look like a Gaga-ripoff?
  3. None of that FPF shiz, plz, we’re friends here
  4. We’re PLATONIC (no, really!)
  5. These red shoes are actually really hot
  6. What’s under the bathrobes? I’ll never tell xoxoplatonicgirl
  7. Troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the stream
  8. These moonboots were made for walkin’
  9. Bitches can’t handle my eyepatch
  10. Ermegherd illermenerti haz my soul now because of the eyepatch and lightning bolt