The Marcy Stop for Wantering: “Brooklyn Beats” New York Fashion Week Playlist

With the combination of freezing temperatures and slush in the city, you’re gonna need a little more than your die-hard love for fashion to get you up and ready for New York Fashion Week. Music helps, and this Brooklyn Beats NYFW Playlist from style blog The Marcy Stop in Rdio is an effective cure. With the prominent deep bass in the tracks, you’ll be tapping your feet and dancing to the rhythm in no time. So turn up the bass, and put on your earphones or blast out these awesome tracks while getting pretty for fashion week. Not in New York at the moment? Listen to the playlist while catching up on NYC fashion and street style shots on the web. Start with some of our picks below!

(photos from The Marcy Stop, Pinterest, Tumblr: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, holding his Goddaughter Christina, standing with her father DeHaven Jon Irby in 1990. Jay was the one who drove DeHaven to the hospital to visit his new daughter on the night she was born, which happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.

DeHaven Irby is a former childhood friend and drug-dealing associate of Jay-Z. They had known each other since they were nine years old, living on the same floor of the same building in the Marcy Projects - Jay lived in 5C and Irby lived in 5D. In early 1988 Hov moved to East Trenton to live with DeHaven at his Aunt’s house, promising his mother, Gloria Carter, that they would attend Trenton Central High School and stay out of trouble. But in the end neither graduated - instead choosing to spend their days hustling crack cocaine on the streets.

Jay and Irby were so successful in the drug game at the young age of 17 they would have at least $100,000 hidden under the mattress’ in their apartment, with this number increasing steadily over the weeks. Once when Jay was arrested for possession it was DeHaven’s mother who picked him up from the station, saying Jay was her son. Years later the pair would work alongside Emory ‘Crash’ (now ‘Vegas’) Jones on the streets when their operation expanded into Maryland and Virginia – someone who, unlike Irby, Hov still has in his inner circle as the Creative Director at Roc Nation.

The relationship went South when Irby was arrested and sent to jail for five years on a federal drug-conspiracy charge (that being the same case that sentenced Emory down for 12 years). According to him, the two spoke in early 1998 before he went upstate and Hov told him “Don’t worry man, I got you. You need some help? I got you.” Irby says Jay has not spoken to him since, possibly due to a belief Irby spoke to the Feds about him and his involvement in the drug game. Jay has of course referenced their relationship on wax, touching the subject on tracks such as ‘A Week Ago,’ ‘It Ain’t Personal,’ ‘December 4th,’ ‘No Hook,’ and ‘Black Republican.’ 


Heléne Yorke’s last Popular with Marcie Dodd, Wicked 2NT - March 7, 2010

NYFW READY | Wantering x Rdio

You know what you’re wearing, but what are you listening to? Wantering’s Trendsetters curate exclusive fashion week-ready playlists for Rdio.

Prepping for New York Fashion Week goes beyond what outfits to wear. To pump everyone up for the start of the shows, Rdio has teamed up with three of Wantering’s Trendsetters to reveal their ultimate playlists for getting ready for fashion week. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers Style Girlfriend, The Marcy Stop and urbanebloc have curated their original playlists exclusively for Rdio on Wantering’s influencer account. 

In today’s hyper-digital world, you don’t need to attend the shows in person in order to see fashion week from the front row. With live streaming, tweeting and Instagramming taking over, fashion fanatics from all over the world have real-time access to what’s being sent down the runway.

So before you grab your phone, tablet or laptop to tune in to New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014, get into the party mood with these three playlists. 

Style Girlfriend for Wantering “Stay Handsome” NYFW Playlist: 

The Marcy Stop for Wantering “Brooklyn Beats” NYFW Playlist: 

urbanebloc for Wantering “Uptown Downtown” NYFW Playlist:

Looking along the tracks of the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.
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