Thought on land spirits

Maybe land spirits are generally suspicious because they don’t trust settlers. 
How can settler-witches have a land-based praxis on occupied territory without acknowledging the genocide that has taken place on the soil?

I think spirits suffer from colonial trauma as the land does, and as indigenous bodies do.  

Perhaps acknowledging traditional territory when you make your offerings to the land would help. 



1. Full Code - Sixty 8 (Consequence´s Fears rmx)(free dwnld)
2. Sam KDC - Symbol 3.2 (Auxiliary)
3. ASC - The Narrows (free dwnld)
4. ASC - Symbol 2.4 (Auxiliary)
5. Synth Sense - Deleted Scene I (Auxiliary)
6. Synth Sense - Sol (Widescreen Mix) (Auxiliary)
7. Indigo - Symbol 7.4 (Auxiliary)
8. Ziro - Oni (Om Unit´s Wrongspeed) (Crazy Legs)
9. Synth Sense - Stepping Stone (Widescree Mix) (Auxiliary)
10. Sam KDC - Dote (A Tribute to Nostalgia) (Auxiliary)
11. Method One - Foundry Dub (Auxiliary)
12. ASC - Prometheus (Samurai Music)
13. ASC - Disintegrate (Samurai Music)
14. Consequence - Magda Trench (Exit)
15. ASC - Oneironaut (Samurai Music)
16. Sam KDC - Exertion (Auxiliary)
17. Synth Sense - FM Voice Uplink (Auxiliary)

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