Marcia Cross Eats Donuts to Raise Money for Breast Cancer!

The whole world is celebrating! Since Dana is this lovely gorgeous woman, nothing more acceptable than make a Dana collage with our lovely gorgeous woman Marcia! These two are so cute together (:

Put your red outfit on, follow @DanaDelany and @DanasAnimals on twitter and celebrate!

Thanks to Dana Delany who is always so kind to the fans and to @_Pricy (and all the Dana’s animals) who are showing us that the fans can make this possible!

Dear Marcia fans,
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We from MarciaCrossBR team wanna talk about something really really serious!

Thanks to grupopuntabanda we have this countdown for Marcia’s bday. So that’s what we wanna talk about. We have 53 (and counting) days to make something REALLY nice for her, and we wanna know if you are willing to do this with us!

Record a video of you singing,
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making a nice move,
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wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
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and/or just saying nice things to her
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Cmon, it’s a milestone!
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Yep, RLY! It’s her 50th birthday and we, as her adorable fans, can’t lose the opportunity to do something really great for her and show her how much we care (:

Make your video and send it attached to us to or upload your video on youtube or vimeo and send the link for us. If you can’t record a video you can send us a picture of you too, it’s not a problem! When you send the email to us don’t forget to tell us your name, your twitter username and where you’re from.

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This is the first part of a bigger project that we’ve been thinking about for a few years and we think that now is a good time to finally do it. We’re going to say to you about the second part soon.

The compilation of the videos is going to be posted on youtube and we’re gonna make sure she watches it in March, 25. It’s also gonna be burned to a DVD and in a few months we’re gonna deliver it to Marcia and make the possible and impossible to be in hands, HER hands.

HURRY UP, the clock is ticking! (:

*Please send us a message if you have any doubts about the project.